My name is Jasuia

well I am a newbie and so far i have not done much in the ohio area but I have contacted a few agents I am in the process of getting my buisness cards a website phone numbers and building a list of investors being that in cleveland there is so much to choose from I am feeling really overwhelmed!!! But I am excited to jump in!!! I have a great site if anyone needs a free voicemail to do an automated message go to

the number wont be local but you can check it from anywhere ok well good luck


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Hey Melissa,

Reply if you're still interested in some help.


Akron ohio

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Hey everyone! My name is Jason. I live in Akron Ohio and am looking for other people in my area to network with. If anyone is a birdog and can find me properties I will gladly pay a finders fee. Or if you are a wholesaler like my self we can work something out to split the profits. I have a really good cash buyers list for Akron. So if anyone wants to team up let me know.


Hey everyone My name is Eric and I am from Cleveland. I have many properties in Cleveland and am trying to build my lists. I also have a strategy that will quickly bring residual income to investors. I have a property right now purchase price is $40k and is worth $110k under contract. I need a cash investor to get the deal done. If there is anyone interested please pm me so we can work out the details. If you are looking to build your portfolio. I have many properties to work with. I look forward to working with you guys and reaching the top together!! Have a great day.

investment option

Eric, what are the specs on your deal? Is it still under contract? Let me know, You can email me at Thanks

Madison, Ohio Area!!

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Hello everyone! My name is Kelly and I currently reside in Madison, Ohio. I just read Dean's books and am really excited to start my new endeavor. If you're interested in working with me, you can send me a PM. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you.

Northeast OH Real Estate deals

Please send any SFR, Multi-Family, Retail or Light Commercial RE deals in Northeast OH to Thanks

Central Ohio

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Todd and I am located just outside of Columbus, in the Newark, Heath area. I am trying to build my network of cash buyers and investors. If you are interested in the area I would love to chat so PM me. A little bit about me, I have 4 rentals and one flip that is ongoing now with contractors working on it, so I do have a little bit of experience, but I am always willing to learn, and talk real estate.


Hi Todd: I live around

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Hi Todd:

I live around Pataskala, saw your post today and thought I would say hello. I haven't done any deals yet, but getting closer all the time. I joined the success academy and the set for life so I need to get going and find some deals.
I have had some problems finding buyers. I did find one investor that is interested in multi units from 10 to 35. He would spend from low 80's to 350,000K

Hi neighbor.

I am just starting out and would love to chat about your experiences here in town. Hope to hear from you.

Columbus Area Investors

Hi my name is Jack(Columbus) and I am new to all this too. I have read Dean's books and wanted to get started assigning deals. I have talked to a few real estate agents and have not found one yet that knows anything about assignments. Anyone know of any that I can contact in the area? Thank you and Good Luck Investing!

Newbie Investor

Hello, I'm looking to start doing assignments in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm nervous, yet very willing. Please help!
Any advice, mentoring, or contacts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Tori

Ross Co. Ohio Area

Hi, my name is Candace - I have completed
about 13 deals in our small town, now looking
for Private Money Lendors so I can continue
doing what I do - love buying older homes
and restoring them and reselling have a great
track record of doing this, also in todays market looking to buy a few, fix and hold as
rentals. If anyone knows of a great private
money lendor - please pm me - enjoy a blessed day!

January 2011 is new beginning

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I'll keep it short.
Got new book.
Reading it now and wanted to intriduce myself.
I would love to chat over coffee.
I live in Columbus but really close to Westerville.
Coffee is my treat.
I'm at the point in this venture where I don't even know what to ask. I'm just leaning so if we do get coffee you may be doing most of the talking. Thanks for listening. Hopfully talk to ya later. Little about me before I leave.
30 yr old guy.
OSU grad.
I am very ambitious and hard working. That's all you need to know about me right now. Who knows, I may be your next partner in crime.
Nice to meet everybody.

Hello. Just wanting to say Hi.

I am from the Heath area looking for some friends in the business. I work part time in Johnstown right now looking to find homes in that area and beyond. Please any and all I want to get busy.

Lake County Area

Anyone currently working or looking to work the Lake County area(East of Cleveland), I'd like to talk...


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Hello looking for local investors in or close to the LICKING COUNTY area. Would love to network, partner, or do busniess!

Don't be a stranger PM me!

Have a great day!

licking county

Hello there. I just saw your response and I would love to talk to you about Real Estate and how you are doing with it. So far I am researching on my own to learn the ropes, however i am ready to go just not sure exactly where to start. I am not sure how to PM you so please bare with me.


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Hey group I wanted to stop by and introduce myself my name is Jasuia and I am a wholesaler in the area I started out as a newbie on this site and still technically am 1 but with my team in place and deals in the works I feel in some sorts Ive graduated slightly... I hope to get to know all of my fellow investors and if yo9u have a need in cleveland or surrounding areas please dont hesitate to send me a message talk to you soon

Marietta OHIO

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anyone here want to team up with an investor here in Marietta OHIO ...and take a couple realtors by storm?

Cleveland OH In The House

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My name is Jason and I am a Cleveland investor wholesaling about 2-3
deals every month, as well as doing a few rehabs. I am currently
building a small Army of motivated individuals who are looking to make a
lot of money in this market and participate in doing 5-6 deals every
month. I am looking to team up with anyone who is interested in
investing here in the Ohio market.

I also have private money available to buy some good wholesale deals.

If anyone is interested in teaming up with someone who is about to
completely kill the game send me a private message.


Looking for buyers in NE Ohio

Good morning,
I am currently working properties in NE Ohio, more specifically Portage, Trumbull and Mahoning counties. I am in hopes of starting to see some return on my offers and would like to have some interested investors lined up to at least review properties.
My goal is to develop only those properties with a minimum ROI of 20+% to the investor.
Anyone out there that can help me find that investor, it would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck to all with your real estate work.
Gary M.


Hi i'm Ruth and also new as well. I NEED INVESTORS IN THE ALLIANCE OHIO, STARK COUNTY,44601 AREA. Is anyone out there that can help? Any one interested in investing in this area? I will pay a finders fee
and if I send anyone your way and you make the deal you could do the same for me. That's a start.
I can't wait to make my first $100k
Go Investors. Smiling
Set Apart 521
Real Estate Investor
Ruth Lewis

I'm in it to win it

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Hello there, I'm Chris from Columbus and I'm so excited about what the future holds and real estate is going to help in creating that future. I have some places that I've found that could be real nice to fix up and sell. I just haven't found anyone with some money to help in purchasing these places. Does someone want to talk about making things happen in Columbus? And then acting on it?

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