Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #172 - 22 Years of wisdom in 10 Minutes?

This week Dean talks you through the step-by-step strategy for finding killer deals below rock bottom prices. This just might be the best 10 minutes you've spent in a long time. Grab something to take note and get ready to profit!

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Thank you so much for your refresher course!!

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Dear Dean
Thank you so much for your refresher course!! Ever since I broke my leg I didn't think there was much I could do, stuck to a chair. However I have my laptop and and I can Google,I can look for real estate agents and I can make offers, But I still need to learn more about tieing up a property in a contract. I thought I was going to have to wait till my leg got better. But these steps you shared with us today are things I can do at home.

I have had no luck finding REI clubs in my area The only ones I have found are so far away my older car can not be trusted to go that distance. I am still trying to find some REI clubs in my area. I just don't know how to find them except to Google or ask real estate agents but they didn't want me as I have no money. I forgot about telling them I will be paying cash. What do you say when they ask you how much cash do you want to spend? That is who I was tripped up last time I tried to get a property for my chruch.

I will practice talking to them with words you gave us today, like if I told you, you would not believe me and paying cash. People out here (who I find out are investors) I have talked to tell me there are no investor clubs (as the investor I talk to are discouraged)in the San Fernando Valley or Valencia because their are no investors is buying market right now. From what you have taught us in the three books I have bought I know that is not true. We just need to think outside the box.

If we don't have a REI club out here lets create one but how? Finding ways to encourage the investors to get back into the market. We just need to find the investors in this market. Google REI did not help me. Did I do something wrong? I put in REI, REI clubs and Real Estate Investors. But only got hits out side the distance my car can go.

There has to be some investor clubs in the San Fernando Valley area they just have to be hiding somewhere. Or maybe I can start one out here but how? Maybe you can include starting an investor club in your call or maybe touch on it in one of your weekly wisdom's. I don't have but a small apartment however I know some people with nice size homes who we could maybe get to allow us to use their living room for our first meetings.

What would be the next step. Maybe take some of your books on CD that I have and play those at first meetings until I can find speakers? How do I go about this? Maybe go to the housing department and have them talk about California Laws go to the Apartment Association and have them talk one day. What about a Council Member? Am I on the right track?

If anyone out there knows how to start an investor club please let me know and if you live in the San Fernando Valley or Valencia maybe we could work together to start a REI club out here. Who do we get for our speakers? Is anyone interested straying a forum on starting an REI club in the San Fernando Valley? I might have two friends that would be interested. I am going to try to find people would would like to come and then get the guest speakers to come.

Thanks for all you do for us Dean. You have a way to encourage us when we are ready to give up as we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last week spoke on self lies, we are so good at lying to ourselves we don't even realize we are lying. I have been praying for God to show me where I have been lying to myself or playing games with myself, with lies we believe to be truth. I am still working on that but today's Weekly wisdom opened my eyes to one lie. Grounded to a chair there is nothing I can do. I can do what you spoke about today.
Thanks again for all you do for us.

Disposable Agents

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I had to go through several agents before I found one that was willing to keep making offers. I had a few that were like sure I will work with you and once the offers started to get denied they wanted me to go look at the properties first before I offer.

This system is awesome but must be implemented EXACTLY as Dean stated or it will not work.

keep trying on agents until you find one that fits.. Smiling


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Dean, you're just great! Amazing strategies and information. Thanks for all that you do.

Must Watch...

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Hey Dean,

This video should be on the "Must Watch" list for every beginner. Obviously, your books and other material go into much more detail, but this is an absolutely awesome overview of the 25:1 process.

Thanks for a great video,



Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks Dean.

25 To 1

Thanks for the refresher course. I'm finally taking some action and it never hurts to go back over the basics. You are awesome Dean and this site is an invaluable resource to us all. Thanks so much for all you do.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT............................


Thank you for putting this out there. Sometimes a person can get so wrapped up--- especially a newbie, that you can be stumbling over some of the best points and not even realize it.



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Hi Desn, Hope all is well

This is the best strategy. Thank you & Matt... Im in Miami and I do a little over 100 offers a week to land 1 - 2 deals

Wisdom: 25:1

Thank You so much for the 25:1 wisdom. You explained this with so much passion, I can't wait to start this wonderful formula!
Sarah Gruberg


Hi everyone:
I live in Los Angeles, and have done real estate deals in the past. I used to buy properties, do major rehabs, and resell them. This type of market doesn't justify that type of deal right now. Instead, I would like to do the recommended buy, fix, and flip. There are some properties here that would warrant this type of deal My next question is how do you find investors for these type of deals. They would be short term deals where the investor could have a great return on his short term investment.
Thanks for any input.

Hi Dean.

Hi Dean,
I always get so much inspiration from your videos.
I have been watching you for almost 3 years now and this is my 3rd week doing real estate full time.
Thank you for encouraging everyone who is looking.

Numbers Game

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Thanks Dean,
Great strategy, were closeing on our first deal tomarrow
Tuesday. If it wasn't for you I never would have started
In real estate. I saw you on tv in 2008, 4 years ago and never
Quit. I'll let ya know. You gave me inspiration to keep going.

Thank you Dean

Thank you for consistently training and helping all of us to succeed. You really are a Godsend for a lot of us... Hope to see you in person.


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Thanks Dean. just starting out and it is so great to have these tips to keep me motivated. Love the reiteration of things already learned and the knowledge of new things. Thanks for starting my week out so upbeat.

Love it Dean

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Thanks for the Vid, I love this so much. Thanks for taking the time out and talk with us.


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Guess i just ****ed a few people off !
told the realtor to offer 50% !
Guess I'll wait a few days to see if I get counters.
Thanks so much for taking the time for us.
Have a beautiful day.

25 to 1 Strategy

Dean what more can I say the 25 to 1 is a great strategy to get started in real estate right away and get the deals coming.


Dean Great Blog: Excellent way to start the week. Thanks for all the education in which you share with all of us. I will take action,continue with calling agents. Thanks carol in texas


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Another great blog,I sometimes get bored with people talking to much,but I could listen to you for hours and still would be excited.You are so clear and precise.

Great Blog

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As you mentioned a good realtor is key.


Dean Awesome

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I starting back on it again and it is nice to have a refresh here. Awesome deal the motivation is where it is at. :0)

Eric V

I am there

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Thanks for this info today Dean. I don't know if I have the two weeks to wait for the other info..

Great Stuff Dean!

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Another great post, this stuff works! I have used it myself!

Thanks for stopping by the Cashflow Investment Club, we have some great Synergy going there and having you stop by will only make it better!

25 to 1


Thanks for reminding me. My only problem is that they always want POF letters with the offers and a good faith check. How do I get around that????

finding realtors

I found a great realtor by going to a few open houses and discussing my goals with the realtor at the house.

Rude awakening

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Hi Dean, I always watch your videos but I am not one to comment. However, this one I must say was awsome. I have joined the success accademy a while ago and did one deal. Then I got away from what I was taught, and I am just beating my self down with putting offers out there that are not vacant, or as is, or reduced. Thanks for the reminder and I will make sure to be in touch with the awsome team you have. I know my next deal will happen.

25 to 1

Still working on a good agent, I will do this tomorrow. This help me alot because I was working with friends who were agents and a cousin. Wrong thing to do! Thank you so much Dean. And thank you for making me laugh:) I needed that today. Good lesson today. Finally found some people from your last seminar to work with.

25 to 1

Thanks Dean, Great Blog! Just in time to keep me going. I was getting discouraged. But all I need is another Blog and I'm off again.I'm almost there. Thanks again.

I'm stoked!

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Firstly, I am really excited about going to the real estate meeting in Fairfield this Wednesday, and second, I liked the answers "you wouldn't believe it" and " cash" very clever Dean. Time to take action

Thanks for the review

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I remember the 25:1 and was really happy to see you review it for us. I have been putting out my "Ghost Ads" and Bandit signs. My Biggest problem was when I was getting calls from agents and I was getting tongue tied, I Couldn't say anything, I was Scared to death!!! Now I have a bit more nerve and will be hitting it hard. Thanks again.

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