Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #189 - (Wise) Men In Black

Think you've seen it all? Wait until you see how much value Dean crammed into this week! With two other ultra-successful guests, Dean delivers solid gold this week.

You'll discover what a "courage muscle” is and why building it up is a must do. Why knowing what you're willing to die for actually makes you live like you've always to experience a future event in the present moment and why anything worth doing in life is worth doing poorly! Sound bizarre? It'll all make sense in a few minutes. You’re going to love this one…


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Thank you Dean. I'm always striving to be the best I can be. Thank you.


It totally makes sense!

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Now I understand more clearly, and I am going to write down those ten things daily. I see that I have to do it scared, if that is where I am in order to achieve those things on my list. Thanks, I really loved this impromtu sp? weekly wisdom, so thank you Dean!

Wise men in Black

Hi guys, you guy's are absolutly fantastically great thinkers. "Wow" Joe that is a really great idea to write down ten things a day down to be able to clarify things you really want out of life. I'm still educating myself and this was a real kick in my butt. I really am very grateful for this website, I alway's comprehend something from it. This is the week I am really am forcing myself to start making offer's.

Thanks Dean, your greatest self builder but it also takes us in the equation to execute the procedure's learned!!!
I will have my first deal this week!!!

On The Money

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Thx a ton for having weekly wisdom videos. The past month I felt like the Cinderella Man but started again from scratch and moving forward. Got my why and failed plenty since starting this journey now its just figuring out how to be effective with my time management as well as being organized and figuring out a strategy that works and turning it into a system. Taking action is easy.

God Bless

Eric V

Success takes courage...

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That's a fresh thought and so true. Dean, thank you for sharing the wisdom of your friends with us. This is a real gift. I'd love to see more guests on Weekly Wisdom, though you alone are always amazing:)
I'm definitely getting a black tee.


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They nailed it right on the head Dean. It is so hard for the newer students to see an end product when it hasn't happened yet.he list of 10 things is a powerful message. Always great wisdom from you. So sorry I missed you in Phoenix, but 2013 will be even better...Jan

I like That!

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"Wise Men In Black" = Good Men. Thanks

Men in black.....Brilliance in action! :-)

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Thanks Dean for doing another awesome blog! Love Dean and Joe. I follow them on I Love Marketing podcast weekly.

Success leaves clues! Like attracts like. You will always find the successful in the company of their own! love it! “A single conversation with a wise man
is worth ten years of study.”
Their input echos what you've always taught to fast forward a year from now being where you want to be, turn around and identify what you did to get there.
Believe is seeing. If you can't see it in your mind, you'll never see it tangible.

Courage....Action cures fear! Nothing great was ever accomplished in the comfort zone. There has never been a statue erected in honor of a critic. It's always to the warrior, the brave, the courageous.....the one willing to lay his life down for what he wanted, what he believed in, what he was fighting for! We MUST go after what you want as if your life depended on it. Because it does!

It comes back to mindset, what you focus on magnifies. Something we must continue to mastering self about is not to hesitate long enough to allow it to take root. Fear or faith....which ever one you feed will grow!
With each new level I reach, there is the unknown, the unfamiliar. But I've heard you say it and Matt say it...."everything is hard until it becomes easy!"

Comfort zone = the no growth zone!

God bless,
Jen Gray

p.s Genius Network....I'll be there soon! just watch and see!

Wow Dean, and Dean, and Joe!!!

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What an amazing weekly wisdom! at first, when I saw the title I thought it would be another movie review, but boy, after listening to it, these 3 men in black are the best!

I loved what Joe explained about courage muscle - what an incredible concept! I had to replay the message, and will probably listen to it again a few more times! Incredibly powerful!!! And I am starting the exercise right now for 30 days straight, no looking back!

Thank you Dean so much for doing these Weekly Wisdoms for us, even when you're away- I really look forward to watching them and having something special to focus on for the week.

Learning and progressing every day,

Broken record

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Do they even have those anymore? Great blog. I'll see how ten things excerse works for me. As I know my vision is clear (unlike my own eyes).


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Thanks for the video Dean. I'm terrified but I'm more afraid of living the rest of my life the way I'm living it now. I see my life 3 years from now and it's amazing, it's the days in-between that are not crystal clear.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


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Once again unbelievable weekly wisdom. The 8 most valuable minutes of my week.

Great job Dean!!!


Dean, another uplifting, inspiring,weekly wisdom.

Listening to another approach at getting to the "why" we are working at real estate investing and making that bigger in our minds then all the doubts, worries and scared thoughts helps once again.

In ministry we always say that faith has a coresponding action. The action testifies that there is faith and belief working. These principles work in all different venues, like real estate investing.

Listening to you and other successful investors say that it's ok to do it scared, that it is normal to feel that way initially is very encouraging to me and I'm sure to other begining investors as well.

I appreciate all these weekly wisdoms. They are helping to break down the negative mindsets I have allowed to be errected in my mind.

I have my "why", now I will be writing down those ten other things everyday. Can't wait to see my worries shrink and my "courage muscles" grow bigger and bigger everyday!

Thanks again.

Joe Polish says:

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In the video Joe Polish says: "Use your courage muscle...". I like that. To realize that by doing the uncomfortable or hard things you are actually building muscle.

I also liked Joe's suggestion - Everyday for 30 days write down 10 things you want. I can see how that would help with clarity and also help program your subconscious for the end goal.

Before I go to work today I will write down my 10

Thanks for sharing your success

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Dean, thanks for sharing Dean Jackson and Joe Polish with us, and thanks to these successful men for being so open. I listen every week to your words of wisdom hoping to break the bondage I am locked into. I think I have courage. At the age of 36, I resined my job, moved to the Stetson Univeresity campus with my wife and two young children, 7 and 11, and went to school full time. I made straight A's while holding down and part time job and graduated 4 years later with a BA. However, I have allowed myself to fall into the trap of thinking that I am too old to learn this, now that I am 70 years old, but I have the rest of my life to get over it. There, I am being totally honest with you and myself. I am going to imagine that I actually own my first property, and write down the obsticles that stand in the way of this happening. for the next 30 days I am going to commit myself to writing down the 10 things that drive me on, the 10 reasons I need to make money. I will let you know what happens in 30 days.
I have attended your local seminars three times. The third time I convinced my wife to go with me. That was a breakthrough, because she has been my naysayer. Now I can't blame it on her. Pray for me that God will give me the insight to make it happen. I really do need to make it happen, there are so many people I need to help.


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Doing "Battle" is so much easier and safer, with other soldiers, than alone. Team work is much more successful than individual effort, and more rewarding as well, when you have someone to share the success with. Dean, you are leading us in this battle through the DG "UNIT","TEAM",and"FAMILY". Proud to be a member.

Blog on Canadian dream building

Hi Dean,

THANKS! Great shot in the arm today. Agree 100%. Need to hear it again and again from others. Too many "negbytes" out here in the world. When I hear it from you, and others, I know that I am not the only one "out here" who thinks like that.

Dorothy Manning
Boston, MA


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This is truly one of your best blogs yet.All has been said by you before, but hearing it from Dean and Joe and what they said , relates exactly to what you ALWAYS express to us. I really liked Dean part about Vision and Joe's part about writing 10 things you want down on paper daily.
Just a super video!!! Thanks Dean, and looking forward to next weeks video.Take care.

Curtis Fillers


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This is exactly what you've been saying all along. Thanks for the encouragement and practical guarantee for success.

Keep it coming!


Gentlemen . . . Thank You

Being a lifetime student has its rewards; but if we never apply the knowledge gained, we will never realize the success envisioned.

If this week's blog doesn't get me off my batoosh to take action -- and constantly reinforce those actions by taking more actions --nothing will.

This is it.

Great idea to have Dean and

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Great idea to have Dean and Joe to share with us! It's good to hear someone else also say what you've been saying all along. Thank you! We'll write down and vision more on the why we are doing this.


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John and I are watching together today while having our Monday morning meeting Smiling
Creating the vision and being in touch with what you really want to get out of your hard work is great to help us stay motivated. It is too easy to get on "auto pilot" which causes us to lose that vision.
The weekly motivator keeps us on track and guest speakers are always cool, so a special thanks to them for taking the time to share some wisdom with us. Have a super great week!!

John and Julie


I will not say it enough. You are the most generous, honest and caring Real Estate Coach and Trainer I have ever met.
You do it for your love of people, from your heart not to entice them to buy, but "bribing" them to bring the best out of themselves, to bring out their A game!
Thank you and HATS OFF SIR!

I want to overcome present fear

Reflecting back over my life has reminded me of some very courageous things I have done successfully! I think I know my present fear and don't understand why I cannot face it head on to live my dreams. I am going to write down the 10 things every day that I want to help my mind decide to take action and know I can survive the fear! Thank you for your persistence.

Thanks Dean

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This week's vlog was awesome! It's always good to hear motivational speaking. You guys made valuable points that I will surely try to put in place in my beginning real estate journey.

Thanks a lot!

on the fly

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Hey Dean,

Wow this shows how much you have to share with us. Not planned and still very valuable. Thank you for sharing. Thank you to dean and Joe as well.

Thanks Dean

WOW what a great video. It is soooooo true to be around like minded people. It gets you pumped and so excited especially when you get out of a REI meeting. I love that adrenaline rush.

Keep reaching for the stars

Hanging on to your every word!

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Thank you so much Dean to you and all the Dg family.With courage and confidence gained through your teachings.I overcame my fears, doubts and pushed thru.Not letting anyone stop me.I assigned my first deal last week for an amazing $7,600.Tears of overwhelming joy and thanks fill my heart.I will keep going and am destined for greatness because of you.Thank you...KyomI

Thanks Dean

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As always great blog. I really enjoy when you bring other successful people into your blogs Dean. I am glad that you take the time to go to classes so you can share with us your new knollege. Great blog again this week Dean.

Thanks for all that you do for your students Dean.

Steve and Veronica.

Excellent blog! Never

Excellent blog! Never thought about writing 10 things that I want, everyday, but I'm going to start today. Thanks Dean.

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