Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #189 - (Wise) Men In Black

Think you've seen it all? Wait until you see how much value Dean crammed into this week! With two other ultra-successful guests, Dean delivers solid gold this week.

You'll discover what a "courage muscle” is and why building it up is a must do. Why knowing what you're willing to die for actually makes you live like you've always to experience a future event in the present moment and why anything worth doing in life is worth doing poorly! Sound bizarre? It'll all make sense in a few minutes. You’re going to love this one…

Great Point Dean

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I compare this to trying to get fit; we know it will take a while. We know we can't do 3 sets of ten today and look amazingly rock hard tomorrow; we need to be consistent and keep "building" on the body we want. The same principal is true here and I for one have been "toning up" for the past few years. I've read your books, researched hundreds of properties probably, visited the courthouse, visited the library, drove endless hours looking at the real estate landscape, I learned how to get information and I'm now building all the networks I need to be able to move these properties. But I still have more to learn. The thing is, I LOVE It. I love real estate. It's fun finding a gem and then seeking out the information to learn just how valuable that gem is or what you can do to make it more so. And I love knowing I can connect here with people who share that with me.

Have an awesome day!

Thanks Dean

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This couldn't have come at a better time in my life. It is either do or die for me right now. I will write down these 10 things daily for 30 days and see what opens my eyes. I am sure I will be amazed at what I have to offer but just afraid to take that big step. Thanks so much!

Dean, Keep up the good work!

The exercise of writing down 10 things that I want in life was so effective. I started today.

Dean, Keep up the good work. You are the best!


The 10 things I want

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I wrote down 10 things I want without trying to determine what the outcome would be and I didn't care if my wording was perfect. I just wanted to be spontaneous to see what would come from it. And I have to say after doing it, that I feel great! It's awesome to know that those 10 things are in me - which tells me I must ready to create them now.


negative or positive, just an insight at this point in time after so many years no progress I am still in the same boat as I was in when I started actually just a little heavier. As for what the video will bring is still up in the air.


Thanks Dean

I've heard it again and again. "Surround myself with successful like-minded people."

It is obvious and so true that if you didn't think or act like them(successful people) before you will eventually.
Positive, strong minded people will succeed. Staying on top and the continual growth is the goal.
Thanks Dean for making sure you follow through with your commitment to us with the "weekly" wisdom and still make it happen and it came out a good one.


weekly wisdom #189 ( wise ) men in black

would like to thank all 3 of you gentlemen on this blog its a confidence builder for sure .. butr to comment on the nay sayers that say u cant i tell them what i am doing i listen to what they have to say and all if it is negative.. and the way i have overcome what they say // is before i say what i tell them what i havce decide to do is i will let u say what u havce to say for 5 mins or how ever long it takes them which is really onlhy about 1 min to like maybe 2 and half mins.. and explain after what they say to they lsten to what i have to say with the same courtsey i had shown them .. and they all say the same thing i know who , they didnt make it , and this is a gimmack ,, and your wasting your money,, and they are through.. now its MY time .. first i say to them are u happey were u are in life and comfortable that u will have all that u need for u and your family and there family etc if u are .. i am happy for u and hope it all goes great and then say well i hope your ira , 401 , stocks, dont dwindle on u or a big corp dont embaz. your savings.. as u will have NOTHING .. as well as i will be holding on to , having property to sell and buy ,.. and no matter where the stock market goes for me i have options 1 i sell or buy.. 2nd i buy lease and rent til the market gets back to some normal and do the same process over and over and over again sell makng money no matter what the market does . can u say that with your investment? no u cant u can only hope it dont go down... and thats where what i do differs from yours i can adapt to any situation with and how i invest my money or others money and still make a profit in a down or up market can u say that ? well that is about 3 nos your side and 3 yes on my side .. and i tell them i havent even got to the best part of it .. no money down .. i tell them that and say can u do that ? 4 nos them 5 yes me .. and i am giving all this and them have to listen or walk away .. so far no one has walked away and i am still talking so when i get to 10 no for them and 10 yes for me i give them a chance to say what they have to say 2 last time. and what usually happens is well i hope u good luck and that u do good .. as i throw so much positivity of what MR dg and all the assoc.. and members that are assoc.. with this great partnership that all the negative crap they have to say .. will do no good against this person. lol but i look at it as when they see that i do this with no money as well as with my money and i do it well .. i want them to become my buyers , sellers , or investors who want to make the money buy dont want the trouble of doing the hard work .. .. but if u do run across the people that dont listen like i had one i waited and as soon as he was done i lit back into that person and said who gave u a badge to be a professional what u can do or not become DR . dg was right again told me u would say that << in a very stern voice and if u want to still be a friend and part of my life .. u are not allowed to comment on my career decision in a negative way ever again or we can part ways . and u can live with why we are not as close as we were once all because u had to think the worse that could happen instead of thinking and saying i hope this works out for u .. so in the end stand your ground and i mean stand and dont be afraid to voice your decision to change your life and dreams .. to become a member of the 1% . to be free of all the worries that the 99% have is not only reachable its is atainable ... u see greatness is in you u just have to stand up to all the nay sayers and tell them... u are either going to keep what is negative about my decision to becoming an investor to yourself and/or keep it positive an take the ride along with me or... the door i think u came through is now again asking u to leave ... to sum it all up .. dont be afraid to tell someone to shut up if they are not onboard with your decision .. cause if u can do that .. then u can do your first deal with no problem . like dg says push them away but hold the leash as they will come back to say they are sorry when they see that u did make it and do know what u are doing .. and that feeling is better then any property u will ever buy or sell or keep ... just having the inner peace of knowing that in the back of that there head of theres that said u could not do it must now eat the words that got them in the dog house in the first place ... so bark back at them and be proud of who and what u want to be thanks

redrock comment

sorry thought i pushed review but being of a tired mind i pushed the wrong button but hope the concept is there dont be afraid to step up to the plate and get want u want

Thank you dean!

I just wanted to say thank you for how inspiring you are! i bought your books a few years back and am now putting them to good use. I am so excited because its really working for me! your knowledge and how you present it is amazing! because of you i am making my future brighter! THANK YOU! Sundara:)

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My wife and I look forward to your motivational blogs every Monday. We are still struggeling to do our first wholesale deal. Envisioning success will help us follow through with the techniques we have been taught, until we succeed.
Steve and Kathleen

Weekly Wisdom

WOW!!! What a great blog today packed with so much thought and wisdom. I cannot say enough to "Thank You" for continuing to encourage all of us to keep doing it even though we may not have bought our first property yet.

Hearing him mention Brian Tracy was a great reassurance that you guys are running with the bulls.

Thankyou Dean

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Thankyou again Dean a(men in blck).

I was down and trying think on how to pull myself bck up and this blog did it for me.

Thankyou Dean and those (men in blck).

My thoughts exactly

An entrepreneur doesn`t have to feel the floor before jumping out of bed

Ten things Willing To Die for...

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Amazing how the picture begins to develope in my mind as I write these down and see them on paper, emotion pushes me towards that next step because of these 10 reasons and now I go on with a whole new sense of purpose, loving it! Thanks for the golden nugget as usual, Dean!

Kathy from the Sun CityQ


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I love it when you have Joe Polish on ANYTHING youdo dean because you,Joe and dean j are just 3 people I think EVERYONE clicks with !!! You are the best rei trainer on the planet and they are the best marketers on the planet!!! What a combination . A goal of mine is to be in the 25 k group to learn from THE BEST!!I I am building a new house as we speak with the profits from real estate that I learned from you !! I am grateful for all your generous wisdom and I guarantee it's not if but when I will sit next to you in the 25 k group!!
thank you for always PUSHING us to new heights!!! I also love ... Podcasts I love marketing !! ESP the interview with you!! You guys are CRAZY !!!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!!

Dean, Thanks for the Transparency

Watched a few videos before registering and have been totally motivated by them all.

I really like the idea of this blog - to write down the "10" motivating factors each day and soon to realize the most important ones will surface to the top. Brilliant idea Joe! Dean, Thanks! Keep them coming.

Thanks Dean

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These videos are a great inspiration for me. Every since your event and reading the book, I have been actively at it moving forward toward my real estate goals. I just received my bandit signs the other day. I have actually been in a coaching program before, but it didn't come close to the value your videos have brought me.


Thanks Dean!

Also, thanks Dean and Joe for your wisdom! Great blog! I'm determined to do my first deal soon.

GOD bless.


Ok that was awesome Dean. Just to include us in your training to take the time out and also to get 2 other amazing makers to help you out with your blog for us, well just thank U!!!


wisdom 189

Thank you so very much. this was the most inspirational piece. i loved the story about the drill sargent and how courage is something you do when your pants are wet. all my life i have succeeded in the goals I have set for me, yet real estate put a fear in my mind because I have no money and with my awful separation leaving my credit shot, I was feeling helpless. All the agents that I have come across so far all talk about skin in the game, but this weekly wisdom kept me encouraged and focused in order to obtain my goal regardless of everyone around me. Thank you so much for helping me see what I have to do to save my family and my life. keep up the great work!

I'm almost there..

I am getting more and more courage to step out and make a deal.
Working as bird dog for someone else and have sent him close to 50 deals.. not one has gone through.
That's frustrating.. but !!
I think it is frustrating me enough to make me gon out and try to do something with those same deals myself . lol
And just having the investor ask me what I would offer and why, it great practice for me.
I catch myself talking like I almost know what I'm doing.. Ha ha ha!
Thanks Dean.. Luv ya


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What a great WEEKLY WISDOM.I will be watching this one a number of times.Creating my vision,10 things daily,my why,what I am willing to die for.
This is really good stuff.Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your friends insight as well.I want to put all this on paper and like Joe said update your 10 things daily for a month to see how it looks after several times.Thanks for all you do.I love being here at D.G.COM.GOD Bless you all.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Encouraging, thank you guys

Thank you guys and thank you Kyoml for sharing your success. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.
Enjoy Toronto and have a great rest of the week.

Thanks Dean needed that

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I have fallin' off completely when it comes to real estate due to all the bad events that have taken place with me. This helps inspire me again to get out there and get things done. Keep it up.

You always give us more than we deserve or expect

But Dean, that's just you. Thanks for always keeping me and all the other DG'er's challenged. I really like the challenge of writing down 10 things a day for a month idea. I'm starting that myself.

Just remember, the sky's the limit,


Inspiring Blog, Dean!

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Thank you so much for your honesty, encouragement and most of all, really caring about what you want for your students. My husband and I have done some investments over the past several years but we have always known we could do so much so much more successful in the area of real estate but we never pushed or followed our dreams. Yes, we have attended other real estate investment seminars but never moved to the next level of learning until we attended your seminar in IL this past weekend. My husband and I not only signed up for your 3 day workshop but after attending that, we also went ahead and moved to the next top level of signing up for your diamond package.....why? Because we believed in you, you are truly a genuine human being. Our trainer, Jim and his team really opened our eyes and inspired us with your teachings and with what they have achieved by learning from you. We were so moved by the experience. We feel that you and your team are genuinely honest and you all really care about wanting your students to succeed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inspiring us to move forward as far as we can reach in being successful in real estate investing. For the first time, we truly now feel that we are going to be able to meet each of our goals and will be able to achieve each of our dreams because of you and your team.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Dan and Kelly


Thanks Dean, I really like what you said on writing Ten things you really want everyday. What your willing to die for.


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I enjoyed this weeks blog, great advise reiterated from more successfull people! I like that you are showing us that it's not just YOU or others on this site... it's LOTS of SUCCESSFULL people that all operate on a similar mind-set! I'm glad that I have the COURAGE to gain my confidence on making our dreams come true!

Renae & Tyrone

Courage doesn't feel good

Thanks Men in Black. I am gonna do the 10 things each day. Thanks Dean and guys. Karen


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Hi my name is Amer,I been on Dean website since November 2011 I can't close one deal.I even joined the success academy. Can you give me some advice on this program?

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