I just joined.


Is the group active?

Regards from SO.CAL!


Atlanta Realtors, Lawyers

We are buying properties in Atlanta and want to know if anyone has awesome realtors or lawyers they could recommend in Atlanta.

Maureen Norris

Atlanta Homes

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Are you still looking for properties in Atlanta?


I am looking for realtors, rehab folks in Atlanta. Do you know any?

Hi Ana

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Welcome to GA. I am an agent in Peachtree City. I am wholesaling now and work with a great agent with Coldwell Banker. What kind of homes are you looking for??

making a move

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Hey DG fam Ru n the Atl? Lookin to network. there r some things Id like to discuss in regards to the area.Please pm me.


hi, I'm actually in my beginning stages here> any helpful tips?

Hey, I am in the ATL area &

I am in the ATL area & I would like to get info on starting my real estate investing career. I have been told that wholesaling is the best/easiest way to get started. Is that true and can u give me helpful tips?

I am in Atlanta

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Hi I am a realtor in GA I am into wholesaling/real estate investments and I am great at finding rentals. Feel free to contact me anytime for questions. Thanks!


REI group of Atlanta

I would like to join this group I live in Snellville. Godfrey

Buyers Lists

Hello my name is Trevor; can someone give some extra tips on creating a buyers lists?
Or willing to share buyers whom might be interested in properties in the Athens area.

Hello Trevor

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Have you tried networking with Carpenters and people who work on homes? They are usually up for bidding on a great deal especially when they can fix it themselves.


Hi, everyone! I am new to

Hi, everyone! I am new to all of this and would really like some help. Live in the great ATL! Thanks!



So what have you learned so far?

buyers list

I am new invested,please i need help build buyers list

buyers list

what have you done so far, towards building your list?

I'm looking for inverstor in Atlanta area!

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I'm a successful real estate investor in Arkansas. I'm interested in joining forces with other real estate investors who may be having difficulty getting started. I have a succesful program which I am able to pick up propeties with little to no money down. I do not have to use my credit. I'm interested in teaching other investors in other areas so we can prosper together. You can visit my web site at www.nwapi.com to get an idea of what I am doing. Please contact me if you are interested.

Investor help

Hi, I just read your post offering help for people wanting to invest in Real Estate. I am in the Atlanta area and looking to jump right in. Please let me know if this offer is still available.

Sincerely, Charles

Hey Charles

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I am a realtor/wholesaler in Peachtree City GA. I have been here in GA for about 4 years. am available to help you.


Investor in Atlanta Area

I am in Massachusetts and eager to start investing in my hometown as well as Georgia. What are you offering?
I checked out your website, it looks great. Looking forward to hearing from you.

New Real Estate Investor

Happy New Year DG Family, I just want to say after reading DG'S Profit from Real Estate Right now,and I am currently reading Dean's book Your town your Real Estate Profits I am so anxious to get started. I currently live in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta has alot of properties available and I would like to get started. I can't afford the Real Estate Success Academy at this time. Any suggestions DG family or are there any DG students in Atlanta that can help get me started. I would really appreciate it!

Atlanta Investor

Hi. I'm in Atlanta, and I just wanted to know how your investing has gone so far. I'm anxious to get started and just wondering how it has gone for you so far.
Thanks, Charles

How's eveyone! I am so ready

How's eveyone! I am so ready to get started. Just wanted to know if there are any students in the Atlanta area that could help me get started. If so I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks Ed

Would like advice

I live South of ATL, I would really like to talk with people that are experienced with the real estate investing in ATL.
I have found some great homes, and I am trying to build my buyers list.

New Flying to ATL this thursday 3/17

Im new to the biz and im looking to network and im also looking to invest in the ATL area would love to join this group

New to the area

Hi I'm new to the area, but have 20 years of experience in Real Estate. I would love to join your group. And wondering if anyone needs a bird dogger.


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Are you in Atlanta GA area? I am in Peachtree City GA about 30 minutes South of Atlanta.



I made my first purchase. Now, I have to figure out what I am going to do with the property.

Hi my name is Trevor. Where

Hi my name is Trevor. Where is your property located?
I might have a couple buyers whom are interested in the Atlanta area.

your first purchase

I have a list of potential buyers. Where is your property located?

meeting of real estate investors

I am a Land Surveyor and am diversifying into real estate investing. I feel now is the greatest opportunity in my lifetime. I have an office in Buford, Ga. which would be a perfect place for a meeting of like minded investors.
Anyone interested? .

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