Weekly Wisdom #248 - Do Your Best

Get ready to feel the fire. This Weekly Wisdom is all about turning your “should’s” into “must’s.” Dean Graziosi is going to give you a five minute confidence makeover so you can live with excellence every day.

Check out Dean Graziosi's new article on the "Flipping Houses" shows on TV published on Huffington Post and what he really thinks.. Please comment there as well if you have an opinion or thoughts.

Out of the Rut a MUST

We live multifaceted lives with many challenges. We have just come from 14 1/2 years of caring for my mother-in-law and another 2 1/2 years administering her trust, a very stressful time of constant conflict with a brother. At times, (as the 2nd trust attorney said) there are "too many moving parts." Most of that is behind us--AND we made it through some really rough waters when we didn't think we could make it. The outcome was what we desired: the property was split, one lot sold for the brother, one lot with the house kept. Although we are still in the midst of jobs, major remodel, rental re-leasing, catching up on taxes, we have maintained our marriage-long-dream of "buy, fix up and sell," REI investing for YEARS (38 years of marriage...and a dream still to be realized). Since attending a local seminar last year, we learned about wholesaling, and other previously unknown ways to make money in RE. This past year I have been dabbling with REI, by casually viewing the Weekly Wisdoms, reading a bit of the posts and early chapters of 30 days to RE CASH (but we're still in the same rut as last year...low cash flow), but have recently sensed the slight steering out of that life's ruts, devoting more time and focus. Today, the Should to MUST message hit home in other areas, as well as REI. You hit it right on when you said that we need courage to gain confidence, and showing us how we have succeeded in the past, to energize us to the desired outcome. We've just come through some major storm challenges that prove WE CAN DO IT, incrementally, step by step. Moving forward and out of the rut, Boyd and Charlene
P.S. This is my first post. I've been a "undercover agent", working at this when my family members (naysayers) are away. heheheh!

Pumped up

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Every blog is encouraging but these six minutes were downright inspiring.

thanks dean

Dean I'm truly thankful for

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Dean I'm truly thankful for all of your great advice I'm going to become your top student. I am taking a class on september 6 and 7 in portland oregon as of today im learning nothing but real estate I truly hope everyone of our family members has a successful day I can not wait to work with you dean and for you to truly see how far I really take this If the sky is the limit im going past that some day you will truly know who Christopher Kennedy White is I promise you that

You Did It again!

Courage comes before confidence!It all boils down to ACTION. ACT-I-ON for me spells out in many words I- ACT- ON! It is about I. I . ME. I have to DO it. I have to make the shift from SHOULD to MUST. I, NOBODY ELSE. This is deep. We are programmed to live scripts written by the UNKNOWN Author(mommy, daddy. teachers. Responsibility is testing out our core, our self(or selves). It puts us face to face with that magnificent individual we see in the mirror EVERY-DAY. Responsible asks a question: Am I RESPONSE-ABLE? Am I ABLE to RESPOND to ANY CHALLENGE? The answer must be yes, because the great Creator has endowed me with all the needed tools.
Thank you Dean! Thank you Anthony for the great REMEMBRANCERS, REMINDERS that you are!!!


Thanks Dean, what you had to say is awesome and I appreciate the encouragement. Thank you for all you are doing to build people in their hopes and dreams.



My comment to WW 428
I want to start by quoting and rephrasing this week's post by Esteeanna.
1. We must rescue the viking,the explorer, inside us and
let him take us to new horizons.
2. From Dean: We must steer away, a few degrees, from our
rut routine to start changing our lives.
3. We have to change the should do's for must do's today.
4. There's nothing to fear. The route is completely
maped. We have Dean,the best guide, the best coaches
and a huge gang of guys and gals, all sailing in the
same direction towards success.

Weekly Wisdom #248

Hello Dean:
You are correct when you say that the state one finds himself or herself in can make a difference in the outcome and results obtained.
I have been experiencing some challenges which hinder my progress but I am not a quitter. I am continuing to do the things that will bring me positive results in the field of REI.
As I continue to follow your weekly wisdom, I will keep in mind that nothing worth having is achieved by the person who gives up easily; persistency, courage and faith are the needed ingredients for someone to achieve success.
Have an enjoyable two-day trip to Chicago to meet with your friend and motivational speaker, Anthony Robins.

Weekly wisdom - remembering past successes

Hey Dean - Thanks so much for the words of wisdom.
I've got some deals working. Believing to make it happen !
I'm very excited ! I know this works, I've just got to work it, follow the steps & make it happen!!

Thanks again for all you do!!!

Do your best

Thanks Dean !!!

It's starting to come together...

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Dean, it's been a while since I've posted, but this Weekly Wisdom coincided with some events that took place in my life this week, and it really rang true. I recently secured a private lender, and he is the last piece of my personal "rehab and flip" plan that I've been working on. Thanks for your constant encouragement... it really helps! And congrats on the changes to the site. Great job.


Thanks for another encouraging word. I am finally able to change my schedule around to be more flexible to work my first deal. Thanks again for your knowledge.


Awesome video once again dean....


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I dont' think we do anything in life that is a should, at least not whole heartedly - what is MUST do - we do with vigor and that yields success! It just can't hide when you don't let it.


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Thanks Dean. I know I must do my very best. There is no in between. I've fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to losing weight. I've had one (or 20) too many cheat days. That 6 pack that I was starting to see has disappeared.

I am rewriting my goals and sticking them in front if me on this again. There are certain changes I need to make and disciplines I can't bend on any more. This is the time. Now.

I have my kids home for the summer and things are a bit crazy. But I will still do this. I've closed 6 re deals this year, made over $140k in wholesales alone, rented 4 of my properties this year and a acquired my first commercial property with over $270k equity and over $2800 per month of cashflow; slowly increasing that to over $4300/mo (AFTER EXPENSES). The next 12 months I'm aiming to double that success.

Who's going to keep me on track if I don't keep myself on track first? Nothing is impossible through God who gives me strength! Sorry... Kinda went into a rage (or I digressed Eye-wink ) But it is certain I will continue to succeed! And I won't allow any of life's circumstances get in the way.

By the way, I have a deal for us. However its a standard fix and flip. Amazing ROI on the ARV. Rents aren't too shabby either for a hold if needed. But it isn't a seminar flip. I hope that won't be a problem. Deal time?


The article:"Don't Flip your Bank Account..." is very educational. The videos on house rehabbing have a lot of production make-up a lot of trickery. They are made to appeal an audience but they don't reflect reality. They are myth. Because they are streamlined to flow nice and easily someone naive might plunge to replicate the process. Big mistake. You need to learn the tricks of the trade, from the people who know,or enter into a strategic alliance with someone who knows the rehabbing business. Learning a trade requires time and dedication. Do so and be the best. Rewards will follow.

I needed this advice.

I knew this but you need a person or coach to motivate you and remind you this thoughts constantly. Thanks Dean!

Do Your Best

It all starts with Courage!! Great Weekly Wisdom.


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I have to get working on changing my
should's into must's.
Thanks for your inspiration.


Back Watching Videos

Been working too much, but finally got a chance to see this week video. Have to play catch up on the videos. Tonight. Thanks again Dean taking one day at a time.

Thank you! That was

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Thank you! That was inspiring! I MUST do real estate!


We MUST persevere! Smiling

Words No More Truer Spoken.

Hey Dean, So right absolutely, main thing is to have faith and concur it, with God all things are possible, love your enthusiasm, glad you teach all tidbits you do, very caring for your DG family thanks again have a great week, Maureen Emerson.


Dean, thank you for continuly giving your uplifts.They are of good timing and sound support and direction. Turning the wheel little by little. thank you
Enjoy & Until

Getting in State

Great commentary! I just startede reading your book, "30 days to Cash", yesterday. Today, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information so I put the book down and took action to knock down the list of "to do's". I have watched the videos, ordered business cards, and several other items listed to do in your book. You were right, the rut seems farther behind me now.

weekly wisdom #248 Do your best

This is another one I have watched a few times to remind me of my why?

Again thanks very much to you Dean Graziosi!!!



That was Completely AWESOME! ! ! !

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