Weekly Wisdom #248 - Do Your Best

Get ready to feel the fire. This Weekly Wisdom is all about turning your “should’s” into “must’s.” Dean Graziosi is going to give you a five minute confidence makeover so you can live with excellence every day.

Check out Dean Graziosi's new article on the "Flipping Houses" shows on TV published on Huffington Post and what he really thinks.. Please comment there as well if you have an opinion or thoughts.

Lately, I've been feeling

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Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed due to my current living situation but after watching your video I have to admit, you are absolutely right. So, this is what I've decided to do. I brought my kids to my eldest daughter because my fiancé and I needed the time to do the things that needed the most attention in order to advance into a better state of living. Furthermore, to put ourselves in a position to pursue a job for my fiancé so we will both be working and able to buy and keep a vehicle. The vehicle will be my first true step into real estate. We will be able to get around and it will be easier on my fiancé instead to taking the bus back and forth to drop the kids off and go to work. I will be able to pinpoint the key steps I need to make, lock it in and just go with it.

i want but i have to

thank you Dean for that i need all the encouragement i can get what perfect timing

I have dabbled with real estate investing for too long.

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I must put in the work required to make my real estate investing business generate consistent, ever-increasing monthly income. Living a life of mediocrity is unacceptable for me. Thanks for the inspirational kick Dean.

Getting Excited & Ready To Go Faster!! Thank You Dean :)

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Thank you Again Dean, Awesome Weekly Wisdom as Always ! I always start my week with your weekly wisdom Videos, " Nice Glasses By The Way " Welcome to the Club Dean LOL Smiling
I have not posted for a couple weeks ( Shame on Me ) I have been working a couple Buy & Holds out of state Deals for Cash flow, & Also getting my Army of Bird dogs in Place ( 68 is the current # & Growing ) Web sites, handymen, new realtors ,Busy Busy , But an Awesome Busy:) Lining my Ducks up ! & working to keep the Naysayers at Bay, Out Of My Way Nayayers !!
Have A Great Week Everybody,
Smiling Thank You Again Dean & Our Entire DG Family Smiling
Darren from Calif.

should into must

Thanks again Dean, this is exactly what I need
today. Because my should is a must. I really appreciate the weekly wisdom you bring us each week. So please don't stop motivating us to take action.

Making Life's Important things a MUST!!!


I can say that this could not be more true for us. We (Me and my family) have all looked for ways to improve, to go faster, to get where we want in many areas of life. The one thing we have been missing is that MUST attitude. We have pushed, pulled and excused our way around the MUST and now we have no excuses left.

We are about to close on our first deals and it is because of the training, the support and then most of all, the MUST! We MUST have my wife retired by the end of September and we are well on our way to making that a reality.

Thanks Dean for all you do. Thanks for your help and most of all, your team and your system that when followed is hugely successful for us all.

excellent blog

Thanks for all your inspirations. Your education is great, I like seeing the blogs again on Monday mornings.Take care Carol in Texas

Thank you Dean for another pearl from your treasure

That is true, that we have to act not just thinking or planning, so if we put ourself in a bound that we must have to do it than it would be easier.

Your blogs always give me more confidence and courage.

What do you say about Detroit, MI files for bankruptcy ? Should we buy property overthere?
I got a few good deals from Property Direct.
Even though I have already bought in the last buying summit in 2012. should I sell it and buy in Detroit which can give more rental money?

Thanks again for everything.

Shoaib from Canada

248 video

Well said Dean,,,, Tony inspired me in 1992' he got me started,,, 1Thing very important, contacts is the key, & never giving up, u can't do it on your own, network all the time, it's a must, this coming from an owner of a laundromat, few rentals, & paper assets that cash flows. Power teams have always ,,,w/out xceptions kept me out of harms way, this week finally found partnership,, I would have loved to partner w/Matt. Met him at the inner circle, felt that honesty & loyalty in him,,,, that's a real ,,,street smart. Individual,,,, being an Air Force retired veteran, that's the kind of leader I want to be around to ensure our mission is accomplished, well explained dean,,, thank u so much.........

I really want to know what I am doing wrong.

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I'm all in...have been for 10 months. This is what I do full time. Just this. And things aren't going as I would have hoped.

I've spent lots of money but haven't brought in a dime other than from the one rental I had previously. And the one that I just finished rehabbing found out I can't sell it for more than I put into it. The comps STILL support my decision to buy this. Had hoped to flip but have to hold for a rental till the market turns in that area.

I have:

Supportive Spouse - :}

Buyers List - Good hungry cash buyers in two states

Bandit Signs - Just starting this program again after all the others I made mysteriously disappeared. Made one of those bandit sign staple systems to get them high on the polls. (I love that thing)

Branding - Beautiful Logo, Website, Business Cards, and people are starting to say "I've heard your name."

Website - Professional

Social Media - Facebook, Linked-In, Investor websites

Marketing - Bandit Signs, 100's of Flyers, Mini WE BUY HOUSES Yellow pin up signs anywhere I can pin or tape them. Most importantly: I talk with everyone. I had the waiting room at the eyeglass repair shop all wanting my cards on Saturday.

Investment Clubs - I stand up in front of the group for the haves and wants and am creating relationships

Craigslist - Three states, at least 3 ads each. I do want to get that auto responder thing going

Systems - I know what to do, when to do it, and where to put it when I am done.

Driving for Dollars - I have a weekly list of trash days and drive through the neighborhoods to find abandoned houses. I create awesome lead sheets and provide them to my cash buyers. They are not having success in reaching the owners even when I provide address, telephone numbers, Facebook pages, etc. So I send out yellow letters. No responses.

Knowledge - I've been doing this for 4 years now. I keep up to date. I talk to other investors, watch seminars and how-to's. I have business knowledge, and both of my parents were geniuses.

Drive - I'm like the energizer bunny here...but need to get recharged with some inflow of cash.

Home Office - New laptop, printer/copier/scanner/fax. All the office supplies I could need.

And usually a positive attitude - God, Dean's Videos, Tony Robbins, The Secret, The Magic, 10 Habits of Highly..., etc.

Two things I can identify is the lull in bandit sign usage. And the biggie: I'm not putting in offers. The main reason is I am not finding motivated sellers. The second is that of the few that I have found; It was not in their best interest to sell me their property. They had other options that were better for them.

So I'm running out of options here. Please help.

Make it a Must

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Thanks again Dean! Today I had decided to get things taken care that where a MUST and it was amazing how much progress I made. I got every MUST accomplished today and it feels awesome! Thank you again for your positive messages that we can look forward to weekly, i am truly grateful!

Good Stuff Dean!

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I do that all the time. In fact, I'm excited about my future because of my past. I will admit that sometime I take too long to get going but I always seem to find a reason to get up and get going again. When I do, I always seem to make money.

Can't explain right now why I do what I do, but I do know that the good Lord gave me the dream to be a Real Estate Investor. And I do know that with his help I can do anything! How do I know, because over the last 20 yrs I've had a net worth of over $750K in real estate. Generated mostly with No Money Down. While the market has manage to crush most of that I have Millionaire Aspirations and I am comimg back Bigger and Better!

In fact, I'm up again in pursuit of flipping Luxury Deals to generate $100K by 1 Mar 2014.

It's Possible!


As always your weekly wisdoms are a pick me up but this one strikes right to the heart of the matter. My wife and I have just joined Deans inner circle and are once again in the success academy. WHY you ask? BECAUSE WE MUST DO REAL ESTATE it is not a question of can we or will it work WE MUST DO REAL ESTATE this is the only option we will accept we have committed ourselves to this our mind set is right and the time is NOW WE MUST DO REAL ESTATE thanks Dean see ya soon

definitely keeps people

definitely keeps people fired up!

Thank You Dean!

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Thank You Dean for the inspirational message. I reallly needed it. It was such a coincidence that you sent this weekly wisdom message because I had went out today to look at a couple of houses that I can see potential in. One house I saw(property was dropped down to 18K) and I really like to grab but it needs to be finish with renovations. I know for sure that I can come down on the price some more on the house due to what I saw from the outside and the pictures from the inside. But this was the kicker, I started questioning myself, if I can do it. I started getting a little fear in me because, I'm saying to myself, You don't have the money to finish the repairs and you don't want to be stuck with a house that needs to be finished. So as I'm questioning myself throughout the day, I see your weekly wisdom message, and "WOW" Dean, you were saying "YOU CAN DO IT". I want to say "THANK YOU" for your message today because I reallly needed to hear some inspiration. So, I'm going back to the drawing board and analyze some more on my strategic plan (I'm pretty good with analyzing) and take some action to see where my options are with getting this house. Thank you again Dean for your message and God Bless.

Change is good.

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Hey Dean,
Good afternoon. I have noticed Subtle changes here already. I used to watch these and get energized by the site. I begain to feel that way again. PUMPED! I took away a few things I'm going to work on. I've had a great day now I get to make it a great night.Thanks again.


weekly wisdom 248

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thank you dean , starting a little slow , not that im not interested , I want this so bad I can taste it but the thing stuck in my head is the one with matt Larsen and how he made the $1500.00 deal and didn't use none of his money, he was like the middle man on that deal , I would love to see that again a couple of times over to see exactly every step he did, thank you again.

Courage and Confidence

Thanks Dean for those words of wisdom. We definitely need the Courage to remove any fears we have about REI.This will next lead us into the Action Mode because now we believe and then our actions will give us Confidence from those experiences, makes alot of sense, so lets do this DG FAMILY!!!!!!

Thank You Dean !!!

Hi Dean I like those glasses on you !! Nice !!!
Well thank you for ALL you do for US !!!
That was awesome !!
Transforming the mind !!

Thanks for your inspiration and teaching us !!!

Be blessed !!!Smiling)))



Much Needed Wisdom

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Thanks Dean! I needed this push very badly as I was doubting if I could even do one deal. My prevalent thought this week was talking to people is not my strength, how can I ever be good at this? But as you said, if I turn my should into must it creates action. Again, thank you. I will not give up!


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Thanks Dean, I've been letting life get in the way! So I must push other things aside and I must get back on track with real estate!

First Post :D

Your message to do things with 100% commitment (not just half-way) resonated loud and clear! I need to stay connected to my dream at all times, and hearing this from you just reinforced that exact thing!

Thank you Dean!

makes u really think?

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thanks dean,you are so right.thanks for this site.i always been outgoing& think outside the box when I was younger.but somewhere in my mid 20's I let my drive & dreams fade aways with dead end jobs,not positive friends,and stinking thinking.well I remembered matts story.i could relate to it real well.im also a machine operator.under paid&the company downsizing.my next raise is in jan.i always wanted to have financial freedom to do what I want to do.i been to the 3 day sim.read your books.its been over 1 1/2 yrs.since me and my mother started.now its time to just jump in and go for it.i cant wait for a next raise.to get a quarter more.im doing me!




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I agree, you must allow courage to take you where you need to go. And the rest will follow. . .

Do Your Best Take Action

Thank you Dean. You are correct always DO YOUR BEST...and TAKE ACTION. Taking the next step in live is not easy it take a lot of courage. This is it no more time wasted I MUST DO IT! I appreciated all of your work. I'm making 4 offers tomorrow.

Change is a Good Thing!

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Hi Dean:

The feeling I got when I decided to Divorce my Husband was one of the best things I have ever done. Talk About True Freedom. I did the Happy Dance through the Courthouse to Take My Maiden Name back again. The best $10.00 I ever spent. I had the right kids, but married the wrong man.
We go through all kinds of changes in out lives, so just make up our minds to do it. Look at the situation and make the change for the better.

Thank you Dean. Kathy Wensel


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Thanks Dean for sharing, there are so many things in my life I was scared of and I overcame that obstacle. I was scared of new changes but since we have become apart of the DG family, I haven't once been scared because it starts with your mindset. The best thing we did first was change our mindset of what we have been trained our whole life. It takes courage to do this but my husband and I haven't stopped and will never stop, this is our life now and on the road to financial freedom. I quit my job last week now I can focus on RE instead of making money for other people.

Very Motivational Dean!

Hey Dean,

Quick question for you: Do you know about "The Secret"? It seems that a person like you would know. Just wanted your comments on this.


Steve Saca

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