Any Arizona/Phoenix area investors that are interested in meeting in the next few weeks, please contact me.


Investor meeting

Please send info. on location and times. I need driving time for many locations. Thanks, G.C. John

Investor Meeting

I am interested in attending as well. Thanks so much!

Investor Meeting

We would be interested in meeting with you and everyone else. I should have read the rules more closely and left out my phone # from the previous e-mail. Sorry.
I guess the way to find out where the meeting would be is through the private message.

would like to attend...

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Hi - I would like info on the meeting as well. I can't figure out the Private Message link, and your direct website is down...please reply! Thanks.

I would like to attend

Art Fried

Meeting other Arizona Home Investors group members

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I would like to meet other members of our group that are located in the northwest valley area of Phoenix to talk over ideas and experiences.

eboshart in Peoria, AZ

Arizona Home Investor group

Hi I would like to set up a group here in the SF area of Calif. How did you set yours up? What kinds of things do you offer?

Thank you for your help
Valene, Newark, Ca.

Arizona Home Investor Group Meetings

I am interested in meeting others in the Phoenix area. I think it would be good to get together with other like minded people. I am from Phoenix but would meet any where in the valley.


Ralph in Phoenix

how's the meeting coming!?!?

Would be interested in coming to a meeting also. Hope this is coming soon!! We are anxious to meet other investors & also Buyers! Let us know time & place when you have it organized & we will look forward to meeting you & everyone else! P.S. Your site is still down.. Sad Thank you, Dani

EDGE Members

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Hey all....

I think that getting a solid group together would be awesome for many reasons. I started a topic in the EDGE member area so check it out and tell me your thoughts!

Tucson investers meeting

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I am wondering if there is an investers group meating in tucson. I am a beginner and looking for guidence.

Hey All!

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Count me in, of course. We've tried before and no one responded back then, let's don't talk about it, let's do it. We are greater in numbers, so if we really want to succeed, the time to do it is now!

I know this post is a bit old now, so if you're still interested in meeting please contact me and I will organize a meeting within the next few weeks.


P.S. Naycat,
I go to Tucson frequently to see my grandson, I'd be happy to meet with you or help you organize a meeting with other investors or DGrs.


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Hi Elena, I live in Tucson and would love to meet people who are trying to get started, as well as, people who have been at this a while. I will travel to Phoenix if I have enough advanced notice, or would meet people here in the Tucson area if anyone is interested. Hope we can actually make this happen. Thanks for helping!!

My cell number is 520-979-8966 for anyone interested.

New in the Area

Hello All:

I am new to the area and getting started in real estate investing. I will be interesting in joining the REI club to further my knowledge and to work with other investors around the country. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a Merry Christmas

Lionel & Nancy

Let's plan a meeting

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I would like to set up a meeting of interested investors in the Phoenix area. We have talked about this a lot, but nothing has happened. I would like to plan a meeting, at my home in northern Phoenix, in mid to late January. Please PM me if you are interested.

Thanks, Al

REI Meeting

Hello Al,

I would be interested in attending. Please let me know date, time and where you will be meeting.


Phoenix REI Meeting in two weeks!

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Meeting for anyone interested, will be held in Northern Phoenix on Jan 22 at 7:00 PM. Contact me for more info.

Al Christmann

meeting postponed

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Because of the recent rainfall, my road, driveway and yard are under water and a muddy mess. We will reschedule the REI meeting for another time and possibly a different place.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Interested in networking with other AZ investors...

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Hi All,

I am new to D.G. family. I've been doing a ton of research to get my first deal put together. My husband is an Attorney/Realtor/CPA here in AZ. Has recently passed the California bar, so will be officially licensed there in January. He is also licensed Attorney in IA. Has reciprocity from AZ license in Colorado. Has submitted his paper work for CO, already. So, he is going to be a great resource for all of my legal, real estate and tax needs...for free. He currently works for a Firm but is looking to branch out on his own.

My three children are all in school now, so I have all day to find deals! I am looking to partner with someone that would be creative with putting deals together. I am a great hunter...prior to having kids(4.5yrs ago), I was a top Sales Rep for an I.T. company. I was also a competitive athlete back in the day, so it's in my blood. Would be great to find someone that is as hungry and eager as I am to make $$$. Would love to meet and discuss if you are interested in partnering. Please send private message if interested.



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