Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #172 - 22 Years of wisdom in 10 Minutes?

This week Dean talks you through the step-by-step strategy for finding killer deals below rock bottom prices. This just might be the best 10 minutes you've spent in a long time. Grab something to take note and get ready to profit!

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very good video!

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Clean, clear and to the point! Doesn't get much easier than that! You absolutely DO GIVE AWAY more than all others combined sell!

If you aren't making offers, you aren't closing deals!

Thank you Dean!

See ya next month at the Edge!

God bless,

Thank you Dean

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Thanks Dean for taking the time to do another weekly video for us. I hope all my fellow students took notes on this topic because it is a good one.

Thanks for coming up with this Dean and Matt.

Steve and Veronica.


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What great content, you really help people. Not many people care about others when they get there so to speak and you do! You really are a Godsend for a lot of people.. Thank you Dean!

Thank you,


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Like Jen said, It doesnt get much clearer then that.Thanks for sharing, so know one has any excuses anymore, it is right there in front of us, exactly what to do !!!

Thanks Dean

Curtis Fillers

Best Weekly Wisdom yet!!


Thank you for this Weekly Wisdom blog! It was awesome!!!! I think of all the things investor's do, getting started and finding the right Realtor is the most difficult part but today you've laid it out step-by-step and made it clear as to how to make that happen. Excellent job!

Also, you mentioned you might not even put your new book in the bookstores. I hope you will consider offering all your books in digital format (PDFs, ebooks, etc.) I already have all your books in hardcover but I'd much rather have them in digital format because that makes it much easier for me when I need to go back and reference something you wrote. It's also easier on me to have it on my iPhone instead of having to carry a book around. I'd think it would be less expensive for you to produce, too. I really hope you will consider doing this.

Thanks again for all you do for us!


Thanks for another very informative blog. So many ways to make it happen.



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Another great video. You Rock Dean!!!


Thanks for the reminder how....

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I'm still trying to get an agent on my side and buyers willing to do a REO here. My buyers here are just so POed at the banks and don't want to help them at all.

Thankfully new buyers are coming in all the time Laughing out loud

Till next week.... I'll be making calls Smiling

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Awesome video again Dean!

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Awesome video again Dean! Its starting to make sense here.

Dean, that 25 to 1 works

Dean, that 25 to 1 works thank you very much


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Another great blog this week. Cool that you mentioned our home town Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks again! Tom and Jeri

That's one beautiful courtyard...and

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Your generosity of spirit is always appreciated. Thank you for the review of 25 to 1. I love your passion for us to succeed.

25 to 1

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Dean, you made it so easy to understand the 25:1 system. Thank you for consistently training and helping all of us to succeed.


Thank You Dean

I am forever grateful for your presence in my life. I love the training session and it is timely. You make it sound so simple. If I can not make this happen then there must be something seriously wrong with me. Buyers>Agent>25-1>mindset>make offers.65 on paper and or assigns. Offer gets accepted. ? who selects the title/escrow company. I am assuming it is whoever the agent uses. I have all of your books and tons of training material here so will look for answers there as needed. I also use PMI. Have a great week.

Good Schtuff!!

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As usual, this is good stuff! Great reinforcement video Smiling Thanks, Dean.

The 25:1 System works great!

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If you move into bandit signs and working with unlisted, motivated sellers, ask the right questions and you can knock the ratio down to about 15:1!


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Dean you never stop amazing me with all the knowledge you share with us,to motivate us to become successful in real estate.If we fail it is on our shouldres great job.

Matt B
Tulsa Ok


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Great advice, thanks for the training and encouragement.

Great Run Down On 25:1 Strategy

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It is always valuable to run down over the method and logic of a system that works! We all need to hear these reminders again. I am practicing exactly what Dean is teaching and the system is moving forward. Thank you for the reminder and review.

Great Blog

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With that clear explanation of Matt's 25 to 1 system, I can't go wrong. Thanks Dean.


Thanks Dean!!! Great blog like always!

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TomAndJeri wrote:
Another great blog this week. Cool that you mentioned our home town Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks again! Tom and Jeri

Thanks for sharing this strategy with every one. I used this strategy to build my business going from door to door and it WORKS!! Go for it! You can do it! Once you get the properties under contract, feel free to come back to dg website or call in if you need help with the next step. Just title your post as " 25:1. got x properties, Now what?"

We are here for you!!

By the way, Tulsa is an awesome investment town. Due to some upcoming (unfortunate) corporate changes, the investment market is about to get even better. Call Tomas if you want deeply discounted properties!!! He is the best in town since he knows whats coming down the pipeline before anyone else! He is a real estate broker who does BPO's for the 4 REO companies. (BPO=Broker Price Opinion)

I think i am going to call up my ole buddy Warren Buffet and start wholeselling some properties! Anyone want to wholesell to me so i can send them off to him, let me know! Jk.


The most important First Step

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Great Blog I think it goes well with last weeks blogs. It helps to hear it again as that's the way it sticks in your mind.
Keep up the great blogs and look forward to the conference call.

Great news want more info!

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I am excited about this blog. I would like to know what to do next whenever it comes to wholesales and assignment contracts involving the realtor. If anyone know or have a resource that I could go to to gain this info would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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I will be doing this again..I must admit I was doing it wrong...ugh! see everyone makes mistakes...just realize it, fix it, and move on.


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What about DOM over 120? did you forget that, or is it not that crucial anymore?

One of the best videos ever!

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... and Dean has a sense of humor... why can't I pay in "Gold Bullion"?? I have a garage full of Gold Bullion! That was great, thanks for the laugh! ( :

And a great refresher crash course to put me back on my horse... was getting a bit discouraged, but this got me juiced up again. Thanks Dean!

This was a great

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recap of some basic information that really helps to get a deeper level of understanding. Thank you for sharing this as a weekly wisdom on a Monday.

Love this blog Dean

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Dean Is it possible to make an eBook and audio out of your book "30 days to Real estate Cash?

and for next week can you go over the closing process?

Different States

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Wonder what the ratio would be in my State? But I guess the best way to find out is to start with the 25-1 ratio and then work from there.
Dean, you make it sound all so simple. Love how you continuously find the way to energize yourself and your students.
Great way to start the week!

love it....

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Knocked this one out of the ball park again dean!

Next on my list is to find my private lender!....



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