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Yolanda Laurel Houtby
8655 Santa Fe Ave E, Sp 13, Hesperia, CA 92345
About Me: 

Always working behind somebody else's desk as admin assistant, admin secretary, legal assistant...until I became one of the million unemployed. Recently completed a certificate in paralegal studies at UCRiverside Extension, thanks to a State grant through the County of San Bernardino. Did it make it easier for me to find a paralegal job? No! Still searching. Meantime, I created a website to showcase my knowledge of photography and to share some valuable photographic tricks and tips.

I had always been curious of DG and why he is so persistent in inviting people. I am encouraged and inspired by his sincerity, and most of all, by his success despite the fact that he has not finished college. I am here to learn from this guy and through my interaction with the DG family.

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year!


photography, acting, writing

Basic Info

Background Actor
Have Child(ren)
Some College


Be Inspired by Dean's Wisdom for Profits and Success

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Wonderful idea! My husband is hesitant to partner with me. We just stopped paying an investment lot in Pahrump and he feels being pressed against the wall by paying an investment condo in the Philippines. I am not financially helpful because I am currently unemployed.

Hello, is there a paralegal or a legal assistant in this DG group who lives in Southern California and wants to partner with me?

Dean, thank you for your persistence in keeping your communication going and telling me that you are not giving up on me. I attended your seminar held in Victorville but still not able to become one of your students. But I am also not giving up in following your blogs. You are very inspirational and motivational.

Thanks for unselfishly sharing your wisdom with us.


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There is so much to be thankful of - my life, my family, every opportunity I had, and most of all, my salvation.

Merry Christmas & Prospe

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To one and all -

Merry Christmas! May you all be blessed this Christmas and in the new year ahead of us.

Dean, thank you for sharing. You are God-sent.


Inquiry re Loan offered by DG Financial

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Hi Dean! I just read in your ad that DG Financial offers loans from $5,000. I'd like to know the requirements and who qualifies for the loan. Appreciate your response.