Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #328 - I was completely terrified...

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean presents a very powerful message about the things that terrify us. I’m talking about the things that scare us so much that we think we’ll never make it out in once piece.

And Dean wants to help you realize that when you experience those things that terrify you... you may just be overcoming something that will forever change your life for the better.

It happened to Dean as a kid and throughout his life... and I’m sure it has happened to you at some point.

So watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and hear what Dean has to say about your deepest fears, and see if you’re willing to accept the 30 day challenge he presents to you.

From Dean and everyone here at, we hope you have a great week!


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Thank you, very inspiring for all of us.

We all go through tough times and this site you started is a way for anyone to go after their dreams and make this as big as they want.

For me I thank you!



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You are absolutely right ! looking back now i made things worse then what they were and now i know like Tony Robbins says....

Life happens for us not to us !

love the Videos and keep them coming


you always have great insight into how we can make our lives better.... thanks buddy look forward to meeting you one day.......


Thank you Dean!

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Another awesome Weekly! I will do the 30 day challenge from Earl Nightingale!

I can think of several things that happened in my life that at the time I felt like it was the end for me... but just like you said, today I am grateful for those things, because they gave me a reason and the strength to become the person I am today...

An English proverb that puts it simply:
"just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"


Thanks Dean!

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Honor the struggle in life!

I'm In. I'll take the challenge

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Thanks for the inspiring words, Words of Wisdom.

Thank You Dean

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I have to keep remembering that God doesn't put challenges in front of us that we can't handle. He he showing us the path...we just need to the courage to succeed.

So true!

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Thanks Dean!


Dean it is good to know that you experienced a lot of challenges that you overcame.Thanks for keeping me and all motivated.Thanks Dean.

Weekly Wisdom #328

Hi Dean,

Your work is truly magnificent. I do appreciate your excitement for life and your willingness to assist others.

Regarding the #328 WW. I realized that your process does not work for everyone. Wish it did.

Some things are more than lessons and recovery is very difficult (will not say impossible even if it is so).

But, I do appreciate your efforts, it means a lot.

Earl's Challenge

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Hi Dean,
Great WW again look forward to this year in the progress that happening.

The Challenge

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Hey Dean, I listened to Earl's Strangest Secret and loved it. I will go look into his 30 day challenge and do it. Also I do what you suggested and write 3 things that I'm afraid of happening but never happened.

Thanks Dean!

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Good Stuff! We grow when we face our challenges! Overcoming difficulties is what builds character.


Weekly Wisdom #328 I was completely terrified..

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Hi Dean,

" If we are not climbing we are sliding" So true...Smiling

I will look into Earl's 30 day challenge....

Thank You Dean....for all your encouragement.....xo


That's God's Way of shaping us!!!

attitude of gratitude, even more so when we go thru struggles brings us higher when we come out and look back on it.

just like the butterfly starting out the more struggle that butterfly faces during its time of transformation the more beautiful it will become in the end!!!

God's Grace is Amazing glad to see you def get it Dean!!!
always a pleasure listening to what u have to say. A man of heart and true passion for what you do and u do it well and one of the best out there by fare!!! better then Amando or Than or flipping Vegas, etc lol. I've purchased their material just to see what's being taught and what direction my competition is going or doing so i can tweak my game plan and be opposite of where the heard is going.

"when everybody is scared get greedy, when everybody is greedy get scared"

warren buffett

God Bless,

Paul Anthony - GOD's ATM LLC - From Sunny and Warm Palm Beach County Florida

Re: Dean if i ever meet you i will hug you for a long time

That was so good so meaningful. Sometimes some of us go through some tuff times in all areas of our life's and to hear you and watch you on these weekly wisdoms are just that wisdom beyond.
Thank you Dean for all of your weekly wisdoms that keep us going and pushing on for a better, peaceful, meaningful today. Thanks!! from a appreciative person.

The Strangest Secret

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Thanks Dean for sharing! You are truly an inspiration to listen too. I love love love Earl Nightengale's The Strangest Secret about 40 times and it has changed my life and my others. I pass that CD out all the time for people to listen too!!!! "We are what we think about" EN

Tina Scott

I took the week to think.....

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Hi Dean,
I took the week to think about our lesson instead of just jumping in. I analysed it, maybe even over analyzed it Eye-wink but came up with one conclusion: I am a much better person, to myself, having been through it all than had the outcomes I believed would happen during them, come true. As I sit here today and look back at the most painful times of my life, I am amazed I am still around. My belief system back then is what " Crisis Help Lines" were created for. The solutions in my head were of a more permanent nature with no recourse. And yet, here I still am. Some of them were actually devastating while others were just devastating in my imagination. Today, I can separate the ones that were real and the ones that were imagined and can look back at them both with an open mind. They both shaped the person I am now, for better or worse, and while I would have preferred not going through the pain, I have to say, I am better prepared for today because of it. " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." That's me in a nutshell. Eye-wink

Hope you had a great week. Smiling
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Somehow true. actually it is

Somehow true. actually it is a saying that what happens will happens for the good. your fear, threat and all negativeness will surely be gonna produce a better for tomorrow.