Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #207 - Got Presidential Election Confusion?

Are you confused about who to vote for? If so, you're not alone...but don't expect Dean to tell you how to vote. (Hey, he's not here to campaign, he is here to help you change the economy in your house!). This Weekly Wisdom is going to explain how to achieve success and give you a real boost to do so. Watch and share your thoughts below.

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DG for President

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DG for President Smiling

I love this site too!

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Dean Thank you for your weekly videos and showing us how to break though the negativity. Hoping that I am tweaking enough now that my toes are not just in the water but diving in head first!

Yes Dean, I am in total agreement with you.

It's gonna work for me, I just know it is. No matter what anyone around me is doing, or what the economy or the rest of the planet is doing, I am the one that truly has the final say in how my life is going to go. I just need to and am working to get rid of the barriers so I can improve my abilities, and regain my trust and knowledge of myself. I have said it before that I am alone with no support system. The exception is that while I have no one close at hand I do have you Dean and Joel and Dani. I get my daily and weekly feeding and nourishment from the three of you. I do not have any money to buy bandit signs so I am making them and then using a hammer and nails to put them up. I am commiting to make phone calls and signs every day and then when I go out put the signs up. I know that buyers plus motivated sellers and me as a matchmaker equals a paycheck. I am sick and tired of my gas tank being on empty and not being able to buy groceries and other basic items. I had a yard sale yesterday $161.00 and today $5.00. Its unbelievable. Say a prayer for me please.

Thank you for another Weekly Wisdom!

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Thank you Dean for taking the time to do the Weekly Wisdoms; I really enjoy watching them! They give me direction and help me set my goal(s) for the week! This week I will look at my obstacles as my stepping stones to reach my rei destiny, one stone at a time...

I am committed to learning and progressing every day,

Vote Dean in for President

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Just love your weekly wisdom! We look forward to them every week! You nailed it! Let's find solutions & stop playing the blame game! We just had an offer accepted yesterday! Yeah!!!! It's a probate house on the market for $149,000 and we first offered a ridiculous amount of $50,000 (can't even buy land in our area for that amount). Anyway, we finally agreed on $100,000 when their probate attorney said that for that price, why not just give it a family member. Originally, he didn't like the agreed price, why was our LLC from Nevada (we live in CT), the assignment clause in the contract, the contract itself, he wanted 10% down upon acceptance,& the list went on. I went to visit this attorney and by the time our meeting was over, I had him accept our LLC, our agreed price, forget the 10% down and accept our assignment clause. I also told him that as a property investor, I could use him for closings & how much would he charge? So, the deal is on & left a message with an investor who has been actively buying up real estate in the area. WOW! What a rush! We can't believe that just 6 months ago we were in Dean Graziosi seminar wanting our money back & thank God your academy hooked us up with the Edge 2011 and later our coach Eric. Just 6 short months to our first deal and in CT, of all places! Thank you so much Dean, for opening a door to our new future! You are a very special person (& you would make a Great Pres)& we just want you to know how grateful we are. You Rock! Smiling

Im right here with you!

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Im very close to the same situation in Cali! WE GOT THIS!! I'll definitely pray for you and i, and the rest of the DG family! HANG IN THERE! AND GO FOR THOSE NO's!!! Make NO's your GOAL!!!


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Tssk, tssk

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Dean I love u man, ur like a super star to me... but I couldn't help but shake my head at a comment u made this week. U said "get someone to clean the house for ur wife so she has more time to spend with the kids". Really?? What if its the wife who's making the $$? Or the single mother? Have we been shoved back in to the kitchen/motherly role instead of the successful business women we have become? Sad Sorry I wish that hadnt jumped out at me, the rest of the message was inspiring as always. Oh, and Gary Johnson 2012! lol


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i still come here every sunday night or monday morning to watch your blogs. i watched that show with joel. pretty upbeat guy huh? now you can't go and run for president 'cause you might not have time for your weekly wisdoms then so from all the dg family you're fired before you start.
we can as you say change the economy in our homes and work out from there though. i'm working hard trying to be in a much different place by next years edge.
keep moving forward, rob

Got Presidential Election Confusion?

Great message.

I too cringed at the "get a housekeeper so the wife can spend more time with the kids" comment.

Great message

Maybe when the election is over, we can move on with some good news. In the meantime I am on Dean's insiderelite site regularly, and read and listen to Joel for positive feed. So thank you Dean for all you do for us...

Thanks for the great message

Your always in the positive, so thank you for all you do for us.

Yes We Can

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You're so right about Yesses and Nos--the more Nos we get the closer we get to the Yes.

Thanks as always for this weekly wisdom



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I also think Joel Osteen is one of the greatest ministers. He has helped me get through some pretty tough times just by staying positive. You also have helped me get through tough times by helping me stay positive. I have told you before that I look forward to Monday morning so I can see what you have to say.
To me it is not a matter of yes or no. I have learned to accept "no" to get to the "yes". I know how to be patient and wait for opportunity. But, what stops me is fear. I am not afraid of loosing $10 or even $100, I live on Social Security and can't afford to loose $50,000 or $100,000. When I think of commiting myself to large amounts of money, I just stop in my tracks like a deer in front of the headlights. What can I do overcome this?

The No's will overcome

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Dean your right that the quicker you get the no's the quicker you get to the yes's. I'm working on another deal now with a triplex FMV $98000 and asking $55000. With some remodeling on the first and second floor rent will cover loan amount and finishing lower level could have between 600 to 700 a month coming in. I'm going to offer $42000 to see where there at and see what kind of no there stuck on to get to the yes.I even figured I would borrow extra to have seed money. Love this.

Thank you Dean

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I haven't made as good a decision in a long time as to join the DG Fam, especially the IE program. That has changed everything in this venture and I can feel that rearranging my mindset daily. Life has been in my way hugely for the past year, but I am taking all steps within my power to get those things taken care of, squared away, to leave me free to take laser action. I have been CRAVING freedom for years, and life is teaching me that I cannot be free until I lose my impatience and let life unfold at its own right pace. I am willing to receive, with gratitude, as many no's as it takes to get to the yesses that are out there, patiently waiting for me. Let go and let god ... but be alert and and your life! Blessings to all.


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Your so right. I watch Joel Olsteen every Sunday morning to stay motivated and I watch you every Monday morning to stay motivated.I saw the show you are talking about. I never thought about it, but you do keep telling us to get past our nos to find our yes.I think that is why I watch you every week. Just like Joel Olsteen you keep us positive and looking forward, not looking back and feeling negative because we haven't succeeded at what we want to accomplish yet.One more no and the next one might just be my YES!
Dean thanks for keeping us positive and believing we can succeed.

Fail Mightily!!

Theme of yesterday's sermon and then Dean says the same!! Reinforcement of my experience with our first deal. So many no's since last July yet we persevered and closing on our first property this week. I'm sure there will be one or two more no's until the ink is on the paper but not afraid of it anymore!! It will work out, success is right around the corner and for the next one we will be that much more informed, that much more prepared to avoid certain pitfalls. Great message Dean!! Believe me, I know it can be hard to get through without giving up but you can so KEEP GOING!! Karen

The President and The National Debt

If you were running for President, how would you use the National Debt to your advantage? In other words, how would you turn this gigantic negative into a gigantic positive? The personal economies of so many families would benefit if everyone knew how to do this. I believe you are doing a great service and thanks for being such a positive person to so many.

alright alright..

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Sorry if anyone took the "House cleaning" sentence wrong,,, apologies;-) I do these blogs from the heart and don't ever script it or over think it.. I used that reference probably and only because that is what i did in my own home for my wife.. That is our choice.. but heck, you all know me and I'm all about women empowerment;-) This is deeper for me because i wish my Mom could have had the tools I now can help deliver to so many..

In fact I love the fast that so many amazing women on this site are crushing it around the country because of we we help assist with.. And I know you guys all realize this about me.. But heck i do read all these posts and i would hate for anyone to be even slightly bothered..

Alright, now go make some damn money;-)))

My wife.

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unfortunately for me Dean, my wife does not participate in my RE business. She's just not into it. She is totally into shopping though! I need to make some serious money not just for her to go shopping but also for what you mentioned, getting her some help to clean our house and so she can take the kids out for a lunch during the week if she feels like it. what a wonderful thing it could be to go to places that people have to wait for the weekend to go to. Like a Disneyland or water park somewhere in Florida. Making money for me is just a way to make things easier in the home because I'm all about the family. I'm so glad you are friends with Joel Osteen because he really is a positive guy and I totally appreciate his message, in fact, I just met him over the weekend at his book signing here in Pasadena CA. and I was very impressed by how humble he truly is. Please don't stop helping us the way you do, I know it's time consuming but I really believe you are changing lives for the better. I am in the IE and I'm so glad I got in when I did, everything is now on track to get my first deal before Christmas and I'm so excited because I can see the light at the end of the longest tunnel I've ever been in, thanks to you Dean.
God bless you and your family.

Thanks Dean!!

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I am both a single mother and business woman. Didn't take offense in the least bit to the housecleaning comment. I was like heck yeah! It's a $10 task, pay someone else to do it so it free's my time up to do deals or spend time time with my son.

I think it's awesome you do that for your wife. Cleaning the toilets want have near the impact as an afternoon at the park with the kids. Taking those medial task off her plate therefore she's not completely exhausted/empty and still leaving her with time/energy to devote to mommy/daddy time. Just sayn....makes sense to me! Smiling win/win!! lol

Jen Gray

One of my favorite messages yet!

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Man oh man Dean - you continue to encourage and love on us. Thanks for explaining the "wife" comment, but I understood completely - we all speak from our own life experience. I know first hand how supportive you are of us women in REI! There was an article on MSN news this week about the devastating impact the economy has had on baby boomer women. Those of us who put careers on hold to raise a family and found the business world didn't welcome us back. Those who believed their husbands would support them and sadly they got divorced or the husbands died. Now they are earning $20-30K a year and struggling to make life work.
LISTEN We can fix this. REI is the answer. No one can tell you that you are too old or out of the workplace too long. Change your life! This is the vehicle. It has worked for me.
OOps - that's my current favorite soapbox.
Love and blessings to you Dean, my friend.

Preaching and TeachingT

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Hey Dean, two thinga, first we just got back from the buying summit. It was truly amazing!
We bought 6 properties and 2 notes. It was nice to shake your hand, get your book and allow Jill
and I to meet you. We know that you were anxious
to get home to your little boy, but thanks. Your
wisdom sounded very Republican, no worries, taking charge and being accountable is want you
are taching or is it preaching. Whichever,it is
good and right on.
Kevin Warner

Preaching and TeachingT

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Hey Dean, two things, first we just got back from the buying summit. It was truly amazing!
We bought 6 properties and 2 notes. It was nice to shake your hand, get your book and allow Jill
and I to meet you. We know that you were anxious
to get home to your little boy, but thanks. Your
wisdom sounded very Republican, no worries, taking charge and being accountable is want you
are teaching or is it preaching. Whichever,it is
good and right on.
Kevin Warner

Freedom is what you are giving.

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Thanks for the wisdom that you share with us. I trust that women will not feel bad about you wanting to free up there time so that they can be more productive in the things that they want to do. Your illustration of spending more time with the children was a good one because if you have children, then they have to be one of the top priorities in our lives (both for fathers and mothers). Your messages are the best when they come from your heart so please keep it up.

Great Message!!

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Thanks Dean! I agree with what you said about the candidates should be talking about how to fix this nation and not doing all the mud slinging! I really hate that part of politics, and it seems to get worse every election! I am finally working on my first deal and will be so glad when things get moving on it! It has taken me a long time to get this far, but I know that from now on it will be much easier and life will be better!
Thanks for all you do to lift my spirits.

Hey, I have to come back and add a comment.

A womans work is never done and even when roles are reversed, Mr moms work is never done. Many times a housewife or mr mom feels like hiring some help. I am alone doing it all. As I just walked to the kitchen for a coffee refill and back I surveyed my surroundings and let me tell you if I had the funds I would be calling in some help. I have never done that before but I am on overload right now with trying to do everything plus start a business. We are all in this together and we do from time to time reach our limitations. It gets to the point where some things just have to be put on hold.

My other thought and added comment has to do with getting a "no". Every Sunday night I get extra training on-line with my friend Dani from New York. Last night I was all prepared to listen again and was having computer issues. By the time I got that issue resolved and got to Dani's sight I reached a "no". Due to hurricane Sandy I could not get my on-line training with Dani. I am a believer so I know that timing had everything to do with getting that no and that even in REI we come up on some deals that are a "no". So, we can get many no before getting the yes or we can get the yes right away. Timing is very important. We have to do our part and plan and take action and the rest is in God's time.

Hey everybody, have a great day and a great week and please send prayers out to God and the universe to bring aid, comfort and peace to those in need in the path of Hurricane Sandy. The entire United States is being effected.

great site indeed

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And it is a great site indeed. I did get the perks and the bonuses, but if you don't try it out for just $1 for 2 weeks, you are missing out big time!
And yes, I also got several no's, but I love the mindset that this brings you closer to your yes! It is just a matter of time, belief, and hanging in there, and keep on keepin' on!


Hey Dean

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That does have a good ring to it, Dean for President.

It is so funny you brought up Joel Osten. When I heard that your yes is coming when I was watching Joel I was thinking this is just what Dean has been saying all along also. I do like Joel's messages even though I go to my own church I can always listen to Joel on line.

Keep up the good work Dean for us.

God bless you Dean and your family. God bless my DG family.

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