Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #189 - (Wise) Men In Black

Think you've seen it all? Wait until you see how much value Dean crammed into this week! With two other ultra-successful guests, Dean delivers solid gold this week.

You'll discover what a "courage muscle” is and why building it up is a must do. Why knowing what you're willing to die for actually makes you live like you've always to experience a future event in the present moment and why anything worth doing in life is worth doing poorly! Sound bizarre? It'll all make sense in a few minutes. You’re going to love this one…

pull it from anywhere

Dean, you make resourceing look easy, simplily amazeing. that is a comfort zone or better yet jump in just go for it. they could of said the heck with it,maybe Smiling time to put a clear picture together. Joe, your looking clean stay the course, some make it look easy
Enjoy & Until


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Hi Dean,
Even though I've done some deals the courage is to take it to the next level and work the system. Thanks for the blogs and look forward to meeting you in the future.

Keith Yedinak

Thank you, Dean!


They say if you only learn one new thing it's worth it, but I always learn so many things each time I watch the Weekly Wisdom. This week you and your guests have reminded me to put the things that I want that are important to me down on paper so I can review them and keep them fresh in my mind and to keep that virtual carrot dangling just out of reach to motivate me to keep moving along the path towards my dreams. I'm so glad I found this website. It keeps me coming back each week for inspiration that recharges me for the week ahead and encourages me to keep going.


Work through fear

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Thanks for reminding me to keep working through my fears (courage) to get to confidence!


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Yes, Dean you can even convince others to share their vision on the spur of the moment.
Thank you for "Totally Fulfilled". One of the greatest gifts you've given me.
I have a few good deals lined up, but I am looking for private money lenders. Could you or someone you know help me?

Wise Men In Black

Thanks for doing the weekly blog!

Wise Men In Black

Thanks for doing the weekly blog!


Thank you for the inspiration!

Thank you for exposing us to others!

What impresses me so much being part of the DG family is who Dean exposes us to continuously. It's like we have been adopted by a rogue family of eternal optimists. I wish I had discovered this family years ago! Thank you Dean for changing my outlook on life and therefore changing my life.
Looking forward to meeting you in person at the next Vegas summit!

(Wise) Men In Black

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Hi Dean.......

Another great video.......You continue to inspire all of us......Great Job.....Thank You.....

Kindest Regards,


I loved this blog! those guys are great and so down to earth!

Loved the definition of courage and will keep that one in mind as well as pass it on to encourage others.....

Thank you!

Great Advice from those who know!

Thanks for an AWESOME "Weekly Blog" this week! I always take notes and this week's blog had me writing furiously! Please extend my heartfelt appreciation to Joe and Dean as well. I am definitely going to do the 30-day "10 items/day list" to help me stay focused.
I struggle with "fear." Fear of failure. So your "A Team" there in Toronto helped me face my fear anyway! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I so look forward to these "Weekly Blogs." They are the highlight of my week and get me pumped up to face the obstacles life brings every day - especially on Mondays! (groan)
God Bless,

dean graziosi

enjoy your last video and plan on bringing your s.a. in august

men in black

Great encouragement I'm going to do the 10 items today. I have heard of this before but didn't think,(of course not), it would help. Wrong approach. Now's the time,"Today is the day of your salvation." TTFN DUANE

(Wise) Men in Black

Dean, great blog! Thanks, Sarah

(Wise) Men in Black

Dean, Thank you and I do have the courage muscle. Sarah


See the vision, The Handwriting is on the Wall!
Write the vision,
Know the vision,
live the vision.
Thanks Dean, Dean, and Joe.
V- victory
I- imagine
S- success
I- inevitable
O- opportunity
N- now
I can do this!
Rob money & B Moore

Pep Talk

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, we sure need it.

I want this so bad and I have done all the training and videos and emails and blogs and books and OMG all I am doing is learning...I need to put what I have learned into action. GULP!

Lisa Cook Eye-wink

Still need more!!

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Good effort guys,

we still learning and taking advice form every successful man u brought,

but actually what we really need is what the literal steps i must take to get things started and start actually getting money in the real life.


Wise Men in Black

Excellent advice. I like what you had to say about picturing your future success in your mind and go backwards to eliminate problems.

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