Just starting

I am a director of IT I want to make this happen. I look forward to contributing to the group i just bought deans book Oh My God i am believing for the best

New Too

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I am half way through the Profit From Real Estate Right Now book and it is awesome. I am in the Kent area.

How about you guys?

Mickey D

Looking for a Partner to work with

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Hi Mickey, my name is Jeff from des moines, and i got deans course over a year ago. i got layed off my job july 1st and been trying to get motivated to take action, however, i work better with a partner, which i haven't been successful finding. i want to join a local investing club to meet people, i would just rather work with someone that is under deans course. let's talk if your interested!


Looking to get together

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Can we in this area get together and brainstorm pool our knowledge together and SUCCEED IN 2010? STOKED TO SUCCEED S*

Just joined and jumping in with both feet

Hey guys,
I'm a Whidbey Island guy with rentals, but have had a rental in Seattle for the last 23 years. I've been involved with the Navy reserves and Commercial airlines for 20 years and after this economic shake up, I am determined to never have a "boss" again.
I've read nearly every Robert Kiyosaki book and have done a Trump course in Real Estate Foreclosures. I have yet to embrace Dean, though the books arrived yesterday and I'll be cracking the cover soon. My first impression is that it is all very similar to what Trump offers, but at a fraction of the price.
Over the next few months, I will be getting more aggressive in the Seattle market and I hope to find some synergy with this web group! I am open to anything, just let me know.

Joe B.

Hey Guys

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Hey Jeff'

I might be interested but I am also going to be studying for my real estate license.

What did you have in mind for a club?

Maybe we can start one ourselves if you all are interested.

I finshed both books and now doing the action steps and keeping a journal by hand. I need to get it into the forum still.


Hi all

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Hi all,
Just signed up today, books are on their way.

Im in So. Snohomish County.

Lets get something going.

welcome all

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i have a meetup group and we discuss real estate and dont sell anything
i want to help and learn from all

Hello fellow investors

I bought Dean's books a year ago, read them, and got pummeled by life. Now I'm back and ready to rock and roll! I work better with other like-minded individuals and I am south of the Seattle area. If anyone would like to get together for ideas or whatever let me know, we will kick some cash. I will be starting my buyers list work the week after T-Day.


Hey Everyone

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"Happy Thanksgiving"

I just setup my recording for foreclosures and advertising on craigslist and USfree ads. Its going good had some calls and looked at a deal in Oak Harbor WA. I could not help her and it is way out of my investing area.

My phone number is (800) 638-2561 ex 789 if you want to hear the recording.

I am Kent Wa and my investing area is Kent Auburn and Renton for now.


Hello everyone. My name is Jerome. Just bought Deans system and I'm ready to get going. I get my book tommorow. I have some experience doing remodel work and general knowledge of real estate(former underwriter). I'm all for scratchin backs baby. Looking forward to interacting with the rest of the group. Meet you at the top.

Welcome Jerome!

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You have made a wise choice with Dean's system. I have literally tried just about all of them(Carlton Sheets, Robert Allen (Prosper),John Beck,Whitney Education Group,Wes-State Motgage Inc.,and countless others, for the past 10 years. Dean's is the only "cut to the chase", "bread and butter", "show me the goldmines, dont tell me"program out there.Just take action on what you learn and you will succeed!

Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks a lot wb484. I agree....I have been through all of the song and dances of the other programs as well. DG's is pretty simple and up to date. Thanks again for the warm welcome.


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Hello fellow Seattle Area Investors,
I belong to REAPS (see www.reapsweb.com) It's a great group - provides tons of networking and good educational workshops. There is a monthly main meeting plus three satellite location meetings each month. I've met a couple other DG fam members at the meetings. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. This is an excellent group. I began studying with Dean in June and have closed 2 profitable deals so far.


Hi Gena,
I am interested in networking at a reaps meeting is there a anything closer to bellingham?
Congratulations on your deals.
Debbie I go by the name canada

re: looking for buyers

Have anyone started the Seattle chapter? Let get it started. I am in PY, I got Dean book last year, have a baby in July and now back to the game.

I went to his meeting in Tacoma last this week. Fantastic, I got a partner and ready to rock 'n roll.

Thank you, Emeline.

Tacoma-Spanaway area investor

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Hey whats up,just droppin a line to say hey and I'm new to this too.One thing Ive found out is Dean is the truth but I'm sure I dont have to tell you that Smiling Lookin forward to meeting new investors in this area and around the puget sound so lets make it happen. I'm in it to win it!! Whatever we can do count me in!!

This is ya friend young Money

Love and Live Life Cool


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Hello everyone joined the site about a month now just finished the "profit from Real Estate RIGHT NOW"and i am going to read it again until my next one gets here . Live in the Bremerton area and eager to do business . Watch out for me because i'm coming strong and hard in this game and would be honored to work with some of u guys and the rest of the DG family

Asignments, Dbl. Closure, Bird Dogging

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Hi everyone.

Another newb here, looking to learn and maybe partner with other area investors.

I am mostly interested in doing assignments, and maybe bird dogging for others for a while since I have no money to work with yet. I would do double closures if assignments are not possible which brings me to my question:

Are assignments legal and feasable in this area (Puget Sound). What about bird dogging? I just want to know if those things are being done successfully, around here, before I dig too much further into my research. I am almost finished with my first DG book and will then read my 2nd. I plan to be an expert on this subject and my market.

I just thought asking all of you could save me a bunch of time if I need to re-direct my focus (as far as tactics and techniques).


REO's in North king county

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contact me today,
pre-approved- pre-qual, or cash investors need to apply only....
dont have time for tire kickers....

Wanting a partner

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I have a person that wants to buy a house here in Missouri and he has a house in washington, near Oregon. I will get better info later. What I need is some one to look at his house and see if we can do something with it. He has is listed for 450K and he said he will come down to 350K so he can move.
Is there any one up there that would be willing to help me out here?
I am a newb also. This would be my first really big deal.
Thank you Deanna

Hello Everyone

Looking to start investing in real estate,totally new at this. I've already read 3 of Dean's books and my favorite is Profit From Real Estate Now. I just want more out of life and have time to do things I want to do. I currently live in the Bremerton, WA area so if there are any other fellow DG investors in or near the area it'd be nice to network and help each other become successful.

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