Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #189 - (Wise) Men In Black

Think you've seen it all? Wait until you see how much value Dean crammed into this week! With two other ultra-successful guests, Dean delivers solid gold this week.

You'll discover what a "courage muscle” is and why building it up is a must do. Why knowing what you're willing to die for actually makes you live like you've always to experience a future event in the present moment and why anything worth doing in life is worth doing poorly! Sound bizarre? It'll all make sense in a few minutes. You’re going to love this one…

Thank you

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My wife and I saw the "Men in Black III" movie last week. Looks like you "deja vu all over again" as Yogi Berra likes to say in this weekly wisdom. Thanks for helping real estate investors like myself to stay motivated.


Cramping at the moment!

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WoW! That was close. I started to type "Crapping at the moment." Wheh!!

Any hu, my "courage muscles" are experiencing cramping at the moment and I'm trying to find the remedy to relieve the buildup of toxic crap that is blocking my road to success. I know that it's all in my head (maybe I need to see a "Polish shrink") but whatever is needed, I need it now.

I want to thank the "Men in Black" for their weekly wisdom. I plan on following the ten-a-day plan and hopefully it will relieve my cramps.


I love it!

Doing it with wet pants or a headache or whatever - it doesn't matter. Just do it and develop courage. Thank you Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. I love the input from successful like minds. What a blessing!

thank you

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I really appreciate what you do Dean. You have helped give me an amazing mindset that i’m consistantly improving each day. I’ve read self help and success books since since I was a teenager, yet the information never really sunked in until your information came into my life. One thing I want to say is, fear is also a muscle. If you don’t take action asap of something you fear, the fear will consistently build up until it becomes incredibly powerful. Instead of letting the fear build up and become strong, why not let the confidence? Hehe I love the opportunities you give us all. I know I will be a success-and you helped in me getting that success. Thank you.

"in a rut" ?

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Hey Dean- love the part about being "in a rut" ! We all get ourselves in a rut @ times and love the advise for helping us overcome that and get OUT of the rut ! We will be making the list for the next 30 days for sure ! Thanks again ! You always deliver for us !

Moving Foward

I understand the rut that you are talking about. I am having that issue at this time ,thank you for the motivation. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

Terrified of the First Deal

This was incredible. I am one of those who is terrified of the first one. I have studied everything real estate for years now. I know that I HAVE to make it happen. I am going to do the 7 layers again. As well as Joe's 10 things that I want. My reason why is enough motivation. I just need to keep it in front of me every day and stop letting it get pushed to the side. I also need to come to the forums to surround myself with like-minded people because there is no one in my life who believes in this...or that I can do it.
Thanks, Dean!!!

Building courage with daily steps

Dean thank you for sharing your time, friends and wisdom with us. The treasure that you are constantly sharing with all of us is so generous. At times we get so caught up in the mechanics of doing something instead of just doing it. I have now been involved with your program since the end February 2012. Just about four months. It took me almost four month to write and offer. Two weeks ago I made two offers last week I made seven. The seven were easier than the first two. I'm writing my business plan this week because, for four months I have heard all the ways to make money in RE from you and your team and now I know what works for me. I have seen it... it was clear as the sky is blue. Thank you for my vision to see my future.

Just What I Needed!

Thank you so much for a wonderful blog. Its shows me that this can be done its like a baby taking steps for the first time. You have given me hope and faith on my direction in the Real Estate game. Its great to see other successful people like yourself given great wisdom to kept the ball going. I'm on my way nothing can stop me now.



I will write down the (10) things I want and just maybe in my heart I'll finally know what it is that I want instead of what I need.

I really like it put like that aspect of my life, as to opposed to what I need. "WHAT DO I WANT?" out of life in general, I ask myself.

Signing out,


Nice to see some other faces

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Nice to see some other faces too, sharing the same vision. Thanks!

Thanks guys

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Appreciate the clarity on finding my why.

Thanks MIB!


Thanks for sharing and Dean thanks for the tools and inspiration. Still working on that first deal...real close! So keep it coming!

Thanks Dean

As a desert storm vet, I fully understand that definition of courage. Thanks so much for keeping me motivated with these weekly blogs!

What You Become...

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Great advice. The five people you spend the most time with you will eventually become like them. So don't you think it is smart and to your advantage to spend quality time with wise mentors and weekly wisdom from Dean so you can become successful like him? I do.

Great Blog Dean . I will try

Great Blog Dean . I will try my hand at this lesson and I will go from there .

Thanks Dean

dgadmin wrote:var blognum =

Think you've seen it all? Wait until you see how much value Dean crammed into this week! With two other ultra-successful guests, Dean delivers solid gold this week.

You'll discover what a "courage muscle” is and why building it up is a must do. Why knowing what you're willing to die for actually makes you live like you've always to experience a future event in the present moment and why anything worth doing in life is worth doing poorly! Sound bizarre? It'll all make sense in a few minutes. You’re going to love this one…
I am one of those afraid to take that first street and the crazy thing is I want so badly to do this. For it's truly something I crave.


Thanks for taking the time out of what your doing and give your thoughts, they are appreciated.

You're right, there are for some of us,with some very large hurdles....its' funny that he would mention writing down ten things....I haven't been doing this every day....but their in my mind. And they do start to develop after a while....mine are down to seven.

There is one thing I want to tell you DEAN.....

My mistakes, or as I prefer to call them- the things that didn't work out -- are my quarters in the bucket. For every thing that doesn't work, it's just building me a better way not to do it...

The hurdles I'm faced with are not any different than maybe someone else... there just mine....but I'm still positive despite all that. It's taking me a little longer....but I will get there .


Tu Sha

Hit it on the Nose for me...I fear about not doing it right, I don't like to make mistakes...I don't want to look bad...I'm haveing a hard time breaking myself from worrying about what other people will think or say ....I don't want to look stupid...I can't talk right I know what I'm going to say in my brain but it comes out gobbly goop some times lol....I've been listening to everyone in my life telling me what to do and shouldn't do...Well I stopped listening. Tragic hit for me...the saying goes that you can loose everything over night well that's true it happened to me and it was Dean that got me motivated to go on. One night listening to Dean on a infamercial that broke me out of some of my shell..I'm still struggling at some things and I know that I will succeed it will just be a matter of time...I keep saying to myself when anyone talks negative that just let them talk go through one ear and out the other and feel sorry for them and smile and move on....Since listening to Dean I've come from almost bankrupt to making Cashflow of 5,000.00 per month not counting my full time job income. Thank You Dean Keep up with the Great educational Videos...

Thanks Dean!

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Another great weekly wisdom video! Hope you guys enjoying Toronto, Canada. Thanks again!

Thanks Dean

Again you have amazed us with your wisdom, it sets us up for the next week to motivate and put our vision back into place. The weekly wisdom blogs are great and keeps us moving forward! Joe and Dean's advice is awesome and I will apply the lessons that they have mentioned with applying it to the 7 levels deep worksheet that you have us work off of...

Thanks for all your advice,

Thanks Great Great sweet

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Thanks Great Great sweet Video blog this week Dean. Its a amazing how successful minds think alike.

vizualization, Fear, Courage, and 10 wants

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Thanks Dean, I gotta do it with wet pants! Great messages within this weeks blog!

Great Blog

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Bringing other successful people is a great resource. They gave great info and the 10 things list has been started today no need to wait. Nice wiseguy look you guys had going on. Thanks again Dean!


Weekly Wisdom

I was struck by what was shared about courage. There is risk and contingency involved in being courageous.If I may use a biblical analogy of the patriarch Abraham leaving his country, his comfort zone to settle in another country as per the divine mandate. There is always a risk factor involved in becoming courageous. In the words of Anthony Giddens risk has become riskier. I am just starting as a real estate investor and has benefitted greatly from watching this daily wisdom blogs. Thanks dean for your thoughtful insights.

woow dean.

thank you dean for your such inspiring and actually a proven mothodology of self awearness to help me in finding a courage to confront all the odds of fear . based on my timing , it takes me month or two till i work on all possible means to strike on my first deal. thanks you again and again.

Thank you for the passion once again!

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Dean, you even exude the stuff when you're listening to Dean and Joe share on your WW! It was nice to see the "Ahah! Moment" on your face today. I could see you thinking, "I REALLY AM right. I REALLY AM the best RE Trainer on the planet!" as the Men in Black said the same things you say to us each week, but with different words and in a different style. Go Dean!

Dean and Joe's delivery (and off the cuff, at that) of your lessons in their own words touched so many people to smack their foreheads because you shared your Mastermind buddies with us-- Thank you!

If we look back at the WW's, you set us up to get ourselves into the Promised Land. All we have to do is DO IT!
1. See it
2. Know why
3. Use the knowledge you give us
4. Do it scared (and with a headache)
5. Gain confidence
6. Multiply what works
7. Realize the dream

Hah! A new seven steps--

Love to the DG Family!
Thank you for being you, Dean.


10 Things in 30 Days

Dean - Great stuff! It's hard to vision sometimes to see oneself as being free to do what you want, to be super successful, to not have to worry about money to pay the bills, to travel and to help others that need help. It's getting over the mental blocks that are keeping a person from being successful and staying away from the negative influences that don't want you to succeed.

Thanks for the info from both of your "friends" and of course everything that you do.


Hey dean I did not know how to get to you any other way. I am here on the advisory line with PMI and I was watching the edge event and you said in there that you are doing a reality show to change peoples lives.
I have a friend that I have known for a long time and is an awesome kid but is very poor. He still lives in a trailer with his mom and really has nothing going for him. His mother is morbidly obese and he is a little sickly. He is missing almost all of his teeth from poor hygiene and bad eating habits. He cant even get a job with the position he is in.
So I dont know if you are still going to be doing your show where you help people get their life on track but if you guys are looking for candidates this is one.

your awesome and working for your company has helped me take my business to the next levels in so many ways!!

WOW!!! Right On!!

Dean that was better than great. Each week is a new experience. You gotta love it.

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