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Victor Rodriguez
Carbondale CO
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Carpenter,love my family and I'm always in the look for better oportunities to keep improving my life and the others who depend on me

Mnt and road bike ,hiking, reading and working on what I love the most

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Own a Multi-service company ,Builder, Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Mainly Just This One


Question about the banks

Good morning every one i have a client that want me to find a house for her so i went to the bank to get the application for a loan for her so they ask me who i was so i told her and explained what i do so she told me that sounded fraudulent and that the bank(Wells Fargo) wont grant a loan for a property that has been owned for less that 2 years ,i hope she is wrong because i putted all my dreams my faith and my time o make this work.
Some one help me please.

thinks outside the box

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Go and try a small town bank, The bigger ones are had to work with.

Think outside the box

Thank you guys God bless you