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ricky ward
West Hartford, CT
About Me: 

Right now I am a dishwasher at an ice cream restaurant with visions of being a real estate tycoon

I love reading books on self improvement, real estate and building a massive bluray and dvd collection.

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dish washer/real estate investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One


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Welcome Gifts!

Click on the Links in my Profile and download the attachment files within the posts.

There are some great downloadable resources here for you to use.

Don't forget to finish your profile, upload a picture, tell us some great stuff about yourself, add your location because you never know when someone may want to partner with you!
MOST OF ALL......Have Fun!

May You have Great Success on your Journey!


I just ordered my edge home

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I just ordered my edge home study course and I cant wait to get it! I know this will be the final push that I know I need to get started.

I want to have a great

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I want to have a great success story.Almost like a rags to riches story.I did two years in prison and while I was in there i became very interested in real estate. I am 29 years old, have two kids and one the way. My girlfriend and I live with her father and I am looking to get our own place. I work 14hrs a week at a ice cream restaurant, and am looking to change professions.I am also a real estate agent in training.I know that just one real estate deal or commission earned from a transaction will change my life forever. I am sharing this with you guys cause I want my story to inspire someone else who may be thinking that the walk of life they come from may keep them from attaining there dreams.Someone told me that I could not be a real estate agent because I am a felone.But I have become one.Someone also told me that I could not get into real estate broke, but I know if I follow what Dean teaches, I will one day be a real estate tycoon.I will keep you guys updated on my progress.


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I am not rich, don't have that great of a job, but i need a way into real estate, so I think wholesaling will be my best bet. I would love to buy a house and flip it or rent out some space but until someone hands me a house, I think this will be the be way for someone in my situation to get started.

where r u?!!

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someone had sent a post asking if there was anybody that lived in Ct who they could partner with. Well I sent you a reply but I think I sent it to the wrong person. I fanybody is looking for a partner in CT please respond!

weekly blog name

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All those are great names for the weekly blog. What do you guys think of Mission Possible Monday?

Where r u!!!!

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HDScott where r u!!!!


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This past thursday I attended Deans pre auction seminar and it was very informative. The speakers touched on alot of things that I already knew, but my lesson for going was to take action! Knowledge without action is useless. I was kicking myself because I had a chance to talk with one of the speakers (Mitch) and I didnt, I let my shyness get the best of me, and didnt open my mouth to pick his brain. But I met this guy there named Victor, who wants me to coach him on what I know about real estate. So I figure in helping him, I can also help myself. Oh and by the way putting the books on audio was one of the best ideas Dean has come up with. Do all of them!