Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #172 - 22 Years of wisdom in 10 Minutes?

This week Dean talks you through the step-by-step strategy for finding killer deals below rock bottom prices. This just might be the best 10 minutes you've spent in a long time. Grab something to take note and get ready to profit!

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the 25 to 1

Thanks again Dean for this. Yes, I have read it in your books. I have even re-read it more than a couple of times. In fact I have been reading and reading and absorbing. I am a pretty sharp cookie, but, I have to say, theat by hearing you explain this seems to be the best way for the information to really sink in. In other words I learn best not by reading (which I actually love to do) but rather by listening and still again by writing notes. After all is said and done: I am really getting the picture. I shall be a success story. Thanks Dean because I thoroughly trust your intentions and your advice. I really can use a change in my life after being disabled and having those hopeless and helpless feelings that so often accompany that. Good luck to myself and all of the rest of you whom are trying to find "A New Way of Life". Donnie


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A great reminder of the 25:1 system.Thanks for all you do,Dean for all your students.The WEEKLY WISDOM keeps me up to date along with all your other education(books,Success Academy,D.G.Com) and of course all the wonderful,helpfull people on this site.GOD Bless you Dean and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Just what I was looking for

Thanks Dean,
this video was just what I was looking for,I found a realtor at my local rei meeting and he sent me listing with the criteria but I simply forgot the next steps. I came on DG to post what to do next and lo and behold you told me. Thanks again for your timely video.


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But yet if you don't take action with your recipe .... It will never happen
Thanks for another learning wisdom filled Video dean !! .65 off the asking price ..... Simple, effective, Get it done !! NICE!!!

GREAT wisdom !!

As always your videos are encourageing and exciting. We are in eastern PA and this really works great here.
Thanks DG Smiling

Real Inspiration Dean ! Keep

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Real Inspiration Dean ! Keep them coming! ~Bob


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THIS IS GREAT Dean, because I'm getting ready to go back to SFR, while I'm doing the MFPs and I'm going to do as Carol Sinson is, which I had come to on my own, since other avenues were less then robust: I'm going to go to a minimum of 50 mailers a week to the Expired MLS (starting at $399k last listed number; where I discovered the equity is at and down to $245k range); then Probates and Bankruptcies: At least 50/week in EACH CATEGORY! And so that is 2x that 25-1 and so we'll see how the mailers do! I'll go as much as it takes but it's good to know the 25-1 because I was sending out 10-15 when money was tight before and getting terrible response! Thank You!

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

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Dean, I have read all of your books including your newest "30 days". I am an academy, insiders edge and boots on the ground student. Thanks for a great message this week. I always tend to over complicate the process. Back to basics, back to 25 to 1. Thanks again

Weekly Wisdom -- 25 to 1 Offer

THANKS, DEAN !!! That's great information as usual! I have your book "30 Days to Real Estate Cash". The information (and all the reference/resources) and step by step instructions is "ABSOLUTELY AWESOME" ! I encourage everyone that wants to "get going fast in real estate" & doesn't have this book yet to get it ASAP !!! It is definitely one of the best investments I have ever made!

Thanks so much, Dean !!!

Very Cool

I blows me over how Dean can share so much in such a short amount of time. I love this strategy. It works. Even though I already use it I took lots of notes to refine my offers. Thanks Dean!


Thats what I did, I called and spoke to them 5-6 minutes and I have 2 great agent I am working with and i was so excited. I found 2 deals but i could not do anything because i could not find the fund.I found the hard money lender in my area and found 10 deal and i will see it over the weekend and do some action. Thanks for all your support and info

great content

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Love the info

GREAT video Dean

Love the blueprint, love the education, I am ready to try this strategy. I will talk to you next week with results of this.


Northwwest Susan
In Oregon

persistance pays

You are not wasting your time Dean because I desperately need your support and encouragement! I want to make a lot of freaking money using your training. You are great Dean!

weekly blog

Very good. I understood this better than I ever have.

25 to 1

Great info Dean,Your excitement and confidence that we can do it is THE MOTIVATION I need. thanks so much,June K

Love this strategy

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Dean, great post. For your next post can you explain what to do once the offer is excepted? I have read all your books and understand it myself but I know from looking back when I was a newbie this was where I got nervous or scared not knowing what to do after the offer was accepted. I know this would be great for a lot of the new people on board. Thanks again for your wisdom!

Blog #177

Hi Dean,

Exciting Blog and I'm in, but you left me at the alter!!! What happens when my offer(s) accepted?? Where do I get the $ to act when I don't have any of my own. This factor has been what's stopping me right along. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hard Rock on Saturday. Thanks Dean.

More Outstanding Info

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This is anouther outstanding info thanks for the 25 to 1 ratio.

It Works if you work it!

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Hi Everyone!
As always, thank you for being you Dean, and for your passion! I definitely listen each week, and cruise the site as much as possible, but I don't always post comments (I often listen on my phone while driving). In fact last week I wrote a long post and hit something wrong while previewing and lost it!
Anyway, here goes:
• Everything, every different way, every tried and true method Dean, Matt the other successful students tell us works, BUT we have to do the work.
• The way to find a compatible, hard working Agent works, BUT you may have to call 30, trial 10, work with 3 for a while to find the Rock Star Agent-- keep moving until you find your perfect agent AND be willing to help them help you. For me that meant me finding someone on my end to SPEED WRITE offers (on fillable pdfs) and send them to the agent to send them out-- we work together to get to my quota of having 80 offers out at all times. When my agent is too tied up to filter listings for me to calc, I will gather and filter to keep up. Work! No excuses! No bon-bon time! I recall Matt saying he would think of going out with friends, or watching TV and he stopped himself by thinking of the consequence of NOT spending that time working on his Real Estate. We each have our reasons for pursuing RE, and our own consequences for not making it to financial freedom.
• The 25:1 strategy does work, BUT you have to do it. I'm sure I am not the first to say this, but I now live by and tell the DG-ers that come to me for help, "Nothing happens until you place an offer." When we are starting out, we want all the questions answered, we want to know all the gory details about the paperwork, the closings, who does what when..... excuse my slang, but it ain't gonna happen. No matter how much we study, how many questions we post and ask, how many of Dean's books we read over and over (mine has at least a hundred posties on the pages!) we will never KNOW all the answers until we jump in feet first, flail, laugh at ourselves, smack our foreheads and find out this ain't rocket science-- it's just Real Estate and because of Dean we know more than most of the people we will ever encounter. Dean tells us because he knows: Knowledge + Action = Results. And Dean's words regarding our studies is: Think Less / DO MORE. Place an offer. Just do it! The 25:1 is TRIED and TRUE. Matt teaches us that less 25:1 means the offers are too high, better than 25:1 means the offers are too low, however if your offers are reigned in a bit to more specific criteria for instance (less of a shotgun approach maybe) your ratio may end up closer and that's a good thing as long as you're not paying too much. My ratio was 15:1 and I was closing deals at 20-49 cents on the ARV dollar. So far in March my ratio is 18:1 because I'm offering more aggressively working toward the end of the quarter-- my forte is REO's and banks will have quotas to hit for Q1, I'm banking on it! pun intended Eye-wink
• Setting up your team works just like we are taught, BUT we have to WORK to get it.... and go to RE Clubs! This is a MUST. Just like with getting an agent, go to different meetings until you find one with a perfect mix of investors-- other newbies are fine, but we need the successful investors as well, not only are they buyers for your list but most are willing to help. Listen and ASK QUESTIONS out loud at the meetings. Really. Now is not the time to be shy and being shy won't help us reach our goals, buck up the courage you got from finding out that most of people you talked to calling RE Offices were way dumber Smiling than you and work the room.
• Bandit signs do work... put out 25, then 25 more, then do it again. In Vegas there aren't too many signs out there right now, but there were when people thought the market was "hot" 3, 4 and 5 years ago [but we DG-ers know the market is HOT now :)]. Anyhow, I placed the "we buy houses any condition" handwritten yellow and black signs near McD's & Wally World's 5 times, and I switched up to the "4X2 Desperate to Sell" signs trying to get buyers 2 times and got only 3 or 4 calls, maybe 5 or 6 each time and not the right callers-- BUT I talked to them and milked the conversations to get anything I could log-- mostly just possible tenants, but that's okay I WILL call them when one of my rehabs are ready to rent. THEN, listen up please, THEN I put out the "4X2 Desperate to sell" signs literally across town, not where I am doing most of my offerings at and 72 calls! OMG! And guess what? Back to Dean's MULTIPLYING--- Now I need to do the longer voice mail thing because I can't keep up.... I will get all the calls returned, but we all know by time passing from the time they called lost me some prospects. AND, now get this--- one of the calls closed a deal with me on a wholesale flip on a $30,000 house and I made $2,900. Closed, recorded and keys turned over in 3 days! The signs work, BUT we have to be persistent and diligent. (and yes, bandit sign are illegal here).
Okay, that's probably enough for today. I LOVE you all and THANK YOU ALL for all the help on DG and THANK YOU to ALL OF Dean's staff, and THANK YOU to all of Dean's successful students, Matt, Andrea & Chip, Terry, Carol, Rina, and so many more, and THANK YOU to PMI-- Ryan I love you!, Shaw, Shaun, Roy, and so many more. Thank you Dean for sharing your inner self, your personal triumphs and low points, your holidays, your family...
- Tina

Great blog

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Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You're sincere as always!


Now that's the way I like it to be taught...simple and straight to the point. Sparked my interest again and I'm gonna get out there and do it. Thanks Dean you ROCK!

What to do once an offer is accepted, A,B,C

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Dean teaches us to work with other peoples' money (OPM) and it works, BUT the other very important thing DG teaches us is to "spend 85% of your time at first building your buyer's list".

As I was studying, and after I did the prelude of finding out WHY I wanted to do this, here is what I did:
A) I wrote down EVERYONE I know, and ANYONE I knew they knew. I included EVERYONE I've worked with and put them on my prospective buyer's list-- I kept this in my notebook and added to it regularly. Then I called FOR RENT signs to speak to landlords-- they are investors and I qualified them (cash available and looking for deals) and added them to my list, and then I did the same thing with RE Club members. You will get QUALIFIED BUYERS this way, and when you do, you will have a CRITERIA to search for listings and place offers with a "Qualified Buyer" in mind. I was a bit guarded on the people I knew at first, just until I felt more comfortable and confident, then I called people I knew. At that point they can't say anything to "poo-poo" what I am doing.
B) Place offers on deals per your Buyers' criteria, negotiate the counter offers, and ask that your offers be held as back-up if a deal is / becomes contingent-- many of my deals have come back to me after an escrow has fallen through, so I never cancel offers, until I no longer want the deal.
C) When an offer gets accepted, do your Due Diligence; call an inspector if you like, get contractors in and get bids, further negotiate the deal if need be-- you are AT the dance and in the perfect place to get the best possible deal with the seller. And, call your buyers-- see who has cash to close before close of escrow. Post the date of the end of your due diligence period in your phone, on your calendar, on your fridge and close YOUR deal with a buyer before that period runs out; if you don't have a qualified buyer exercise your right and pull out of the deal... no worries this is unlikely because you spent 85% of your time building that buyer list to fund the for you! No money of your own (except the earnest money which you can borrow if nec. and you will get back if you opt out of the deal during DD or when you sell it to your buyer)-- you will make money when you do the deal with your buyer.

These are the ABC's I used, and there are many variations of this. Hope this answered your question! It's all in the books and tapes and there is tons information on this site!

Good Luck,


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I finally took time to watch -

As usual, you summed it up and to the point!

Plain and Simple

Thanks for all you do,


Investor friendly Realtor checking in from Santa Cruz, CA

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Hi all,

Great blog with some very good and useable tips. I'd say in my area the low-ball threshold is higher then Dean is suggesting. Come in too low and the seller usually just lowers their price and next thing you know you have a bidding war to contend with.

I'm an investor friendly realtor based out of Santa Cruz, CA. If you want to flip in this area I'd love to help out. I've done 8 or so remodels myself in the last 10 years and I've had quite a bit of advanced training on real estate investing from a variety of sources. I can not only screen and scout but use my experience to give you an idea of the net profits involved for properties I visit... and send you a video walk through too with my perspective rather than the seller's.

It doesn't matter to me if you are doing your first or 101st deal.

In addition to flips I've had great success finding great passive income multi-family properties all around silicon valley. The very best ones will show a double digit net income based on rents alone... and I have system I created for finding these properties and getting them in the hands of my clients.

My contact info is below, send me an email if you want to talk.

Bryan Myers (check out the bay area top 10 passive income multi-family properties)


Thanks again for the great info.

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean i really am taking notes ande trying to gather all that i can so i can be a testimonial

Bandit Signs

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Mount them real high? Put em up just on weekends? Our towns just don't want them and say there illegal by statute. Any other ideas??? Love the videos Dean....

You are straight to the point!!!

Dean I buy all your books because you are always straight to the point. Thanks an please keep it up. GOD BLESS!!


Dean, I LOVE your 25:1 Recipe to get Deals!
I'm watching this video a couple of times.
Thank You! Sarah Gruberg

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