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Hello DG Family! My name is Timothy Johnson and I am from Chicago. I am currently a student at the University Of Oklahoma! I am so excited that I just happened to be up late one night and saw Deans infomercial! I feel this will be a great opportunity for me. I have the drive and the work ethic ti succeed in RE! I WILL succeed in becoming a successful real estate wholesaler and investor. I ordered Deans how to be a real estate millionaire and profit from real estate now! Waiting for the books to come Ive been researching none stop and here reading everyone's post and testimonies! This site is putting wind back into my sails for I had a huge disaster and my life that left me depressed and hopeless. I was a standout football player for the oklahoma sooners from 04 to 07. I had nfl agents and teams blowing my phone up tracking my collegiate success. I just knew my dreams to become a professional football player was just around the corner. I was destined for millions...Going into my junior year the second game into the season a suffered a major injury. I shattered my ankle severly and was sidelined for 6 months. Being that oklahoma is a powerhouse there was another player that was just as good who took my position. After rehabbing my ankle for 3 months, I tried getting back on the field but I couldn't move like I used too. The phone calls stopped coming in and eventually i lost my scholarship. Now I was back to square one. All that I worked for since i was 8 years old was gone. I lost all hope. Now that I have found this site and ordered deans books Im starting to build back my confidence and Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. God has a plan for all of us and will put us through hard times to test our faith. I made a pact with myself and the man up stairs that I will put just as much effort in RE as I did into football. I hope I find a mentor and hope be someones appretice for I need help and getting a start! I looking for and advice on to start. God Bless!

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Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!


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wellcome Timothy DG Website is truly a family... I have had my share of struggles... i tell you I can write a book...Dean is the real deal... I am starting out as well in Chicago... you are in the right place at the right time... and Good luck to you

Videos with buffering

I just want a little help in order to know how can I see Dean's videos without the interruption of buffering.

whats your connection speed?

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whats your connection speed?

Hey dont wanna get weird but the God does have a plan !

I was thinking about the show I just watched ( it was about this book and this website!) I prayed witch i don't do that often! I always am aware of faith and my faith I lived in Mississippi for 6 months with my Aunt and cousins and learned about church more and have not lost my faith but don't believe in going to church to have to show it! THIS IS WHY I AM SENDING THIS! I prayed to GOD to give me a sign or the strength or whatever you wanna call it that this is something I should do! So i start looking on this site and found a post from you on the seller site! I live in south Orange County California Laguna Beach) area and wanted to look for properties and clicked on your bio I guess( still learning how this site works ) I started reading it and you have 04/07 as the dates as part of your bio of why you started and that is my birthday so I guess signs are everywhere you just have to be looking for it! Wanted to say thanks, I am going to buy the book and start back on the real estate path! I am an ex Loan officer and got out of the business when I saw all the bad loans being pushed through! I think Its time to get back in the business and now is that time and this is the way ! If You are ever looking for anything in California Los Angeles or Orange county, Especially anything by Laguna Beach, Ca please feel free to let me know! Hope this isn't taken out of context I just thought as a religious person you might find this as a motivation in your personal goal to be successful as I defiantly do!!!! Thanks
Chris S

Football & Investing

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Timothy: Welcome to the Forum. I read your history and you had some tough luck with your dream. I too had a
personal fantasy of making it to the NFL. I would have been a real long shot though. I was extremely tough &
& driven that nothing was going to stop me but after 2 years of junior college realized I could not keep enough
weight on and gave up on football and school and gave up
on a great deal to play at a Div 11 school. I always
regretted those memories I could of had and finishing college. Instead I played 20 years of Rugby on a club team and 3 stints of coaching football which you might try after you get your RE investing off the ground.
It has taken me 10 months of extensive studying, but i am more driven now than ever. So Good Hunting and send me a PM, I might have a buyer idea for you.

Andrew Dreamhome Properties LLC


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You have found the perfect forum to help you in real estate investing. It is also never too late to live the life that you want! Continue to remain positive and doors will start opening for you..better that you ever thought could happen!! Continue to stay blessed and happy REI!!

I know your pain

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Hey Timothy,

Godo to see you on DG. I went through that same thing in which ihad a scholarship to play for Syrcuse and broke my ankle in which my scholarship was dropped.

I was once told to stop living ym story of becoming a NFL player and to start living my life and thats when i went back to my passion of real estate.

I just started like yourself and would like to keep in touch on your progress. Keep positive and work hard and enjoy the ride.

Take care and it was great reading your story. God Bless