Just couldn't stand it any longer...I needed a group! Is there anyone else out there investing in the Pacific Northwest, Washington or Oregon? I would love to hear from you and how you are doing with your investing.


Hi everyone, a little about me. I am relatively new to investing. I live around the Longview, Wa area. I have spent my life in construction so am familiar with the ins and outs of properties. I own my own commercial size tractor and know how to use it!LOL! Some properties need it.LOL. My building capabilities exist of about what ever is needed such as, structural, cement, roofing (both residential & commercial), electrical (panels included), plumbing, tile, carpet, or any thing it takes to clear the land and build a home. I built my first home when I was 21. I also have two others that I have completely flipped and are VERY NICE rentals.

Looking for partners and/or buyers for wholesale deals

I am looking for other investors who would be willing to partner with my company in order to expand their portfolio or earn a decent return. Profit split or ROI negotiable. I have some great deals in my area(Idaho, Washington, Montana) just need some folks to pass them off to. You can connect with me via any of the methods below. I look forward to being able to do business with you.

Twitter: @lancejpalmer
Email: silverkeyid@****
Phone: 208-964-5753


Lance Palmer

I live in Eugene, OR & Issaquah, WA

Hi All,

Currently I am in Eugene more than Issaquah.

I just purchased the Rock Bottom Blueprint and I am really excited about getting started.

Kerrie L. Crompton

Investor-friendly real estate agent (WA: Puget Sound + Grays Harbor)

Hello Washington Investors,

I'm a newly licensed real estate agent since June and experienced real estate investor. I live in Bellevue and range over Snohomish, King, Pierce, Thurston, and Grays Harbor counties. My wife and I own six rental houses, a vacation rental at the coast, and we've just started buying mobile homes for flips. We've done landlording, lease options, and owner financing. I'm interested in hooking with investors to make deals happen. Ideas:

1. Bank REOs - I've been touring lots of bank REOs. I notice that the banks list the houses unrealistically at the after-repair value. We'll need to ignore the list prices. If you can show proof-of-funds, there are several houses I can recommend bidding on and I'd love to preview many more for you.

Seeking Investor in the Vancouver, Washington area.

My wife Arlene and I are finding many great deals in this area but need help with money to get the most out of these deals.

Many REO's and Foreclosures for us and a partner to share the profits.

Please contact me and perhaps we can help each other out.


Greg Richards

REI clubs in Tacoma

still getting yhe hang of all this techno stuff,think I posted this stuff in the wrong place 1st,I was doing a search for myself(I live south of you all)in Batlleground and found 2 meetings in your area,and remembered an earlier post from someone trying to find one up there,here is what I found www.reapsweb.com they meet the 4th thurs each month at Kane hall (U of W) costs $80-$120 p/yr contact person is Mark Schmale (425)458-4797 the other group is www.realestatesavers.com the contact person is Darcy Dullum darcydullum@realestatesavers.com phone- (253) 606-7615 they meet the 1st tues

Looking for investors in the Snohomish/King County area

I am from Snohomish county and am looking for investors that might be interested in some killer deals I've found, I don't have any credit or enough money to start investing myself so bird dogging seems to be the best route at this time, I've been having a hard time finding investors in my area, I'm going to keep looking/posting on Craigslist and in the newspapers but if any of you know of trustworthy investors in my area it'd be greatly appreciated if you could help me out

I love this website and learn more and more every time

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