Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #172 - 22 Years of wisdom in 10 Minutes?

This week Dean talks you through the step-by-step strategy for finding killer deals below rock bottom prices. This just might be the best 10 minutes you've spent in a long time. Grab something to take note and get ready to profit!

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Making an offer or Getting under contact

It would be a good idea if we have video of how fill out contract and making an offer or getting property under contract.

Easy does it

Thanks again Dean. Its easy to get held up by the numbers,especially when you RE Agent seems hesitant to do this. I think I am going to find myself a new RE Agent.

Just a quick note

I don't think you should put the "30 days to real estate cash" book in the stores. I think you should just keep it available to the people who invest time and educate themselves here on site. As you pointed out the 25:1 is thru out your other books and training materials. Just my take on it. Have a great day!

i believe in the 25 to 1!!!!

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i believe in the 25 to 1!!!! Smiling

thank you Dean

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this lesson is amazing!! everything we need to know on how to make money in re, condensed in a ten minute blog-WOW!
...and your book '30 days to real estate cash' - those of us who have read it know what a gem it is! it is a straighforward recipe to success - and just as easy as following a recipe for spaghetti Eye-wink
thank you for making re investing so easy and fun for us to learn!

Learning and progressing every day,

Not quite

I tried speaking to the receptionist on offices I called using the "script" and only succeeded in getting the cold shoulder and irritation. They "didn't know" who would fit with me and "all (their)agents were good". Finally found 2 on my own but their enthusiasm dwindled since Oct when I couldn't find something that worked numbers wise. Both refuse to make offers without an e.m. deposit, which will be directly cashed I was told. One said their office won't accept multiple offers out at the same time and wants certified bank funds after being burned by people in the past. As for the new book out, couldn't get past the first step-which all the rest rely on. Both agents denied being able to find out cash purchases thru MLS. One said the system didn't have that option-even after speaking with tech support-and the other agent said it was too time consuming and she can't ask the office personnel to take the time away from their work to sift it like that. Just saying 25:1 may sound easy but still have sizable roadblocks. Even PMI coach said it "may not work in (my) area". He suggested I search without relying on an agent.

Making that first call.

Man Dean, this was an amazing blog. I have read and listen to hundreds of your blogs, read 3 of your booksover and over again. But this blog, turned the light on in my head! I was given a lead to a agent months ago but, as of yet have not called the agent, for fear of rejection. After seeing this blog my mind is set to step out and try it. I'll let you know how it turned out next week. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to make this blog.

I love it

Dean, your home is beautiful. Love the flowers and the greenery. Great information. I use all the concepts you talked about and things are going well.
Since I joined your website and bought all your books, I now own 3 SFR that I rent for cash flow and future investment. 2 were REO's found on the MLS and my last one is actually an estate property. I found out about that one from a tip from my contractor. I offered the family cash money, quick close and they accepted. Even before we closed I had a tenant signed up and who is very interested in doing a lease option.
Thanks for everything!
Minnesota Bill

Good Stuff

This is great!


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I have a copy of the 30 days book and it is an awesome book. I finally feel that I can move forward and know what to do. How can I not with it spelled out the way it is. Thanks for this weeks blog, it really clarifies the 25-1 strategy. I'm really getting excited knowing that I'm going to finally be able to do this. Thanks Dean you are the real deal.


Dean, I keep watching this video and I love it!
Thank You Sarah G

Don't forget...

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Besides the vacant, as-is and price reduction listings, you could also check the "back on market" listings. These are houses that have fallen out of contract for various reasons and the longer they were under contract, say 30-45 days or so, the more motivated the seller could be.
Just my 2 cents.


Looking for 25 to1

the beginner dean still looking and asking real state agent the list of all the homes in my state and price

Another great video

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Great video. Keep them coming.

Not the Library

Dean, I did exactly what you said to do, the book is in the library!! Sorry, but it is not the place to keep such wealth. I am guilty and going to remove it. Enjoy & Until

thanks Dean

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thanks Dean

Better Understanding

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Thanks, Dean. I am now understanding better what you wanted us to do. I love your courtyard!

You are awsome

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Thanks Dean for your commited unselfish guidance you offer us who are struggling for whatever reason. Mine is like alot other students and that lies within the confidence factor and Dean Thanks again for the confidance boosters you offer us. I'm getting ready to do my first deal and I know I should have it done before your EDGE event this year and look forward to attending the event and increasing my confidence even more.


Tim K.

Thanks Dean

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Great tips, my first closing is Wednesday for $20,000. Thanks for the guidance. We're looking to do 28 deals this year. God bless you my man.

Plain and simple right to

Plain and simple right to the point. This is so great Thanks for sharing.

25 to 1

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Hi, Dean. Thank you for this information, however, I have a question for now. My question is that 'If I offered .65% of the asking price', how is it that I'd might get 5 accepted and look at this as something that tells me I've bid too high and now I'm telling my agent to offer a 2nd bid at .06%. because I'm telling myself I've bid too high.

I don't want to get confused HERE...

I'm still green, you know?

Thanks for giving me a chance to create a new me.
All Great Things Take Time..Haa Ha Ha...

..and Happy Memorial Day To You All

Thanks Dean

Sorry this thanks comes so late.My computer crashed and have not been able to see your weekly videos.

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