Partners Wanted!!!! Realtors, Investors, Lenders.

Hello DG Family,
DG Investors in Orlando, FL looking for partners. We work from home finding buyers and properties. Interested in working with other DG family members who love the business and are motivated by the idea of a better life style. Please leave a comment or a PM and we will definately get back with you!!!
Adam & Lydia


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I live in PA and have a few properties we are looking for an Investor in Florida for. They are in Pensacola let me know if you are interested in the details and we can partner up. WIN WIN WIN !!!
Donna and Brett

Florida Market

We currently have a great team working in the Space Coast area of the Central Florida market.

We would be glad to discuss your desires and goals to see if we can help you achieve what you want to in Florida.

We are currently closing our third deal today. Let us know what you would like to be involved in for the Florida market.

Jeff Walker

Florida Market

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Jeff I'm doing some rehabbing and Leasing to own. I would really like to do wholesales also. I'm in between Orlando and Daytona.

Bob Roland

New Member looking for DG family in Central Florida

Always been intrested in realestate.I am new to DG family. Wants to connect with investors/ DG family in central Florida. (Ocala) and surounding.

florida market

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Hey i live in central florida...looking to network with other investors...send me an email at vickbmv13@****

just got started

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hi DG family I just got started need investors and cash buyers asap I have a few good deals wanted to show them here to see what happens. IF WE DONT HELP EACHOTHER NO ONE WILL. Happy Investing!

hey jahaira

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are you in florida? if so, what part? I'm looking to team up, let's talk sometime. I will be moving to Tampa this July n plan on moving fast pace, so show me what you have Smiling


just got started

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Hey victor here. im looking for people to network and partner with. If have deals i can find you buyers. Lets work together. email me at vickbmv13@****..i live in central florida.

just got started

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Hey victor here. im looking for people to network and partner with. If have deals i can find you buyers. Lets work together.i live in central florida.

Partnerts Wanted in Florida

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Looking for private money and investors to do wholesale and rehab deals in Florida. If interested pm me.

Wholesale and Rehab deals in Central Florida

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Let's talk with one another about Wholesale and rehabs.

Partner wanted in FL market

I can be co-wholesaler or partner who finding buyers for FL properties. Please let me know if you are interested. Please PM me



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Hello Rebecca, yes I'm always looking for people to work with. Where are you located? What is it that your doing now?

florida marjet

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Hey bob. Victor here I'm might be close to you i live in seminole county close to casselberry...maybe we could network.

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