Nat'l Buyers

We live from coast to coast, looking for the best deals on residential properties. Our interest are, rent to own(lease options). Investment long and short term. As you join the group please list your city and state so that we can work together on some deals.

Multiple single family homes available in Southeast WI

I have multiple single family home wholesale deals available. Some need to be totally rehabbed and others will only need a partial rehab. Contact with me with questions.

Tax liens and Deeds?

Anyone on here having experience with these please contact me. Participated In Dean's 3 day workshop last November. Part of the program included a course on liens and deeds hosted by SKWcentral I purchased a lien from them for $400 and something.(turns out the face value is only $317) This was before I fully understood the "Due diligence" process. Long story short. I was contacted by the jurisdiction telling me it expires in 12 months and if I don't start foreclosure proceedings the lien will become "null and void" and I lose my investment. Now here is the kicker. It is a vacant lot between some row houses and only valued at $700. What should I do? Can I start the proceedings on my own, or do I need an attorney?

properties in ohio

i would like to join your group. i live in columbus ohio and there is an abundance of deals here. let me know if we can work together on some deals.


Looking for partners and/or buyers for wholesale deals

I am looking for other investors who would be willing to partner with my company in order to expand their portfolio or earn a decent return. Profit split or ROI negotiable. I have some great deals in my area(Idaho, Washington, Montana) just need some folks to pass them off to. You can connect with me via any of the methods below. I look forward to being able to do business with you.

Twitter: @lancejpalmer
Email: silverkeyid@****
Phone: 208-964-5753


Lance Palmer

New Investors In North Carolina

We are new to DG's real estate investing. We are preparing several houses at the moment in Kannapolis,NC and will be letting you know what we have as soon as possible. Hope we can get some great deals out for buyers.

ARK Real Estate Investing

Brand new REO tapes available (various states)

Hello everyone.

I am in San Diego, CA. I can provide clean REO tapes for investors. I have the relationship with the asset managers and asset disposition companies for banks directly. These are clean tapes of properties that HAVE NOT hit the market yet via MLS or any other agents.

Last package's discounted value was $5m coming to approximately 55 cents on the dollar. (this was only Southern California properties needing cosmetic repairs and had clean titles).

Handyman Specials - CASH only (buy one or all) - starting at just over $3K

We have supply again (for everybody who missed it the last time around):

Handyman Specials - CA$H only - Buy ONE or all.... (direct buyers only)

206 houses (nationwide)
package price $878K

Individual houses range in price from $3,100 to just under $20K.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.... they usually go FAST!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram

connywolfram at yahoo

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