Since several new members have just been brought on board, it would be nice if the members could bring us up to date on what your current status is in the business. Are you a newbie, made your first deal, seasoned investor? Have you learned any good tips that would be useful to others? Any obstacles holding you back?
We want to hear from you!!
This is a forum that promotes our networking with each other since we are in the same geographic location. Our Baltimore,MD circumstances may be a little different from DG members in another state.
Please be mindful that this forum should not be used in lieu of the other forums. Questions should continue to be posted in the appropriate forum. But if you can't find something we will try to direct you to where the information can be located.
Welcome Aboard!
Verna (newage8767)

Title Companies/Double Closings

Can members share what title companies are being used that work with investors who do assignment contracts and double closings. I know of only one company so far.



Looking to Bird Dog

Hello fellow investor of Baltimore!

While I'm refreshing and getting all my ducks back in a row for wholesaling I am looking to do some bird dogging to bring in some working capitol.

Are there any Baltimore investors looking for help locating properties. If so, please send me a PM and let me know the areas you are interested in and what you are looking for in the property.



I'm Back!!

Hello Fellow Baltimore, MD REIs,

I apologize for being away for such a lengthy time, but I'm back now.

I have approved all those that have requested to join our group. Hopefully, we can get the communication going again. Please submit a post to let us know how you are doing in the business, what obstacles you may be running into, etc. This group was created so investors in the Baltimore area could have opportunity to communicate with each other and even possibly find others you ould like to partner with. Give us a holla.

East Baltimore Development

I just wanted to pass on some information,just in case you may not be aware of it.

Baltimore City has acquired all the properties covering about 88 acres north of John Hopkins Hospital, dealing within the Middle East area. The borders are: Preston Street (north border), Madison Street (south border), Patterson Park (east border) and Broadway It also includes the 800 block (from the Madison border) and up (to the Preston border) of Bradford St.

Baltimore City has eminent domain on all this property so don't waste anytime. The Real Property Data Search will still show the prior owner as there has not been enough time for the recording to change.

Greetings! I'm Back!

Hi Everyone!

Let me take a moment to welcome all of our new members! I apologize for taking so long to approve your membership requests.

Unfortunately, I have been dealing with surgeries and illness of my own since about February 2010. I finally was feeling better and ready to get back into life when my brother became ill! I am his caregiver and all my time has been doing what I need to do for him during his illness. I'm still his caregiver, but realize I need to take time out to deal with my health and my life in general. So, I am trying to reorganize and get back in this business.

It's good to be back. I may have to disappear from time to time (dealing with my brother), but I will try to stay in contact.


Everyone who's interested in Partnership for this Bulk of REO that was send to me by my REA. I can't afford to let this slip to my fingers. We can submmit an offer to each one of this where-in we think we can sell it right away to list of buyers thats already within our circle if our offer gets accepted. Let's create a Partnership Agreement in each property and we split 50/50.

Frustrations Can Take It's Toll

Good Morning All,

Trying to get started in the REI business can be a scary, frustrating thing. There will be times that we will not have a good day and feel like no one wants to help us and then the discouragement comes. But, if you will stop, take a deep breath and think about the DG site you will remember that there is always someone here that is willing to help you. No one can actually do it for you, but they can provide advice, suggestions, investment knowledge and a lot of encouragement!


Ok...So from what I understand the whole idea with assignments/wholesaling is to lock the property up under contract, negotiate the terms, then assign the deal to another investor once the contract is accepted. However, I have one question. I've asked a couple of Realtors (friends) if you can even submit an offer without being pre-approved. While most of them said yes - they also said the offer cannot be valid or accepted without one. So as a new wholesaler/investor how do I handle this situation?

Real Deal Meetup Meeting Today

All I can say is that if you didn't make it to this meeting you missed a tremendous about of useful information that will help you succeed with your REI business!!!

The information you gain from the Real Deal Group and the DG family put together is "smokin"! Like DG, The Real Deal organizers are trying to "give back". I for one will be taking advantage of the opportunity.

Verna (newage8767)

Setting Up A Maryland (Baltimore) REI Business - Please Share

I thought it would be great if members who have actually registered and set up their REI business would share the steps they took to do that. There are some newbies that have not actually set up their business yet and are still in the research/learning stage. If possible provide a step-by-step actions that were taken to establish your business.

(i.e., establishing a business trade name, is a business license required, etc.)


Verna (newage8767)


Hi Fellow Members,

If you are planning to attend the 11/28/09 REAL DEAL REI Meeting please check in on this group forum so that we all know who will be there. That way we can try to catch up with each other and finally get a chance to meet face-to-face.

I don't know how we are going to do that since there are some that we only know by a screen name. Maybe we can wear something that would indicate that we are Baltimore DG investors. IF anyone has any ideas please post them. I would hate to get there and not be able to locate any of the DG members!


Verna (newage8767)

Don't Just Join; Participate

Hello Fellow Members,

There are a few posts that were done to encourage our members' participation. The post was created for members to "Share" experiences and information. If you don't post or respond to other posts we can not share information! So read the comments here in our Baltimore Group Forum and give some feedback! Doesn't matter is you are a newbie or a seasoned investor. So let's share!


Verna (newage8767)

Check out the Meetup Meeting on November 28, 2009

If you didn't see Michael's post, check out the link below.

The "Meetup" is actually a site where you can go to find groups for just about any topic of interest. The above link is the site for a real estate investing group. I checked out the site and did join the group. I did not find any information that indicated there was any fee to be a member of this group and to attend the meetings. However, I will definitely find out when I attend the meeting on November 28, 2009.

Welcome -- Please share ...

Hi everyone,

Nice to have you aboard. It would be nice if you could all share where you are at this point, what your goal is and what particular roadblocks you may be encountering.

To steal a phrase, we are each others cheerleaders and we need to constantly encourage each other to keep us focused and motivated.



I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with REI CLubs in the area? There aren't too many nearby.

Please share your experiences regarding your visit or membership with an REI Club.


Share Your Experience

Hello Baltimore REIs

Since there are so many new investors on this site I think it would be nice if some of the investors who have passed that "first deal" can share your first deal experience with those that have yet to complete # 1.

Baltimore and surrounding areas -- We need to get this party started! I know you are out there so let's show some unity!

Verna (newage8767)

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