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Hi everyone
I have lived in the valley my whole life.
When I was growing up my parents owned property that my family and I would fix up from time to time after the renters moved out.
Now my father has passed away and my mom sold most if not all the property the ones with houses on them.
I work as a carpenter for the entertainment industry and know how to fix houses.
The work has slowed and need another way to make money.
I have worked around houses all my life,
I am starting to invest in real estate myself.
I have joined forces with a Real Estate Club in the area[LA] and have been finding deals for them and some of the students.
I use Deans web service to place the deals I am working on NOW!If you can help point me in a better direction or need me to help you in anyway please message me It would be joyful to talk to you.Smiling

Bike Riding, Working Out, Learning, Helping People, Finding Deals

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No Children
Completed High School

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Investor homes

I am looking for a wholesale deal in the Valley, prefer the East Valley, Burbank North Hollywood area. Have buyer ready to go on a good deal. Let me know.


East Valley

Hi Tom
Whats your buyer looking for?
I will keep I eyes open for any deals in that area.
Thanks for the post.


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Hi everyone:
I have access to more than 400 Private and Hard Money Lenders ready to fund in 5-7 days. If you can find Properties with 50% or more in equity, i can find the money for the deal. Let's say that you found a SFH for Sale Price of $100k. Repairs $20k. After Repairs Value $240k. This way we will not have to upfront money. Works with Residential, 2-4 Units and Multifamily properties. Prefered properties that needs minor cosmetics/TLC or no repairs.
If interested, PM me.

Valley Buyer

Sorry for the delay going through a 2009 2010 first time ever tax audit.

Anyway, buyer looking for a wholesale 3+2 or 2+2 house in the east valley. Fixer is good. Has about $295,000 to spend. Let me know. Thanks Tom