Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #319 - Push That Sh@t Down!

After spending 5 days at Tony Robbins event last week Dean came home with an energy that he hasn’t felt in a while. But he also came home asking himself so many questions because Tony just had Dean’s head spinning all week.

And Tony got Dean thinking so much about the “layers” of negativity and excuses in his life that he really needed to push down, and guess what… you have the same exact layers you need to push down.

in this Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to show you how...

Thanks Dean

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I just did have an honest conversation with myself about this year. Wow, there have been some up moments, really really good quality moments. I've had some major wins in the real estate world. I've also had some losses too, some frustrations on the journey. However, the wins made the losses easier to take. I've also have some anticipation that just didn't deliver - not giving up home but protecting my heart as well.

As I dive into this holiday week, I'm going to focus on my wins and my desire for more next year. I'm going to enjoy every minute I get with my friends and family and appreciate all I have.

Wishing you and all the DG family the best,
Andrea (& Chip)

It's surprising what we hide inside

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Thanks for the great message Dean. When I went to Tony's UPI (a year ago! I can't believe it!) I found some deep buried feelings and insecurities I didn't even know I was carrying around. It is so liberating to throw them in the trash! It's scary to look deep deep inside, but we must in order to conquer the demon within and get on with a victorious life. Wishing you and yours and the entire DG Fam a wonderful, blessed, and meaningful Christmas.

damn dude!

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You hit the nail on the head again! especially now, you made think about my relationship with my wife who is in mexico & me here of course and that i need to change that, i wont say one way or the other but something has to change that is going to help my life.

anyways thx Dean, also ps tho my health, start to be the best version of me i can, thx.



You INSPIRE Others To Be Their BEST!!!


Dean, Here's wishing You... Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity.. all in that order respectively. Smiling

Thanks Dean!

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You have changed our lives and continue to inspire me to be the best me for my family and friends.
Because of you bringing Tony Robbins UPW event to our attention, I was able to bring most of my family this past summer in San Jose and it has had an amazing effect on all of them changing their lives! I found some deep layers at that event that i had been pushing down and let it go which has opened me up to take my time back ad raise my standards. Say "yes"!

Merry Christmas Dean and all the DG family! Much Love to everyone!

Make it a great week!
Thom and Lisa


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WOW, This is the best motivation I've experienced in my life. Dean, you have carried me through some of the hardest times in my life. I have listened to Weekly Wisdom since before it was called Weekly Wisdom. I have to tell you that when I am down, you lift me up. I am so grateful for this. It is absolutely amazing how you have been there at the right time. You will never know.

Thanks Dean

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Being Honest with ourselves isn't easy. Admitting to myself what must change is the first step to change. Thanks again

Push That Sh@t Down!

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Hi Dean,

I'm pushing it.....I'm pushing it real good (Geico Commerical) heheh....Eye-wink

All kidding aside....Another great weekly wisdom

Being honest with ourselves is is not easy....The truth hurts....:-/

Thank You for all you do....Merry Christmas & Happy New Year......xo


Another great message, Dean

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I want to start by wishing you, Dean, and your family as well the whole DG family a very happy holiday season and wishing you all a prosperous 2015.

It's now been a number of years that I have been coming to this site and listening and following your advice. I came here to learn about real estate but instead, I learned more about life, my life. By following what you have given us through the now, Weekly Wisdoms and the prior messages, I have transformed my thoughts, my actions and my way of being. All thanks to you, Dean.
And proof of your success in transforming my life came the other day. I had a "spilled milk" situation that when it was all over, I realized: "WOW, just a few short years ago, it would have caused me such grief and anguish and today, nothing but a solution and a continued move forward", at which point I said out loud, even tho I was by myself, "Thank You Dean!!!"

So if you ever doubt that anyone listens to what you say, let it be known that at least 1 person ( me) does and will continue to. I may not become the best RE Investor out there ( Matt kinda ruined that curve Eye-wink lol) but I will definitely be the best Andy Sager I can be. All thanks to you.

Merry Christmas to you,

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013 & 2014 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud


Hi Dean its been a long long time since I watched your weekly wisdom I'm not going to leave a msg. that will make me and you think that we are going to be buddies and be spending some time together just because I may have spent a lot of money to go to one of your events or bought lots of books and educational material, digging down deep does help me find what holds me back Thanks


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I can not, I can not at this time. I know what it is and am so convicted it is hard to be me.

Push The Sh*t Down

This is a very good point, I could use more fiber in my diet, like more blueberries, apples, peas, lima beans, and brussel sprouts. Yes, you caught my attention with this one. I go through so much information that is total crap or simply a waste of my time and I constantly find myself reading thousands of words that are nothing more than fillers or to put it mildly, just crap. I really appreciate when people get to the heart of the matter and do not send me on a wild goose chase, when there is no goose. I dislike reading a 200 page book and find only 5 pages of good material that I can digest and the rest ends up in the sh*tter. In todays information age 90% is waste and it takes a daily diet of prunes to push the sh*t down. Ha-Ha - I don't care who you are that is funny.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you Dean!

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I am following Tony closely and just finished Money Master the game! Superb. I am also about to finish "Notes from a friend" as well. I love to hear the same message several ways as it always clarifies a message in my brain even more and seems to stick! I feel that Tony is a very caring person and I think you are emulating him as well. Thank you for all you share with us and teach us! Blessing and Merry Christmas! Tammy

Push that down

Ok, you've got my attention and, yes, I do need a jolt!

You are who you surround yourself with

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Hey Dean you right about pushing the **** down when those thoughts come to our heads because things go how we expected them to go. And I'm a true believer in you are who you surround yourself with. About a year ago I did a clean out on who I was surrounding myself around. I had a couple of friends who I grew up with and tend to speak to them about non sense conversations or always got invited to do things on the weekended that didn't a line with my goals. I had to stop hanging around them and talking to them on the phone. I mean I still say hi to them when I see them but I hope they understand that I'm on a mission to complete my life's goals. Merry Christmas to you and your family by the way Dean

It is easier said then

It is easier said then done!!! But I am so there!!
Thanks again Dean, you always no what to say.

Push it down

What u say applies especially if it's painful. Not dealing with it and covering it up with other things will not make it go away. It just festers under all those layers and eventually rise to the surface again, and it's more painful than ever.

Merry Christmas!!!

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May everyone be blessed.


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Another good point. I have for years removed those negative and passive people from my life. The challenge I have is finding those people I do want around me...they seem very far and few between. I guess I just need to get myself out there. I would welcome any insights you have.
Merry Christmas to all!!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you, your family, the DG team and DG family.

Push it Down...

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Thank you Dean for this.... and Merry Christmas....

Happy Holidays to ALL DGs...

That was very good Dean

Thank you Dean,

You know you really know how to put out a video blog. I learn so much from you, Matt, Jay and others on your two sites. And your sites are the place to learn and grow in real estate and in life too. Much thanks to you for starting it all. I am very appreciative of your two sites.

Very intense Dean!

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love how you keep it real with us to help us become the best that we can be. Looking deep inside us is not easy, because it brings to light things that we try to avoid facing... just this morning I was thinking about how I am very critical of myself but it's because I have high expectations for myself. I'm making it a goal to go to Tony Robbin's next Date with Destiny; I've heard from others as well that it's amazing!
Thank you for another great Weekly!


What happened to some of the original comments, especially the one from Larry Cox?

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