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What's the best way to break into the probate market?

It seems like especially now in this depressed economy people need the cash from a home a loved one left behind. Attorneys offices seem most logical to me. It seems like a touchy subject that would have to be handled just right.

Where do I find Deans probate finder??

Me too

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I would like to know where it is found also. I am a member of the success academy also.


Dean has a step-by-step probate finder system available...ask the academy about it. you'll be amazed at the questions the academy can answer.

There's a good answer for every question. Just figure out the best source to ask.

p.s. post the answer you get, Kathy 'cause you and ERomero are not the only ones that would like to know I bet.

Best to you both for questioning!!

Probate success

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Great Investment opportunity is right. The user who started this thread is correct.
Though I've never done a probate deal, it has great potential as an untapped goldmine.

We had some awesome training on this in our Wealth Master's class by George Fuchs as a BONUS!(Brilliant presenter and an endless wealth of knowledge and all around great guy I'd like to meet someday. He also has a beautiful family Smiling ) What a proud father and a legacy he is leaving behind. THANK YOU GEORGE FUCHS!

Keys to unlock probate mystery:

If your county website has an online index search and an accompanying document viewer, you can view ALL probate case with accompanying documents that include:

- Deceased's name and address upon time of death
(RIP Sad )
- Executor/Executrix or Personal Representative
Person handling the estate will and assets and property for all stated individuals selected for division of ALL assets
Their name, address, and if you're lucky the phone number (MID-Level-JACKPOT!)
- Any real estate with the full address and appraised FMV and sometimes condition (may be more than 1 and could be mixed types
- Probate Attorney's name, company and contact information (HIGH-Level JACKPOT!)
Don't forget to nuture the relationship to see if he has relationships or contact info of other investors, or motivated sellers, or other cases where they may be looking to sell off attached real estate or personal property.
- Other relatives mentioned in the will along with their contact information.

2. Drive IMMEDIATELY to "willed" real estate property (ies) and contact Executrix by phone.
Be sensitive, consoling, BUT get straight to the point to let them get on with pressing matters at hand.
-Introduce yourself, tell them you are standing in front of the property listed with them as the current owner through public records and want to know more about the property;
- Are you interested in selling it?
- Is it vacant?
- Do they know the condition or have made a list of repairs or had any inspections done?
- Take a LIL bit of time to nuture the relationship BUT stay focused and be prepared to
MAKE AN OFFER ON THE SPOT! based on pre-researched comps and potential rehab costs mentioned by the executrix and your visual assessment.
(Now hold on a minute!!! NOT SO FAST!)

- You may spend some time having to negotiate the asking price
- CONTROL THE CONVERSATION, but let them talk and ask them if they have considered an asking price?
If it's not a price that you can work with but an OK price, play it cool and keep the conversation going to get them into maybe considering lowering the price base on the condition and the area. Let THEM talk.
- Hopefully they will state a lower price.
If it's still to high, but really close, change the focus on the property describing it to the owner as you walk around it again (if it's vacant).
They may decide to lower again. If it's the ONE you want, thank them for their time and consideration and all the information
- Ask them if they would consider taking a little more time out of their busy schedule and sign the purchase offer contract with the agreed asking price and assignment option and other conditions RIGHT NOW! You can email it to them or fax it from where you are at. (Add asking price, date, address of property, and all other missing information and send it off.)
- Tell them you will HOLD while they SIGN and DATE it and send back ASAP (email or fax)while you wait so you don't take anymore of their precious time.
- After you recieve the contract. THANK THEM.
- Tell them you have another appointment to go to, but you are available anytime to answer any future questions they have and ready to close when you contact them back in a few days at their convenience.

NO FEAR! Relationships ARE the ONLY Legacy you can give to the world when you go on to the next life.

Enjoy! Thank YOU Dean and GEA Crew

Great thoughts and info...

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Great thoughts and info... I'm going to work on this!!!
Many Thanks~~


Thank you, thank you. Fantastic Information!!!

Letter to Probate/Divorce Attorney

I recently bought the Automatic Probate Finder and was wondering if this group is still active. Looks like Feb. 2011 was the last post.

Anyway, I need help creating a business letter to probate & divorce lawyers introducing my company and services. I'm not very creative. I've tried to write a nice letter many times, but the results have always been pretty miserable. So, if anyone has a sample letter I could use, I would sure appreciate it.

Happy investing to all!

Type this phrase exactly

Type this phrase exactly into google: johnpaul moses probate letter

Look for the PDF file listed in the first ten results and save it to your computer.

johnpaul probate letter google search

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I noticed when I clicked on the 'first" .pdf file that it had a number in it's filename so I changed it to 2 in the address bar and found out that there is a second, follow-up letter to the first one.
Here are the links:

Initial Letter:

Follow-up Letter:

For those of you wondering, no, there is no 3rd letter to download.

Probate Letters

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Thank You so much for the help with writing such a powerful letter, and for sharing it with the DG Family.


I was muddling through the probate web in my city and was getting woefully overwhelmed. Your reply was a mouthful! Thank you so much for the great info. God bless!

I'm so overwhelmed.

After reading Dean's books and now read this, I'm really overwhelmed. But thank you for lots of information.

A first deal Tool


Did you took the "Probate Finder course"?? Let every one know who you are and what you are looking to do and how .Meet with the seller. He will get the offer for you.DEANS Books about probate properties explains it. An Investor who is willing to do some work on researching those kinds of deals would find it profitable deal ,will give you a probate properties list.and check your states requierments... make money with the deal As far as the Probate Finder ---I totally realize this is just a temporary way to get started immediately on properties as you get your marketing and website up to speed etc...and really get out there

First Deal Tool

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I just wanted to say thank you for the information that you have given the DG Group. I am trying to finally make a deal. Everything that I have tried has not netted me any positive results.

Reading the books, and listening to the tapes alone will not bring the deals to you, you have to take some actual steps; meet people, talk to realtors, view properties, and get familiar with strategic plans to grow your Real Estate Investor Portfolio.

Dean's Probate Finder

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If you look at the top of the page under "DG Products" you will find the Probate Finder.


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