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Learning never ends...


read 30 days and went to San Juan Puerto Rico Training...


Welcome to the DG family. We wish you LOTS of success



Hey Veronica, what made you go to P.R.? or do you invest in P.R.? I'm from that country, but lived in N.Y. all my life, have visited 2 only. Have you done your first deal yet? As for me I have not done a deal yet, since i am still studying dean's books, but i sincerely hope to do my first deal soon. I need a change, of career.
well, take care...

One break at the time

Hi Veronica,

I am julio, and i am in the DG family for a little wale now. I have not make a deal jet. I live in Cabo Rojo and want to be a RE Investor, but i want to start as a wholesaler. Let mi know how are you doing.

J. Cruz

Just Joined the club

Hi, I am putting together a strong team in the L.A. area We flip Houses and have a few going right now , so we are looking for partners ( investors 0 and also properties. Please help me because I am new to the site.

P.S. If there is anything that I can do for you please just ask.

Thanks so much!

Lou Caparco


It would be of great pleasure earning and building up a mutual investment with you as we will be interested and willing to fund and invest in any profitable project only if you have any viable project prior to funding.

We are an angel investment company based in London, United Kingdom and we offer funding in a form of direct loan at a low interest rate at 5% per annual as we are also working on financial projects internationally and privately seeking means of expanding our portfolio globally.

We are also open to Joint Venture at 30% Return On Investment (R.O.I) for a period of 5 years with an option for re-investment once both parties involved are satisfied with the profit accrued from the project.

Feel free to send your business plan, executive summary and financial projection for review prior to funding. We are willing to sign a Non Disclosure agreement with you upon request for your protection or in whatever medium you find much more appropriate for this engagement.

Note: you might as well get same messages from scammers who impersonates but before you proceed, please kindly go through websites or any means of a secured deal if not, Kindly report to your local police for your safety.

Respectfully yours,
Mr Barlow Chapman

7 Hollywood, Stamford Road, Altrincham, WA14 2LL. United Kingdom.
Mobile No: +44 (0) 0203 289 6659
Company Registration Number: 09486210

Please get back to us if interested for further easy procedure.

Finder FEEs

Hello my name is Steven and I am currently a college student. Here is my issue. Recently I have known that several houses and one former business has gone on the market. It seems like a whole lot of oppertunity to make some money but I my self am flat broke. What I was wonder is if there was a buyers who would be interested and I could make a Finders FEE from it? I not looking to twist someones arm on an agreement I just ask for something that is fair to all parties.