The definition of Master Mind

When the term Master Mind group is heard, many think of Napoleon Hill, who wrote about it in his classic book "Think and Grow Rich." Hill describes the Master Mind in this way:

"The Master Mind principle may be defined as a composite mind, consisting of two or more individual minds working in perfect harmony, with a defnite aim in view."

He of course goes into it in depth in his book and if you haven't read it I do suggest you add it to your reading list. "Think and Grow Rich" is considered one of the 100 most important books of our time.

Hill also said, "Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the Master Mind principle."

And here on the DG website, Dean himself has spoken of the group he belongs to made up of other successful men and how they recently spent time together at Richard Branson's private island.

One day that could be us there too.

So my friends, we start off our group with a clear knowledge, as Hill described it, that this Master Mind group has the potential to bring together our minds with a defnite aim in view. For us that aim is success through real estate.

Until next time, may you gain knowledge, take steps, create success and through it all have fun!

Good Idea

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I always passed up those books, I'll pick them up now.Have you got the 800 # yet and put signs out?
I'll be a Racine County Fair all week in the God Mobile. Lets have coffee.

re: Racine Co. Fair

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I love county fairs! Hope you enjoy your time there. Unfortunately the timing is off as I'm leaving Wed. to head down south for a family reunion. I'm disappointed as it would be great to meet you, dackermandoc.

I haven't yet got my 800# - that's among the tasks at the top of my list. Also working to build a team. I tried working with one agent who was also a former REI, but it wasn't a match.

Have about 5 properties I'm checking out tomorrow and next week though.

Have a great week!
Nancy D.

County fairs

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Hi again Nancy,

I just replied to your comment in the guest book. If you like county fairs, you should come check out the Grundy County Corn Fest, here in Morris. I could show you some of the properties we have down here. That's usually at the end of October. Anyway, keep hunting houses. Talk to you soon. .


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My name is Mike , and I'm just starting out in investing. I have access to plenty of shortsales and foreclosures at a 40-50% discount in Morris Ill, just west of Joliet area. I need to find investors in this area. Can anyone help. Thanks.

Investing in Racine

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Hi every one!

Been investing for one year in the Racine Wi area. I don’t need to be rich but I’m not against it. I’m a full time pastor for 15 years, full time body man for 30 years, married 20 years, and with Deans encouragement I’m now a investor one year.

Motto: Just keep walking in the right direction and you will get there!

As that great man (BOB the Builder) has said You Can Do IT!



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THE MASTER MIND PRINCIPLE is def worth studying!!! dean knows this and is implementing it i am sure and you are absolutely right in saying we r too!! I have read alot of nap hills books and audios and i love them.Another one or set that are my favorites OTHER THAN DEANS are "the laws of success" we should learn more on this subject or ask dean what more he knows on this subject and maybe can teach us something new that he has learned !!

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Hi All,

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Tom & Debby

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