Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #132 - Help the People of Joplin by Watching This

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
This week's Blog is going to teach you what is really important when choosing a cash flow property.

But even better, you'll actually raise money for the devastated town of Joplin Missouri.

Unlike so many of the email scams you may have seen, (where you're promised to be sent $1,000 by Bill Gates for clicking), this is real.

Everyone who watches this video will help raise money to help the good people affected by the tornado of May 22nd. So please, watch listen and pass it on. In less than 5 minutes, together we can raise thousands to help restore life to a hurting community. Thank you.

Great Cause!!!

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Let's knock the Ugly off of Joplin!!!

Glad to be part of this!!

Thanks Dean and Matt. You Rock!!


Still working in Florida to complete my first deal, but this native Missourian is immensely encouraged by the generosity of this community and the sharing of hope.


Way to go, You can't stop giving. I think its great.

great video for a great cause

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What a great idea for a great cause im happy to help in any way i can. Great video Dean and Matt.

This is a great cause Dean!

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This is a great cause Dean! Do you think that if there is an investor from Joplin, perhaps they could also be a candidate for the special visit with hands on training?

Wonderful and generous idea

I am so proud to be part of the DG family!
I have recently experienced the generosity of neighbors and strangers and it means so much to me. I have 2 properties hit by the tornados that hit Sanford NC. on April 16th. The outpouring of help from neighbors and strangers from near and far was incredible!!! I felt so blessed! Thank you for all you do and I hope that all who are able will also make a contribution.

Share the love

Great idea Dean. I am so grateful to be a part of this group.

Way to Go

Nothing better than helping those in need

Read on...

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This is not the word of man but instead that of our creator Jehovah God and it is for all of us that rest our faith in his son's blood " Jesus Christ"

Revelation 21:4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore, The former things have passed away.

And Psalm 72:16 There will come to be plenty of grain on earth; On the top of mountains there will be an overflow.
His fruit will be as in Lebanon, And those who are from the city will blossom like vegetation of the earth.

The point here is this, in time like this let's not forget that we (humans) can only do so much for ourselves and others, but there's a higher authority that can help us all change our lives for ever even in the worst of times just by remanding ourselves who are creator is. Material things are in need right now but a lot people needs more than that, read a bible chapter very often for someone you love and care about, it will change your life and that of your love one.

Wonderful Opportunity to make a change

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Thank You Dean for offering this opportunity to make a change in people's lives. This is a great gesture, and hopefully we can raise some money for the people of Joplin, MO ....Sometimes all you have left after devastating loss is hope in the human spirit.

Thanks Again...


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Just wanted to share something, Due to rei, I moved Julies daughter back to Tn 2 weeks before the Trinidad hit. And yes her home is gone, And Jason lost some good Friends. This was his hometown. But thanks to all of this they were not their. This is why I have so much gratitude and try to give back each and every day. Thanks Dean and couches and you to Matt.


May GOD be with them, and thanks Dean!

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Property can be gone in a split second and its the people who are most important. I understand that are children left orphaned by this tragedy and emotionally as well as physically they need our help! Thank you Dean and Matt for being a true help by taking action. If anyone can volunteer time, they need any help we can give. (Alabama too) FEMA isnt passing out those checks like they did previously by the way

Joplin, MO

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My friend at work lost her Grandmother. Her Aunt could save her son or her Grammy. She had to save her son. My friend's family lost 3 of 4 houses! She is in Joplin right now attending these funerals. Please help her and everyone in Joplin!



Joplin, MO relief effort

A convoy of trucks loaded with relief supplies and workers left from Oakdale, CA for Joplin this last Tuesday at 6am.

I live about 75 miles from Oakdale and contributed to that effort which was spear headed by the Nazarene Church in Oakdale.

I thank God for people who are able to care and respond to these disasters when they occur.

William Hardy


Fantastic method to use the blessings you received from working smart and with a great heart.


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Great idea, my prayers go out to them

Joplin resident says "Thank you so very much"

Dean and Friends,

I live in Joplin. When you drive down the streets which are not baricaded, all that comes to my mind and all I can says is OMG, total destruction. Picturesque neighborhoods, businesses, and schools, all gone. Friends I knew, are now in heaven. Landmarks, which you used to navigate by instead of street signs are only piles of twisted metal, shards of glass and splintered lumber. Children sounds are never heard anymore but occasionaly sobbing of the adults and precious volunteers who work amongist the rubble are heard accompanied by the droning of chansaws. There is a thickness in the air causing respitory distress from the mold accumulating within the leftovers of one of natures most powerful creations. As for my family and I, it took several days to locate them and they survived. For that, I am comforted. Others were not so fortunate. Joplin and Duquesne will return but never be normal again. For what is normal? Each thunderstorm will bring memories of May 22nd 2011. We will heal, and never forget.

Wow Guys!

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Thank you Dean & Matt for showing us you care and haven't forgotten about what makes this RE endeavor fulfilling. I can't wait to someday be able to make money and help others at the same time!


Thank God for people like Dean!

your blogs are great, Dean...!

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...I never thought I'd be talking about how great RE material is...! ...don't forget to donate that $1.00...! thanks for all that you do, Dean...

Very Nice!

You have a good heart Dean!


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Thanks Dean, you, your team, and DG family are awesome...Best wishes to the families in Joplin. God bless


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Im in!!

You have my support!!!

Thank you

great way to help those in need

Great Cause Dean: Thanks

Great Cause Dean: Thanks

Joplin, MO

It is a good thing you do, Dean.


Good work!

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