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Let's get things going in Central Florida. Looking to capitalize on business in Orlando, Volusia and Brevard county? Let's start talking and sharing ideas and experiences to see how we can capitalize in this down market.

Private Lender looking to fund deals

To the serious investor, my name is Edwin Epperson and my company Spearson Investment Group LLC is looking to fund your RE Purchase, Rehabb, Wholesale and any other "out of the box" Deal Deans students are creating. I have a Lenders Criteria sheet I will email you if you want. This lays out EXACTLY what we look for and if your deal lines up with our criteria, WE WILL FUND plain and simple. UNFORTUNATELY we are not lending outside the western Panhandle at this time, yet if you know a Hard Money Broker in your area, give me their contact info, we will begin a working relationship with that Broker and be able to fund deals in your area! I look forward to working with Deans students they are the best and most knowledgeable in the RE field. Go get'em guys!

Partners Wanted!!!! Realtors, Investors, Lenders.

Hello DG Family,
DG Investors in Orlando, FL looking for partners. We work from home finding buyers and properties. Interested in working with other DG family members who love the business and are motivated by the idea of a better life style. Please leave a comment or a PM and we will definately get back with you!!!
Adam & Lydia

How to Repair Your Credit in 90 Days!!! Part 2

June 21, 2011

Federal Trade Commission
Consmer Response Center- FCRA
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20580

Dear Sirs/Madams:
For the past several months, I have been disputing several inaccuracies that are listed in my credit report. I have written three letters to the credit bureaus in which I requested these inaccuracies be removed. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have refused to comply with my requests. The inaccuracies are as follows:

Bureau: Equifax
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Trans Union Corp.
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Experian
List all the Account names and Account#s

The AHA! Moment to Dean’s sauce!!

Thank You, Dean for the power of a paradigm shift of seeing the AHA! Moment in correlation with your Grandmamma sauce that was amazing. It is the beginning the root of real estate investing. All is on the rock bottom blueprint. Thank you, Thank you, and
Thank you, Hahaha My Sauce came out amazing good like your Grandmamma with a couple of changes that added my style and personality in to it.

Ps. We just need to work on or behavior and attitude to make it happen.

Sincerely Yours,
Wening Eye-wink

Success and Nothing Less!!

Need Buyers!!! Please Help!! my first Deal. What to Do?

Hi, All I have 3 contracts for sale but I have lost my list of buyer forgot to save it on a separate file. I know I know. I didn't create a plan B. I know my mistake. But....Please help. is any body need property in NY one house and 3 store front. the house is rented. and another house with a big lot next to it and a house new construction in GA. for Less then $50,000. a buyers back structuring plan for the house in GA. Please PM me if you need more info.
I am creating a new list as of Today!!

Thank you,
Success and nothing Less!!

Step 3 Get organize.

It is very important to get organized with all the tools that you need. Have every thing is in order.
1. Documents
2. Forms
3. Sites
4. Data base
5. Follow up list etc

Thank You,

Step 2 get adds

Get Adds going to get your market audience.
Deliver as many as you can in different marketing Web sites. Google it.

Step 1 on getting things Done

1.Get a Voice mail Service that provide you with good Service and all the tools that you need in one place.


I have join the DG Real Estate Academy!

Hi, Dean and Dean's Family,
Thank you to Mr. Terry, Mr. William, Ms. Amber and my future coach Ms. Diana. I am sure that Real Estate Investment will work to the perfection with Dean's Books and coach services and training. I will be the next... Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi. "Be a Real Estate Millionaire.
Secret strategies for lifetime Wealth Today"

Formula: Focus +Dedication +Goal Setting +Action = Accomplishment!!!

Thank you,
Wening Cintron

Looking for these forms

Does anyone know where I can get a Investor Disclosure Statement and Seller's Acknowledgment Form, Lead Paint Disclosure Notice, Property Disclosure Notice, and Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement. Thanks so much

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