Im just getting started off with deans program in chicago as well. Can anyone from chicago tell me what had worked for them so far because I know there is plenty opportunity in the city!!

I'm a Newbie

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I just started the program as well and I am interested in joining the Chicago Club. I am also interested in what deals work the best in Chicago and what have been the best advertising methods to attract buyers and sellers in Chicago.

Rockford Area Investor

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I have been investing in Real Estate for 13 years and have purchased so many Real Estate books and courses. Spent thousands of dollars on them. Knowing some things about Real Estate, I want to give my opinion that Dean's course is absolutely genuine. I have bought real estate many different ways but haven't gone out on the real creative ledge because no other book or course gave that little extra information to make it work but Dean does! His "Gain the Edge 09" has given me the rejuvenated enthusiasm that I had lost somewhere over the years and can't wait to finish the Edge course to put those techniques to work.

western suburbs/meetings

Lets have a group meeting to brain storm!Lets break the books down and work it!


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I am new to this and I want to get more information. When and where do you have meetings?


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A group meeting is a great idea.



I'm a new investor in the chicagoland area (south suburbs). I've read Dean's books and now I'm looking to start investing. I've spoken to a realitor, who also is an investor. She gave me some leads, but my question is...where/how can I attract buyers?

Chicago Suburbs

I too am in the south suburbs of Chicago and very new to this investment stuff. I'm understanding that I need to start meeting people and building my team and am ready to discuss any ideas with anybody interested in the same. I'm looking for agents, brokers and wholesalers that help me jump in and create profitable investments for all of us. I have Realtors that are willing to work with investors but need more confidence before I make a deal. I have the same question about finding buyers for that seems the way to allow yourself the ability to buy...know who you will sell to!!

Hi I am also from the south

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Hi I am also from the south chicago suburbs! Im currently reading deans book also and If you guys are willing to team up lets to it. Lets take the city of chicago!!!

atracting buyers

you do that buy building a buyers list through ads flyers postcards business cards etc or get a website you can get one free from deans people.Im new to this to and im looking to team up with other investors, if you want we can team up!

Chicago Investment club

I'm in the Chicago Area And I would like to Mastermind about real estatat with other like minded people. I have a couple of traditional deals under my belt already...

Real Estate Advice and Info. For Newbies

Hello I am Tanisha and I am new to the the entire real estate world, my first step of course is providing bird dog services so any advice or referrals you may have please feel free to throw them at me. I am located in Waukegan IL,in which I will be providing business Lake County IL and surroundings

Buy IL Notes for High, Long Term Yields

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Hi All,

We buy IL real estate notes and sell them to individuals & companies that want to receive high returns (10-18%+) that have low Investment-to-Value (ITV) ratio's. The real estate secures all of these notes. We were introduced to this at Dean’s 2009 Edge event in Phoenix.

Currently, we have three high yield IL products that you might consider. They are located in Popular Grove (Boone County), Carpentersville, and Lake Zurich. Please contact us if you have any interest in this type of investment. See our website at: or email us at


new investor

I am in the south suburbs also and would love to get together with other investors. I am new to investing and have my eye on a property but have not figured out the financing it is a government foreclosure and to good to pass up. Would love to hear other game plans.

Hi everyone... also new in real estate and in Chicago

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I am in the North Side of Chicago, new in real estate,and would like to network with investors in the Chicago area. My numbers are : 773-756-7827


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Hi everyone I am the "keeper" of the Chicago network club. Where do you want to have a get together? Post a town and I will find a place and schedule one!!!

Hello Im new to RE and I

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Hello Im new to RE and I happy to find people on here from chicago! Where should I start? Im in the process of reading deans book but Im ready to get started! Lets all team up and take this city!

Real Estate Club On North Side of Chicago

Hey everyone, I too am looking for a R.E. Club in Chicago. I think a good central location on the North side would be ideal for all. I will volunteer to help start one so we all can get going on networking and making money. Any takers? You can PM or use this site. I'll be watching out. Thanks.

Want to network with others in Western Suburbs on Chicago

Hey, I'd like to work with others who want to work together to make a difference in the Chicagoland area. Learn from each other and motivate each other to help those in foreclosure and much more.

I'm new to this and want local support.


I would love to network anytime. I am also in the western suburbs.

property 4 sale

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I have a list of properties at a wholesale value. Anyone interested. Check the site:


Hi everyone,
I would love to network with people in the chicage area. I live in Aurora Illinois and have been Investing for eight years.

Let's Make Some Money!

Hi Everyone:

I'm a newbie to REI but I have experience as a Realtor, loan officer and Loss Mitigation Specialist. I'm in the Schaumburg area but am also familiar with Leyden Township. Please let me know when and where our next meeting is!

Thanks! Tom

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