Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #207 - Got Presidential Election Confusion?

Are you confused about who to vote for? If so, you're not alone...but don't expect Dean to tell you how to vote. (Hey, he's not here to campaign, he is here to help you change the economy in your house!). This Weekly Wisdom is going to explain how to achieve success and give you a real boost to do so. Watch and share your thoughts below.

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Dean for Prez

Thank you Dean.

It is so nice to hear somebody in a "public forum" remind us all that a "TRUE" leader does not blame others! He takes what he has, or is given, and MAKES it work! Some make things happen faster than others but Liz and I will persist and insist until it does!



no offense

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should be taken or made when doing something to ease someone elses load. helping people as well as ourselves is what this site is about Smiling.
keep moving forward, rob

Thanks for the Inspirations

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My wife Bonnie and I just joined the RE family and are extremely excited! After My IRA and retirement stuff got trashed in the recession and I lost income I was depressed and did not know quite what to do. I would still have survived but I want more than that. The inspirational part has already changed my life and we look forward to doing all the training, education, and meeting more of the positive and great people that are involved. You will see and hear more from us as we get up to speed and start buying Real Estate the Right way. Thanks!! B & S

Got Presidential Election Confusion?

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Hi Dean

Another great weekly wisdom.....and I agree with you about the Presidential Election...They have to stick to the issues that are important......Dean if you ever run for President you got my vote.

You the Man.....Smiling

Also, both You and I are New Yorkers, " No " is not in our vocabulary...We don't take No for an answer...the " Yes'" will far out weigh the No's as long as the Yes is going to be worth it....which I know it will be.....

Gandhi once said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then condemn you, then you WIN. (this is for all the Nay Sayers)

Have a Great Week


I LOVE your comment!!

"It's our obligation to be rich" OMG that made me laugh! Too funny and yet I see how that not only helps out my whole family, but my country as well. My children, though young adults, are really clueless as to how much more difficult it has become lately to make a living. This is all normal for them to be continually struggling. That's all they know!!! How sad. It just strengthens my resolve to succeed and do my very best so I can help my loved ones not sink! Thanks, Dean, for the good words.

I have to say your videos

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I have to say your videos are always encouraging. I was at a live event in February and for one reason or another have not seriously taken any action on your excellent advice. Now, however, I am unemployed, my unemployment ends in 2 months, I am a single mother and my girls and I are living in my mother's house. My fiance has just been given his 30 day notice on his place and things seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

Then I remembered I had saved every one of your emails since February even though I hadn't read most of them. So I sat down on Saturday and watched every single one. From each one I felt a little more confident that it was not only possible to turn things around for my family, but it was probable if I put in the effort.

So thank you Dean for all the encouragement.



Another comment: I am reading your book Totally Fulfilled. I love that quote from Winston Churchill-"The definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm" So, so true! I wrote out a little affirmation to myself: Failure=Learning, Failure=Improvement, Failure=Success! I'm gonna keep at it! And Dean, although I am a woman on my own, I wasn't offended by your comment about the housekeeper. I understand your heart behind it: that you wanna make life less complicated or difficult for those you love. We ALL want that. Keep sharing from off the cuff. We wouldn't want you to turn into a politician LOL!!!

New Comer

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Hi Dean I very new to your site and i don't know were to start I don't know about real estate and im a mother of four and fab u less grandmother I just got fried on friday 10-27-12 sooooo i need to make money not only money but i want a better life so i don't get fired from anymore jobs and be my on boss
so here I am HELP !!! PLS Thank you

Keep it up!!

It been a couple of weeks since I checked in but still working on getting this sickness behind me....
Another great weekly wisdom....Anytime I'm feeling defeated I log in and get encouraged by the DG family staying focused which puts me back on track.

I love this site and agree 100% getting all the negitives out of the way allows us to move forward, stay on track and move forward. Even small accomplishments are better then no accopmplishments and staying positive is vital in our success. It may sound strange to some but its really pretty simple to me. In fact this positive reinforcement is helping me in my physical health being encouraged, staying positive and focused. So you see, the same attitude can aid in our physical health as well as our financial health...Soon I'll be back to 100% in my health and look forward to applying what Im learning to my success in my Finacial health..
Thanks again DG

oh how true

aw Dean, you said it my friend, make money - spend money - all good in the end. now as far as the election babbling on goes I wish we had someone that would stand up tell us what he wants to do but at the same time not make promises he cant keep - tell us hey this is what I'd like to see take place but I'll need the help and cooperation of all envolved, thats who I look forward to some day - someone willing to step out of that box they call campaigning blaw-blaw and speak the truth for once.. Wheeeew - Oki-Doki thats all Folks Smiling


Thanks so much to Dean for creating the insider elite and for maintaining this website. The encouragement when life hands you so many turns can be bruttle, but you must hold on and keep moving forward. As I travel this journey so many times I questioned if this was for me, how could I do this and meet our needs, I am putting out offers were is my deal but I know that every offer made is more experience to nail the one that comes through as a GO! I look forward to succeeding and it is not if but when. DG family be encouraged no matter what is going on and stay focused nothing worth truly having is going to be easy. I revisit my "Y" all the time but I keep pressing fgrward. I started this scared and that is being replaced with all the wonderful education that is provided through the sites. YOU CAN DO THIS!


Sometimes it feels as if the world is just a big No. However, coming to be in the DG family is like a breath of fresh air. All the students speaking of their successes pushing others to keep moving forward and just having a positive attitude for life is amazing. I so agree that Dean is a wonderful person and I appreciate being able to go to the sites and stay positive through all of lifes challenges. So lets just fail quickly so we can be about the business of success. Have a wonderful week and may your days be divinely favored.


weekly wisdom always good
we just have to get out of our own way !!!!!

good luck everyone! and get out there and vote !!!!!

The Presidency

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Dean Maybe you should run...LOL. Anyway just wanted to thank you for the test drive, so far it is feeling smooth. I have had my first session with my "Life Coach" KYM. It was very good. The videos are great (Daily Wisdom) and I am listening to 30 days to real estate profits. It is an eye opening book. I hope everyone takes avantage of this opportunity you have given us. I am going to do what ever I can to keep my membership up. I might have to do some creative financing, but I want to do what and everything I can. I have also talked with another elite member over the phone... the excitment,commaraderie, and enthusiasum is great!!!

By the way, I to wish they would stop the bashing. I just want to know what their PLAN is. Not that they have one. If they didn't have one they wouldn't be worth anything. Even with the propositions they should make them layperson friendly so we know just what they say.. okay enough of MY SOAPBOX!
Thanks Dean
john Hervan

Your weekly Blog 207

Hello Dean Graziosi,

I am truly excited to listen to another of your weekly blog. Lots of inspiration, ideas and thoughts. Thank you very much. My thumb up !!

Noel Powell


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Thanks for being real.I Love to begin my week off with the WEEKLY WISDOM.I agree,every no I hear is one no closer to YES.I refuse to to comment on the politics-too negative.Thanks for all you do Dean.GOD Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

I'm penciling in Dean Graziosi onto my ballot. ;)

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Hmm... BE REAL! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!! Politicians don't know what in the world that means! Sticking out tongue If a politicians lips are moving, you know its not real. Eye-wink *snicker* But you are so right.

I'm SO CLOSE to making more money. Currently what's standing in my way is one LOUSY piece of paper. Sad Bank wants a hard POF instead of my Best Transaction POF. So, I have the seller. I have the buyer. The buyer WANTS the properties. But the SELLER is playing hardball. Seeing if I can come up with a work around. But its BofA and that is like dealing with politicians. Eye-wink

Since I don't have the POF and they won't allow me to add a buyer to my contract it looks like these might be another NO. If so, I have heard 18 NOs about deals in the last month, but it only means I'm 18 NOs closer to SUCCESS!!! Shocked


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I knew u didnt mean it in any sort of negative way... in fact when I heard the words come out I cracked a half grin half smirk and thought, "I bet somebody's gonna give him crap for that!" Maybe I decided to beat them to it so I'd get a shout-out from the Big Man himself Smiling We love u Dean! Thanks for the personal response!

Wow, people took offense to that?

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Gosh,I am a super independent woman, but I sure would love to hire someone out to do my housework and cooking so I can spend more time with the kids. Eye-wink Thanks for being YOU Dean.

BTW, by next year, I WILL hire a maid and a cook to do all those tasks. Laughing out loud I WILL. I am a CHAMPION! I am bold! I am fearless and I am assertive! I WILL SUCCEED!!

I'd like someone to clean and cook for me!

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I did not take offense at that comment at all! I hate cleaning the house; it just gets dirty all over again!
But that was so nice of you to clarify your comment! Eye-wink

And yes, the DG women are still kicking butt!!! woohooo!!!! Smiling


Thanks Dean for sharing your opinion and i still don't look at the news.i here it from other people but,you Dean have me focus on other thing beside the news.Another great blog still fighting some of these villans and main one is this computer.

Great Message Dean!

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Yes, we have an obligation to be rich! Love it!! That's the way I look at it...obligated to do all I can for those I love around me and that's the key...getting rich in the process is the icing on the cake! I know I'm close bc I have more than a stepladder full of "nos" stacked up...couldn't tell you how many.

Politics stinks; never have cared for it! Bipartisan is a word they all say WAY to often, w/o ever really believing it. It's just SO obvious!! Just "fix the damn thing", right??!!

Joel Olsteen...great delivery, and always with a strong, but subtle message!! Sorry I missed it bc I always begin watching and never quit till he's finished!

Bringin' on home again this week Dean...tride and true!!!

- John

Dean For President....Sounds Good To Me :)

Dean your right politics has come to be the gossip ring...I don't even listen to the politics anymore it just sucks like you said lets get this country going on a true Path and Plan.....
I'm so happy that I had joined the DG family it's changed my way of thinking...Thank You Dean for Being You..God Bless


The best message I have heard yet!!!

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Dean, you have changed my life in an incredible way. You have opened doors to me that I would have never dreamed of. You have shown me that there are other people who think like I do, when I felt like there was no one.

There are only a few people that I respect and want to be like. Who I know have the right message and truly care about people. Who know the laws of the universe and just believe in the magnificence of all creation!!!

You are one of those people and I am SO THANKFUL that I have had the opportunity to meet you personally!!! And to meet your amazing team!

But when you mentioned Joel, who I have been listening to for the last week every time I get into my car, it brought tears to my eyes. It is kind of like I have found my true family’ who I have been separated from, or my Perfect Mastermind Group LOL!

Anyway, I just closed my 8th wholesale in less than a year, I have 1 cash flowing property, and I have my first rehab on the market to sell.

I started with no money and bad credit. You have given me confidence and the education to guarantee my success, whatever my goals!!! And anyone not trying Insider's Elite really doesn't want to succeed. Because, I got in when you first started it, and I am crazy busy teaching dance and gymnastics. I have not even had the time to experience all of it. Actually not even a quarter of it!! But the success I have gained from my life coach and the Rock Bottom Blue Print has paid me back triple!!! I will never stop being a part of Insider's Elite, Ever!!!

And just a side note, I met with my newest cash buyer last friday who has rehabbed over 70 homes this year. He lives in my area and if the numbers work he will buy EVERYTHING I GIVE HIM!!!

Thank you Dean. So much!!! I really look forward to talking to you again Smiling


need a little more help

Hi Dean, I know you are a busy man so I will try to make this short. since 2008 I bought all your books including think a little differernt and I have gone through all the books and material 5 or 6 times, in fact I am in the middle of going through be a real estate millionaire again because it seems that every time I re-read the material I miss something so I enjoy discovering new things. Since I have read, studied and gone over your material over and over I really believe that I understand real estate fairly well including your stratigies, Mats 25:1, wholesaling, bird dogging and I get the cycles - up-down-bubbles. I get that you need to do your home work and include everything to make an offer. But you talk alot about making offers below FMV at about 30%, 40%, and even 50% now is this true for all the deals I want to make no matter what the price range? ( I live in So Cal ). I know I need to have my buyers in place but my first question is. I s this the way to figure all my offers no matter if I am holding to rent - fix and flip or wholesaling. I guess I should tell you a little about myself but I won't start at the begining I'll start in 2008 - well since 1992 I worked as an architect drafing on computers with a program called autocad and I am very good at it and I thought I was set for life with a good career making $140,000 a year then 2008 came - and without realestate and not just housing but also commercial realestate there is no need for architecture so when I was let go I went from $140,000 to 20,000 0n unemployment - after 2 years I still could not find a job and my unemployment ran out but I managed to get a job at Macy's for $8.00 an hour 10 to 18 hours a week - at the most that's $7,500 a year and that's where I am now. I have been in the construction and architecture bussiness for 40 years I don't now how to do anything else and now I an 53 years old. Then I found you late one night. and sice 2008 til now - after all the studying I know I can do realestate investing but I just have one problem - I can't afford you and your training - you are just out of my reach - I don't even have food to take off the table to give you for the training. I need the coaching and some of your traning foe just one or two months and I will take it from there. I have been on many many and so far there is nothing there that will help me at this time. You know Dean - I love your weekly wisdon videos and all the other stuff on your site and I am glad it's free but as you know already it is free for a reason - I appreciate everything that's there don't get me wrong. What I need is your trainning. The insider Elite is perfect for me but as you already figured out I can't afford it and I am glad that you put it out out fot $1.00 cuz it gives me and many more people like me that cant afford it a chance to see inside and check it out, Oh and by the way every single thing that I do with you my family is against it even this dollar that i'm giving you especially since I have not made any money yet, they really think it's a lot of bull. I was really excited when you offered the insider elite for $1.00 but as a silver member other than a few more video's which are great - I already have all the information. with everything that I have bought from you and I'm aready a silver member without joining and 14 days is not enough time for those of us that don't know how to make a deal yet and can't afford the full price and I don't want to cancel the membership after 14 days but I will have to since I can't afford it and I know I am probably not the only one. Now I know I can do this and succeed as a REI but I need a little more help, like 30 days or 60 days insead of 14 days which is too short in my opiniion and we silver members or any members really need to see at least one edge event. I really want to make it but i cant't do it alone without being a member of the elite, I want to stay in the game, in the club. You are saying that if you do it for one you have to do it for everyone - right - well that's what i mean do it for everyone for 30 or 60 days whatever you decide. I need your help.. PLEASE! If you can help I promise I won't let you down . Thanks in advance Ernesto Guerrero

We had a choice for someone

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We had a choice for someone who was going to be real. Ron Paul. He also predicted the real estate crash of 2007 due to his understanding of Austrian and Keynesian economics. But unfortunately....well...

A quick ron paul YouTube search or "benn swan reality check" ought to finish what I'm trying to say.

We had a choice for someone

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We had a choice for someone who was going to be real. Ron Paul. He also predicted the real estate crash of 2007 due to his understanding of Austrian and Keynesian economics. But unfortunately....well...

A quick ron paul YouTube search or "benn swan reality check" ought to finish what I'm trying to say.


Hi Dean when it comes to politics, all rules are not played fair, and after learning what I did in political science in college, yes it helps a great deal if you have money.So this is another reason why I strive as hard as I do to leave my grand-children a legacy of widsom and wealth someday. Hate to see them struggle as hard as I have. Oh! and before I forget I got a chance to see Joel this Friday up close. But the amazing thing was I bless someone that was walking with me to the staple center, that had seats in the noise bleed section to sit with me up close, because I had an extra ticket. Dean Joel send me affirmations daily which keep me thinking postive. I look foward to these weekly widsoms videos every Monday, and hope one day I will make you proud to have me as one of your students. may God bless you for taking the time to do them, because they do keep me with the postive mind set to continue in the real estate investing career. I am really thinking it is time to retire at a early age from my horrible job at work. Please keep me in your prayers Yes! I can do this. And no! I will never give up. Been on this website since 2008 and as Emeril always says it is time to kick it up a notch:)

Great Blog and Thank you for extending the test drive

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Hi Dean,
Thank you for your insight on the election, I wish we had some one like you with your mind set running for President. Both candidates are a bit interesting in a way that does not make me feel comfortable.

I have people telling me that owning rental houses or any kind of properties with the president we have now is not a good thing. As I have been told that the taxes he wants to put on home owners both your own home and rental properties will be soo high that you might as well sell everything. As with the level of tax he wants to put on us you will not make money.

The only reason I am sharing this with you is I know you and whether it is true or not I know if you see any kind of housing market storm or even the possibility of a housing market storm that can be devastating to the rental industry you will find a plan and share it with us and as others will bit the real estate dust who don't have you as a mentor. I know you will find a way to help pick us off the ground before we even take that fall. That is the great thing about you as our teacher. Thank you for always being there to help us in any way you can.

On a better note, I am soooooo excited I am finally in one of your trial programs the one that I have been talking about. the one that Nate Hill got me into. I am in the process of working on it now. I have a lot on my plate right now and want to spend more time on the program than I can as I finally have a job helping an elderly couple. ( it is not much money but enough to get me started in the program Nate introduced me to.) They may take a lot of time but I had prayed for a way to get the money for any of your programs and God is making a way to buy the program Nate introduced me to. Even if I do not have all the time I want I will buy the whole program I just pray I will have all the money I need to pay for everything If I had the full amount I wouldn't even take the trial I would just buy it strait out.

I am working on your 7 layer home work now I am finding it a challenge as thing have changed in my life and my dreams of working with my father might be dying because of a toxic sister. But God brought you into my life to teach me what I have begged my father to teach me for years. If my father sells everything than God gave me you and your coaches to show me how to invest my money and get my own properties and will not have to worry about any dealings with a toxic member of the family.

Every time I see an open house I take at least 5 minutes to look at the house to see what is on the market and meet the real estate agents and see if they are people I even want to interview.

Yesterday I stopped off at an open house and I spent a lot more than 5 minutes with a real Estate agent. This agent did not ask me if I was an agent he was not afraid of me like the others were.( Finally!!!) I have even tried to introduce you to these agents who are afraid people who walk through the door afraid that you will take business away from them. Those agents even tell me you are not the one who will help me they can do it all for me. ( Red Flag Big Time!!!) Out of 20 realtors I have spoken to I have only found 3 I would even conciser interviewing as if they are afraid of you an investor in the making or through you out the door of their mind because you do not have money now, that is not some one I want to do business with anyway.

Any way I spoke to this agent and I told him that I am an investor and in the future if my father sells his properties I will have money to invest my self. I told him that I have worked on rehabbing projects with my dad and I know how to over see the different rehabbing or flipping projects. That I would need expense money and would be willing to take the bulk of the percentage at the close of the sale on the flips.

I told the real Estate agent that I did not know what the fair price on that would be so if I chose him I will let him help me work this out. If he knew of any investors who could use my help as they are busy making money to invest and I have nothing but time on my hands when I am not caring for the elderly couple. I asked him if he knew who you were and he said no. If I find he is a trust worthy agent I will introduce him to your website.

This agent is a REMAX agent and told me that he does mostly investment real estate. In fact the house he was showing at that time was for an investor who had bought it at 100,000.00 and now was selling the house at 3995,000 so I can not wait get to the part in your program about the interviewing the agent and I really like your idea of emailing him and what to say building a relationship through the web.

I need the time to write down what you are saying and send that to him in the email. Give him the questions of the buyers list and tell him how to get one, just so he thinks I am more knowledgeable than I am at this moment in time , Thank you for the keys to looking like we know what we are doing when in reality we are only students. (I know if I stick with you, Mat and your coaches in real estate investing I will one day have more knowledge than most real estate agents.)So this agent will feel that I am knowledgeable enough to help me plug into an investor. From speaking with this agent he sounds like he knows his stuff however if I word things the way you say them and send that relationship email, I believe he will really want to work with me because it will sound like I know what I am talking about as well.

This agent took down my phone number and my email address and told me if he hears of any investors who need help rehabbing or flipping he would contact me.

Dean I am not there yet but I am on my way with God's help and your heart to see us get there. With God and you on my side I can not fail. Also I am Sooo Grateful for the step up in my new program and I am really grateful for the 14 day test drive that it is still open as now I can put it on a card and I will be able to take advantage of the test drive. If I can make enough with the help of the agent and an investor I will get into your program when I can make the money needed to get there, that at this moment in time I can only afford the test drive unless God does a Major MIRACLE and God is full of them. Thank You for all You Do!!!

Your Sister In Jesus
Debra Ann

Changed mindset !

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Thanks Dean--the biggest thing you have given to us is a mindset change ! We just don't look at things the same anymore and it is so FREE-ING (it that a word?) We KNOW we can determine our own destiny now and be in control of our own "economy". It is hard work, but we CAN do it--everyone can. Yes, it would be nice if the politicians could also see and put some of these principles into action in our country, but we, the DG family CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND WE ARE !!!!

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