Weekly Wisdom #248 - Do Your Best

Get ready to feel the fire. This Weekly Wisdom is all about turning your “should’s” into “must’s.” Dean Graziosi is going to give you a five minute confidence makeover so you can live with excellence every day.

Check out Dean Graziosi's new article on the "Flipping Houses" shows on TV published on Huffington Post and what he really thinks.. Please comment there as well if you have an opinion or thoughts.

Good insight

A good positive way to have me look within face what is stopping me. It's no one but my own fears. Thanks Dean


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this is truly good stuff... Great Weekly!

turning my should's into must's; you are so right, it will make us take charge to do whatever we need to do to get in the (mind) state where we can crush any obstacle to get to where we want to be in our rei. Simple, yet so powerful!



Thanks Dean for the inspiration. I know what I MUST do to make things happen for me. No more SHOULDS from now on. Always moving forward.

Unbelievable word again

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Unbelievable word again Dean! One thing I struggled with when I first started was not taking action because I didn't know everything and felt I had to know everything regarding REI to start. BIG MISTAKE, this really delayed me. Now, I just jump right in and ask questions as they arise. Practice makes perfect Smiling


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OK, I'm energized for the week! Thanks Dean! You must take action in order to succeed. I'm close to closing my first deal and I'm so pumped! Thanks Dean...I owe it all to you and everyone on this site. Smiling

Have a great week!!

stop watching you NO

No I don't think so. I can not afford to stop watching you. To do so would be to admit to and acknowledge defeat and failure as in loser. I can not give up. I will persevere and my day will come. I know that no one really understands my position and I am certain there are a number of people who will pass judgment on me. I can not concern myself with that because I have to focus my energy on saving myself. I know what I must do and it frustrates me that I have not been able to do it.

My Best...

I'm continuing to make those small changes daily. Thanks for reminding me that that's what is needed. Smiling

Diving in!

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I definitely needed the reminder that just a small correction with the wheel gets you out of the ruts and off on a new path. Sometimes I let it all feel overwhelming and like I have to have everything in perfect alignment to even begin. I just need to dive in! Thanks again Dean for the pump-up!

Do Your Best

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Hi Dean,

Another very motivational weekly wisdom.

" Yes We Can "

Thank You For All You Do and Give.....Smiling

You Truly Are a Good Man.......Smiling God Bless You...



Enjoyed the uplift this morning and glad you are making some changes. From the changes, I can see they are a direct result from user feedback, as I have read a few of the suggestions. Stiving to better yourself and the site - great! Energized and ready to start a new week...hope everyone out there has a great week!

Time to go to work

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Thanks For the great video's Dean. Look forward to them every week. Love everything you do...except maybe the glasses...lol.. thanks for keeping us focused and all the great education...have to be more decisive!

where I am at in my life.

1st. Thank you for the weekly wisdoms. This one is awsome also.
My wife and I plan to get going as fast as possible. We originally purchased your books. Be a realestate millionare and profit from Realestate right now. Then we purchased the 2013 edge home study course. Next we attended an event seminar of yours in Ocalla fl. About a month later a three day training in florida. We have limited funds. We talk to the help line two or three times a week. We have the website you gave us set up. http://helpful.usapropertywholsale.com
We set up the automated phone system 888-263-3923. Have some birddogs working. Have a realtor on my team, have a mortgage broker, have two major buyers.. will be calling your customer service later today to discuss $39.00 joining insider elite to see if it gets prop trend with it. Also have insiders cash ready to go. And a buider to work with as a partner. I put in 60% he puts in 40% of purchase price
He gets paid for rehab when we sell we split remainder 50/50.
I am a.over the road trucker full.time. working on this everyday from the road and then when I am home 10days each month.
I apreciate all the help you are providing. I had planned to be making 3 offers every day mon thru fri. Starting.7/29/13. But not there yet.
Any additional help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank u for all u do.

Thank you Dean

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I will have to say I like the weekly wisdom on the Sunday evening Monday morning better Dean. That is just me. I am sure others like it the way you were doing it a few weeks ago.

Everything you said this week is so right. We still have our rental properties but I have let life get in the way of doing more deals. We need to get back 100% into REI.

Thank you Dean for all that you do for us.
Steve and Veronica

insider ilite

Dean I hope you post that Insider Elite back on so we can be apart of it, time is flying by so fast, thanks, Jim

Must Vs Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda

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Dean, I can tell that Tony Robbins principles and yours reconnected. Dude you are on fire. Awesome. I listened to the webcast last week and completed the assignment. I did it a little differently. I listed every negative thing that I was told (entire life) on a yellow pad (that I remembered) and as I wrote I felt those negative things (feelings) affecting me, beginning to drag me down. After reviewing all the positive things that have occurred in my life my self esteem came back and I literally felt so much better about myself. All of this took place within an hour or so. We do become what we think about most of the time. Dean, must is a mindset for me, rather than coulda, woulda & shoulda. I don't ever want to look back and wonder what if? I want to be able to say, "I laid it all out" put it all on the line and never look back. Must places the desire into a "have to" mode and your brain, heart & soul follow. I've done it before and I will do it again. Thanks again for all you do.

Yes Dean!

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I'm so glad you changed your weekly wisdoms to Monday's again! And boy you talk about perfect timing! I do love all your videos Dean because they reach inside me to bring out the best in me! Thank you sooo much Dean for all you do give us!!

Norma :0)

WOW Dean!

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Powerful message, thank you! This is just what i needed to start the week. Be decisive in everything we do. I must exercise and I must work real estate! Thank for all you do, amazing!

Positive reinforcement

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Thanks for the constant ,positive blogs that help to remind me what we are doing here. Julie and I have come a long way since we started with the DG Family and thanks to you, we are growing our business and our lives in a most rewarding way. We just closed on two sales on Friday which gave us a very nice payday:) so we took a couple days off to travel to northern Mi for some well deserved time off.
We will be back at it this week. We love Real Estate and thank you for doing what you do!
John and Julie Wakefield

Thanks Dean

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I have been watching the Weekly Blogs .I have been changing all of my negatives that have been holding me back to making them positives . My un beliefs to beliefs that I know that I can do Real estate. I am reading the book Abundance
Again thanks Dean,and God Bless.

Negatives in our Lives!

Thank you so much for your weekly wisdom. I missed all of last month because there was a change on your end, but my end as well, I got a new job. My time was limited and I am reading thru 30 Days to Fast Cash and did the exercise on time. I'm still spending too much time doing other things like watching the news.

Your wisdom this week was powerful. I have accomplished things that were AWESOME! Thank you for reminding me how AWESOME I am and can be with this opportunity. Still negative stuff creeps in and my "mentor" works with me weekly to keep the negative stuff at bay; she is the absolute best!!! Oh she's part of the DG fam which is why she's the best!!! Thank you again for keeping me/us motivated and moving forward!!!!!!

Denise, RN

You are on Fire!

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Thanks Dean! So funny how you seem to read our minds and gives us the pep talk we need. My husband & I have been talking about must vs. should all week. How it all boils down to the do or die. You either do it 150% or don't. So, that's the approach we have been hitting on each aspect of our lives. It's so nice to come to your site where we are all on the same page. We love Anthony Robbins! We were blessed to be a part of his seminar, along with Donald Trump & Barbara Walters. We have all of his books & tapes (yes, tapes,that's how long ago we've been following him)But like everything else, if you don't put what you've learned into action, then what have you really learned? Wake up with "Today I will accomplish ________!" And you will! Thanks Dean Smiling Mary & Mark

Courage --> Confidence!!

Hey, I like the new glasses Dean!
I am in Real Estate for the rest of my life!
Thanks for the reminder to look at things I've accomplished in life, and the courage it might have taken to do it! This practice must make me more confident plus I am adding gratitude for the courage and confidence!
Enjoy your day!
from Barb


Great Topic Dean....Again your discussion brings to mind the change that I have not welcomed in my life that has been going on the past 5 months and still continuing. I have an attitude that is "Whatever it Takes" and I don't have any problem regarding change since this change occured, I can do anything I make my mind up to do/If it has to be its up to me...But...this change in my life occurring for 5 months has been different for me. After I read the CH on change in Totally Fulfilled it gave me the kick in the.....that I really needed....I have a different outlook regarding the change I am going through....I still struggle in welcoming and working through this change though....I MUST WELCOME whatever unexpected / expected change comes my way....it is for a purpose...I just need to give it all that I have in order to find a resolution....AS I MOVE UP THE LADDER OF LIFE AND BUSINESS I MUST WELCOME ANY CHANGES (EXPECTED OR NOT) AND CHALLENGES BEFORE ME IF AM TO EVOLVE / GROW Thanks Dean/DG FAM Have a great week!!


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Dean is en fiego about real estate! On fire...
We must locate buyers for the deals we have in southern AZ. We must make offers on the foreclosures right in our own backyard.
We must have positive cash flow in this great time of real estate opportunity.
Goal setting for the week,
Thanks Dean!


Excellent words of wisdom. Thanks again.

Should = Must

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What a great reminder this morning Dean! Thanks for another great jump start to the week

Weekly Wisdom "Courage"

Dean, you always make me feel like I could slay the Giant. Please don't stop doing what you do!

Tell me - What has happened to us?

I received this and was directed to share it so I am doing a copy/paste.

Chart A Course For Adventure!
Yesterday we were in Oslo, Norway. Next to touring Israel, this is one of the best places I've been able to see and experience. This is definitely in the top 10 places I would recommend visiting.
There is an amazing amount of history here. The first thing we did was tour a museum where they have the boats the Vikings used. They are gorgeous, and the engravings on the ships are so interesting. The history here is even more profound to me than the ancient ruins in Greece.
There are a lot of interesting facts you learn when you travel around the world. For instance, did you know the Vikings were in North America about 400 years before Christopher Columbus? They have found the boats and artifacts from that time. There are stories floating around out there, and there are artifacts to prove the stories are actually true in a lot of cases.
We went to another museum where we heard a story of a man 100 years ago who wanted to sail to the North and South Poles. He came up with the design for a ship that could actually be taken onto the ice with the current. It worked and he accomplished his goal. We got to watch a short film about this man and his journey to the North and South Poles.
There were 2 things I walked away with from these museums:
First, it is amazing what God has given mankind so we can do things that would otherwise be humanly impossible. As we were knitted in our mothers' wombs, we were given certain gifts and talents. It is crazy what some people choose to do with that, and what others choose not to do with that.
Here in Norway, they are known for sailing and exploration. They have this crazy, adventurous spirit that says, "Nothing is impossible!" Come on, think about it! I think it's kinda nuts to jump into a handmade boat and say, "Hey, let's go west and see what's over there!" They sailed for months at a time, and they found land nobody else had ever seen. They didn't even know if they would come back alive.
The second thing that was brought to mind was this: We used to have this adventurous, conquering spirit that must explore, but it has been diminished to nothing more than taking the boat out on the weekends or trying a new dish at a restaurant.
There is a wild, crazy desire that was put in human beings to explore, to be adventurous, to conquer fears, to do something others have never done and even to risk their lives finding ways to make the world a better place.
This makes me wonder what has happened to the human race. What have we done with that adventurous spirit? How many people think, "I'm going to conquer my fears. I'm going to discover something that has never been seen." Where is that today?
It's really mind-boggling to me. We've gone from the Vikings who set off to explore and ended up in North America, to the man 900 years later who sailed to the North and South Poles, and then look where we are today. Today we sail for leisure, not for adventure.
Where is your adventurous spirit? What are you using it for? Watching an action movie at the movie theater? Playing video games? Are you using your adventurous spirit to flirt with addictions and things that can hurt you?
Or are you using your adventurous spirit to dare to do something nobody has ever done before? Are you using it to become successful without sacrificing your family, fun or health? Are you using your adventurous spirit to travel around the world and experience history and culture for yourself?
Maybe you've always had a desire to write a book, to build an orphanage or to start a successful business. There is so much that has been planted inside of you, and adventure is one of those things. It has been part of human life since the beginning of time. But the question is, what are you doing with yours?
Are you conquering fear by stepping out and doing something unusual and different? Or have you settled for a mundane, mediocre, boring lifestyle, just passing time here on earth? This is an important question we all need to ask ourselves.
This is a great conversation to have at the dinner table tonight. Print this out and read it to your family and take the time to really discuss this topic. Pass this along to your friends and co-workers, as well!

Thanks Dean!

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Thank you for another great "pick-me-up" for the beginning of a new week! You are so right and it's soooo needed by me and probably most of us if we are honest with ourselves. It's great to be a part of the DG family! Thanks again.

keep banging away

I've made about 10 offers and all of them have been rejected. The inventory of fixer uppers is really small in my area because there are so many people looking to profit from the buy and flip strategy.

However, I'm not going to give up. I know that I need to make 25 offers to make one deal and I'll keep banging away at it. Dean's videos are great and I've bought 2 of his books to educate myself in this slow period. His books are very motivating and provide a clear path to success. Ill not surrender to all the people who are negative about what I'm doing. Even realtors have told me I can't do what Dean says we all can do. A couple even refused to work with me saying they were experts in this business and what I'm doing will not work. I've found others who are more than happy to work with me.

Thanks for your inspiration Dean!

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