Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #207 - Got Presidential Election Confusion?

Are you confused about who to vote for? If so, you're not alone...but don't expect Dean to tell you how to vote. (Hey, he's not here to campaign, he is here to help you change the economy in your house!). This Weekly Wisdom is going to explain how to achieve success and give you a real boost to do so. Watch and share your thoughts below.

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Right on!

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Right on Dean! Love this weekley wisdom thanks!

re 207

Love Joel Osteen.. watch him on t v most every morning..He is an amazing man of God and his ministry of truth is amazing as well...Excellent point made here and thanks for reiterating the no's and yes's Best rgds Dgld

This is it - No more part time REI for me!

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Funny how messages get repeated when you most need to hear them. Years ago I attended an AT&T telephone seminar. My take away was the story about the no's being steps toward the YES! And just two days ago I repeated this wisdom to a younger friend. And here it is again. Sweet!

I have been working in real estate investing for 3 years while working a regular JOB. I've done 4 deals out of state but never quite made that transition to being what I would call sucessful. One October 1st I was unexpectidly let go from my job of 10 years with an accounting company. I am ready to make REI my way of life and way to generate income. I have so many buyers with some calling me on a regular basis but no properties to offer. I know how to crunch the numbers, how to negotiate, know the documents needed, but seemed to be stalled. Lots on my 'to do' list and I am doing those things that I know are necessary. What am I missing? How can I keep working towards what I know will be a great life without having that steady paycheck and positive feedback from small jobs well done? I guess I just keep on keeping on and get with like minded people who are having sucess.

Few things that I could really really use help with right now. And if anyone can offer any sugestions, I would be very greatful:

I need a good data base system to keep track of buyers. I need a schedule to keep me on track daily. And most importantly I need sellers.

I'm working on the schedule and renergizing my efforts to find sellers with bandit signs, craigslist ads, flyers, and getting in touch with sellers through linkedIn and REI clubs who may be buying bulk.

Thanks for reading this and offering your thoughts. Need a bit of support and an occasional attagirl.

Got Presidential Election Confusion?

Great message and with any luck our presidential candidates will show as much class as we work through the SANDY distruction on the way to election day.

No Worries

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LOL Caught it too but know you and understood your "intent" behine the comment. No worries. Off to make some damn money. :>

Wonderful Post Dean!

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You're correct, the best way to fix the nation's economy is to first work on increase our personal economic situation. Dean for President!!


Not offended by comment- Great Daily Wisdom

I am a very busy woman with 2 businesses (RE one of them), homeschool 3 kids, and in Jan a 3rd business. I would like a cleaning woman to free up whatever free time I do have to have fun with my kids. Anyway, I totally agree with you on the politics. All the focus is on the mud slinging and not what really matters for our country.
For every no it is one less no towards a yes is exactly right. You just have to think that some will, some won't, so what, who's next! And, Joel is very motivating and inspiring, to say the least!
I thank you for all that you do- it is really appreciated and it helps especially when some around you are not as positive all the time.

Dean 2016!

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Dean for President 2016!

looking forward

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Thanks so much for your 'from the heart' messages. Your greatest achievement from the humble start you had with your first property was your mindset to move past the no's to reach the place where you are today.. a place of freedom to make lifestyle choices with your whole family. I also know how much strength, perseverence and courage it takes to get from one end to the other. My mother worked until getting married, stayed at home to raise 6 children until my father suddenly passed away at age 36, then she got her drivers license and went back to work. She pushed through all kinds of obstacles; health, financial, naysayers-people told her to give some of us we were puppies or something!.. she struggled past it all and one of the best lessons she lived by and brought us up with was - we were not allowed to quit anything. She gave us the opportunity to try lots of things and we could outgrow something and switch from one interest to another but giving up or quitting was not an option. We had to keep growing, learning, and moving forward in a positive direction. I have had my own share of life's zigzags but now I am almost finished closing my first DG property deal and am a member of IE. Thanks Dean, you also are a great inspiration for everyone to keep growing, learning, and moving forward in a positive direction.

We appreciate that you are so real Dean

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When you talked about politicians keeping it real, it just brings to light how real you are Dean. I swear I got that vibe from you from the very beginning.
I did catch your cleaning comment, I laughed, and wondered if you'd get called out on it Smiling Those of us who know you and respect you, know that you empower ALL of us and believe in ALL of us equally.
You have given many many many of us women the tools and knowledge so that we can hire someone to mow the lawns for our husbands.. hahaha got cha!!

Julie Wakefield

Great message

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getting the no's out and the yes's in

overcoming the no's

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Dean I did see the Joel Olsten broadcast on overcoming the many no's and being closer to the yes.
Every time I set ot to get closer to my goal in your books, I get more work or busy with the kids appoinments. I always feel I take forever to get one step closer.
But even with this uphill effort, I am still putting in the time when it is available.
Thank you for your persistance and efforts toward our success.


You know Dean, I saw that sermon that Joel delivered and ironically while I was listing I was thinking of you. Like-minded people speak like-minded thoughts. Listening to him, then, seeing your weekly wisdom the following day was affirmation to me that my teachers’ and the Lord, of course, are positive influences’ leading do that path of greatness previously unseen.
I know you hear it all the time but I truly extend my most humble gratitude. Thank you for being you. Thank you for passion that affects so many. Thanks for sharing.

My happiness bringer!

You are the best mentor anyone could ask for. Joel is awesome also, just wish I got his show here too. Life can be such a let-down for so many. It's wonderful to log in to email & see your awesome happiness & positivity shining through! I have a very negative factor dear & close to me that I will never rid myself of (aka mom) so I want to show much respect & thankfulness for you and your constant giving of weekly wisdom and so much more. Thank you Dean! <3 Carolyn

the greatest country

Powerful words Dean, I totaly agree with that.I'm sorry to say thatI am one of those always listining and buing and atending the Edge and Gain siminars.I'm not soory for any of that, I'm sorry to let the rest of the no's in my life misdirect me.It's by chioce so no one to blame:)As to vote I needed not worry because of two felinies in the past,I over live a family tration.(DUI's)ha ha not funny and a different story.Served my country,and know this is the best place to unjoy life, you are so right on saying we, one by one make a difference by bettering ourselves.Stay real as always Dean.
Enjoy & Until

Right On!!! I was thinking EXACTLY the same thoughts!!!

Thanks so much for articulating my exact reaction to Dean's VERY SEXIST comments! I like hime a lot but WOW! did he ever slip up on this one!! Yikes! I'm a single woman who has always had to support myself. And my sister and almost every woman I know is coolege-educated, hard-working, and a single parent! I will let Dean know how offensive his words are. He needs to be informed and brought up to the reality of women, especially in this 21st Century. HELLO!!??? Otherwise, I do love the guy. He is so inspirational! Thanks again, tejanita81. YOU inspired me to say something!

Tis week's wisdom...

Hi Dean,
Thanks a lot for your personal perspectives which in essence sounds very much along the lines of "changing the nation/world starts at home." Very true!
That said, I was shocked and offended by your very SEXIST comment about "the wife staying at home with the kids." That may have been true for some women back in the 1950's..but the reality for women these past 40-50 years or more is that women have to work both OUTSIDE and INSIDE the home! I do, my mother did, and every single woman I know does!!! We go to college, get fulltime jobs, have children, and in more than 57% of American families: we are single parents raising our children and paying for everything, including their college educations!! In the African-American families, research shows 87% of families are headed by single women! So please refrain from these unbelievably SEXIST and ignorant comments - or at least keep them to yourself. Just talk about what you actually know something about - and obviously that's real estate - NOT about a woman's experience in this or any other society!
Thanks for all that you DO give to us regarding real estate. I greatly appreciate your inspiration. God bless...

Thanks for the weekly pep

Thanks for the weekly pep talks.

Thanks for the weekly pep

Thanks for the weekly pep talks.

Thanks for the weekly pep

Thanks for the weekly pep talks.

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