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New and eager but scared

I'm stuck...living in the cold season of north america i want to do a deal .. what to do, where to start.I'm on my second DG book ,with me even going back and reading some of the 1st book. help help



Help i need somebody help .I have a house in DC near HOWARD U. Great for a rental for students , but owned buy a REAL ESTATE GROUP. Needs work i'm guessing lots .Been on the market 4 sale 4 atleast 6 months. I Have no money .I do have some ideas , but ithink i'm looking 4 that guiding light. Like i said earlier its COLD OUTSIDE what to do? HELP ANY BODY HELP.


Hello Leon

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You may want to post your comments on the forums where everyone will be able to see them, and you will most likely get some responses.

Wishing you success,



Hello everyone
my name is leon and i live in Silver Spring ,MD.Father wife and 3 kids 2 boys 1 girl,lovem with all my heart.I am the dad that want to do and give them thing that i never had.Financially in todays world it is hard. My 9-5 is not cutting it, also struggling to keep my home and not even getting in to my other struggles, O'yeah i also live with my mother space is tight.

RealEstate Investing i know is my ticket to financial happiness.Dont know what to do. I see homes for sale ,FSBO PROPERTIES FOR RENT LEASE WITH OPTION TO OWN OR RENT.

Money for the SUCCESS ACADEMY i have but do to finances scared to give up that money up,bout i know that the knowledge that i will recieve will be worth its weight in gold.

I drive to work every day and see homes on the market. Some homes i see have been on the market all summer there is even one that been on the market 4 a year and has had a price reduction.

I heard that you should start small so i'll BIRD DOG for an investor if you'll have me , i like to drive kids in sport all over the place.

Well signing off now.Have more to say but feeling BLAH BLAH.
SCARED AND NEED A PUSH. Sorry but cant figure out how to post on the forum.



I know of a house in Virginia that has been on the market for at least 5months. Could someone tell me the best way to purchase this home with little to no risk for me. The house is vacant and looks to be in good condition. I'm thinking rental.......ALso if there are any investor/cash buyer out there that would want to have a pair of eyes out there please send me your criteria. Thanx Leon