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What's the best way to break into the probate market?

It seems like especially now in this depressed economy people need the cash from a home a loved one left behind. Attorneys offices seem most logical to me. It seems like a touchy subject that would have to be handled just right.

Where do I find Deans probate finder??


Did you get an answer to your question about Probate?

probate answers

I need to know if their is a site on line to find probate properties or is the courthouse probate div. the final best method?

Probate Finder

I too am intersted in aquiring probate properties. Where is the probate finder?

probate process???

hey there i all already have an investor who is wiling to put down cash for these properties and i also went to to the local court house and found a few probate properties, but what info do i get from the files bcuz the files dont show the property address or the party in charge of the property .. also what contracts do i use to get started??? what is the process in my case??

probate deals

My first deal was a probate property, but i did not find this out, until I met with the seller. The mother passed and the family did not want the home. The home had a FSBO sign on the fence. I knew the neighborhood well and also the former owner. I had talked to the neighbors prior to the FSBO sign and was told of the home had been empty for over a year. Sometimes homes that are empty and neglected could turn out to be a great deal. I purchased this home for approx. 50% off FMV and yes probate is a "touchy subject" but the seller (usually a family member) is motivated to sell and move on. A lot times a home can even create conflict between siblings and we can step in and respectfully, professionally, and hopefully quickly solve a problem for that family. Yes the numbers have to be right and everyone can gain something. I used the knowledge and information, I gained from attending two Insider's Edge events; to identify it was a "good" deal, inspect the home, make the right offer, and funded the deal and majority of the rehab costs with private money (I had no money or credit). I attended my first Insider's Edge event in September 2010, closed the deal in October 2010, and rented the home in mid December 2010 with monthly cash flow of $400.00 and now have $25,000.00 in equity. I want to thank Dean and all his staff for providing me with the tools and motivation to make this happen.

Probate propertys

I will also like to get more info in how to find this deals and the kind of paper or contracts to use

Probate propertys

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I have decided that this is one of the rute that I would like to take.
I have Deans Probate Finder course,just checked into cost of a extra phone for the toll free # so it will be realestate use only.
Still have alot of q's about it.
I do now that if my sisters had gone this way thay may of not had to go threw so much to close the deal at auction.

Well I'm been making out alist of q's to at court house.
Most court houses know me from my genealogy reseachs.
Plan to keep post to this site.

O ya I hear alot talk from my residents family members, what to do with the house.

Probate response

I'm getting excited just reading.
I purchased a probate property I found during a driveby. I wanted to rent the daughter wanted to sell. No sign was on the house. I kept riding by until I found someone there. I bought the property w/no money down.Stayed in it a mth before paying the note. The seller held it. Paid $34,000 for it. Sold it for $79,000. I had no idea what was happening in terms of buying probates, but it sure felt good in the end. I will research at the courthouse and pray that I can find another gold mine to get me out of this $ my bank account. Any tips on finding a buyer is where I am now. Time is my best friend cause that's all I have!
Stay blessed!

Probate Properties

I did read in one of DEANS Books about probate properties. I do think that an Investor who is willing to do some work on researching those kinds of deals would find it profitable, so I am also anxiously waiting for any added information
that may be submitted, about probate properties.

Probate lawyers

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Hi All,

Happy 4th everyone!

I just had a thought in reading through this posting.

Attorneys handle ALL estate/will/probate needs for the family going through this tough time. Contact your nearest groups of probate attorneys. Let them know who you are and what you are looking to do and how they can help you and you can help the surviving family members.

Some of these attorneys also handle divorces, bankruptcies, and other needs as well. That is and great source for these markets to get the inside info. All you need is 1 or 2 attorneys that agree to work with you to take advantage.

Research and ask these lawyers lots of questions up front to see how many cases they handle (probate, divorce or both, bankruptcy, etc.) The more cases, the better chance of getting more opportunities.

Another option is to check your county clerk website (if available) about their process on viewing or obtaining copies of the probate documents (court records).
One county I lived in had the index system online so I can view and print the court records for free and this had the addresses of real property, as well as a list of all other property to be given out or distributed and to whom. It also had the name and addresses of the executor or personal rep. I think one had a phone #, but a mailer to the address of the P.R. and the property under probate would give you a great chance of informing them you are interested in purchasing their property.

While writing this, I just went to my county's record clerk website (moved here a month ago) and clicked on the probate link and now can see by date (I can search by name, docket or case #, as well) and now have a list of all cases handled that day. The info shows the applicant's (Executor/P.R.) name with address along with the attorney's address and phone number. It also shows if the case is closed or open. If it's closed it means that the estate is ready to distribute all real and other property.


You should try this where you live and see what happens. Please respond back to this if you pursue this and get an offer accepted or deal closed, or PM me. I'm interested.

I will do the same. Hopefully, I've have a few offers going out next week and have 1 or 2 of those accepted.

I hope this helped those interested in probate REI.


MY court house

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does not seem to have the records on line. I have to go to a separate website to get the legal notices, but can find no on line records for probates on the site. Kind of frustrating.

But the attorney recommendation is very good. I only find 3 listed in my local phone book under probate. I assume we have more in the area-just not listed in the obvious places.

Thank you for the continued help. Have a great 4th yourself.

online attorneys

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Great to hear from you...too bad your county isn't online.

Do internet searches for probate attorneys in your county.

If your county is smaller, choose the next biggest county close to you and look online for their county clerk's website and probate attorneys.

If you're still having problems finding sources, look for divorce attorneys and see if they can refer probate attorneys.

Just a FYI...

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Not all counties handle probate through the county court clerk's office. In my county probate is handled through the surrogate court and, unfortunately, they don't have online records.

My Answer


Did you took the "Probate Finder course"?? Let every one know who you are and what you are looking to do and how .Meet with the seller. He will get the offer for you.DEANS Books about probate properties explains it. An Investor who is willing to do some work on researching those kinds of deals would find it profitable deal ,will give you a probate properties list.and check your states requierments... make money with the deal As far as the Probate Finder ---I totally realize this is just a temporary way to get started immediately on properties as you get your marketing and website up to speed etc...and really get out there

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