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My Final Offers For This Week !

Today I made two offers on some properties. These properties are located in Yonkers, NY. These are great properties. I offered 20 percent below asking price .

Today I Made Three More Offers !

Today I made three more offers. I searched for properties in Westchester County. I concentrated in Yonkers NY. It is a good location. This is my daily homework.

5 More Property Offers

I submitted 5 more property offers. These houses are located in the Bronx and Westchester counties. These houses are single and multi family houses. I made 20% below asking price offers. This is my weekly routine 25/1 strategy.

5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom House Must Sell For Cash $295,000

I have a house on sale for $295,000. This is a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom house. Must sell for cash for $295,000. The house needs some repairs. The house is located in the Bronx, NY !This is my first wholesale property!

I Got An Offer Accepted

My real estate agent'Shawn' call me to tell me that one of my offers was accepted. This is an offer for a single family house. It is a 3 bedroom 2 badroom house and needs work. I am getting ready to wholesale this property.

Final Offers for the week !

Today I made 3 more property offers. Like always I offer 20% below asking price.

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