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Salem, NH
running, camping, puzzles

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Real Estate Investor...........Truck Driver
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Mainly Just This One


Welcome Kate

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Hi Kate
Glad to see you as a member here on Dean's board. He has created a great place for all of us investors those with a love for real estate. I hope you find all the answers to your questions...if not post your questions on the board and you will get answers. Take a minute and fill out your profile. It will help others here oon the board know where you are located and you may possibly find a investing partner right here. All my best to you.

welcome Kate!!

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I agree with sissy!! Where r u from? ? This site has some awesome people who share alot of their ALREADY learned knowledge.....sissy included!!! And we wantvYOU to succeed..networking is key in the real estate journey.hope to hear you are gaining knowledge on here!!...........wishing u success


Thanks for the kind welcome. I am totally amazed at how helpful this site is. We are so on our way. We already have a realtor and she is going to send me a list of REO's she has. She was only the second realtor we talked to and she seemed excited. We have a couple of houses to look at now that are very underpriced. We just might make our first deal in a couple of weeks!!!!! WOW!

btw...I went bankrupt a year ago using some other guru.


broker protected

I almost forgot to ask...We went by a place for sale or lease that said it was "broker protected." Could anyone explain what that means?

Thank you