Weekly Wisdom #248 - Do Your Best

Get ready to feel the fire. This Weekly Wisdom is all about turning your “should’s” into “must’s.” Dean Graziosi is going to give you a five minute confidence makeover so you can live with excellence every day.

Check out Dean Graziosi's new article on the "Flipping Houses" shows on TV published on Huffington Post and what he really thinks.. Please comment there as well if you have an opinion or thoughts.

Thanks for the Inspiration!

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Thanks Dean for this weeks weekly wisdom. You have inspired mne to reread you Totally Fullied book and do the steps in it again! Success is my only goal right now. Failing is not an option!

Tony Robbins

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Hey there Dean..

I love Tony Robbins stuff... "A rut is a grave with no beginning and know end"... "If you say you can't then you must!!"" He is a great motivator!!

I have not really found anyone like him as far as MOTIVATING people to take action despite their fears until I came across your infomercial!!

Then your 3 day seminar..
Then your weekly wisdoms..
Then DGIE!!!


I have to thank you for "WAKING THE GIANT WITHIN" ME!!


PS SInce the seminar in April I have closed on one house and have 2 more in a package deal ready to close this month..

MY GOAL 21 houses in 21 months!!

Im pushing to stay on track...


Good advice. Still procrastinating but will do my best to get out of the rut this week.

Must, Must and... Must

Thank you for the inspirational and motivational message. I used to be mostly at "must" stage looking back at my life and now after being hit in few major aspects of my life, I am fearful because I feel that I am the main factor in all the things that happened in my life for the past couple of years. I am in a mix of must and should stage in every aspect of my life now and all of a sudden Dean Graziosi showed up in my life. I feel like you came into my life for a good reason and not only of that,but at the right moment. I want to make it right but I feel overwhelmed by too much information that I want to grasp from the 3 day class and then BOG, and trying to connect the dots, to understand how investing in real estate really works coupled with the steps I've already taken to apply what I just learned.

Thanks again for the weekly wisdom messages.

Confidence booster!!!

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You made excellent points Dean, when I think back to everything I accomplished I did it with confidence knowing I was going to accomplishment and I didn't have prior experience in anything. So with that being said I know I can come at REI the same exact way and be successful. Thank you Dean, I really needed to hear this weekly wisdom.

A Wise Man told me

A dear, dear friend of mine has a saying that covers a lot of territory in a few words.

"Thou shall not should on thyself."

Thanks for a great message to start our week with.

Fighting through the crap that life is throwing my way

Thank you for the message Dean. I'm still engaged, just having trouble receiving your messages since you made changes to your website last month. I'm not giving up.


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"Courage leads to confidence. One needs to have courage to take action, confidence follows".

Thank you for the great tid bit Dean Smiling

Nice Dean!

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Good stuff, life has been of course wanting to win, but yes I am finding my why again & making it happen, getting more prop's under contract even if my buyers list was weak & falling on my face again Sad and making offers again here in So Cal why not right, if Tammy can do it so can I. God bless Dean you and yours.

Great Weekly Wisdom

Thanks Dean for all of your motivation and insight, Thanks for being a motivating force.

Paying it forward

From Tony Robins tapes... to Marine Corps Drill Instructors... to Amway "caBillionaires"... now Dean Graziosi. By the grace of God, I can't wait to pay it forward. Thanks DG.

Working on it!!

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Already started implementing my changing "Should DOs" to "Must DOs". Powerful message both on the WW as well as the livecast. Thanks for both.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

PS: Dean, I know I have missed posting on a few of the WW but rest assured that I do watch each one. Wouldn't miss it. BTW, Nice new glasses Eye-wink You see, I do notice Laughing out loud


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Great message in this week's weekly wisdom. I realized that sometimes I have forgotten how great I have been in the past when I set my mind and focus to a particular task. It is tough to juggle so much nowadays with 2 kids and a household to run. Need to remember to believe in yourself!

Weeklty Wisdom #248

Hello Dean:
I have been side-tracked by certain challenges in my life; but, despite the circumstances, I will continue to do the things that will bring me positive results in the field of REI.
As I continue to follow your weekly wisdom, I will keep in mind that nothing worth having is achieved by the man or woman who gives up easily; persistency,courage and faith are the needed ingredients for a man or woman to achieve success.
Have a wonderful two days in Chicago as you meet with your friend and motivational speaker, Anthony Robins.
Thanks Dean for this week's inspiring and motivating topic.

Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean for the inspiration,Thank You For All You Do and Give, Powerful message,Thank you so much for your weekly wisdom

Weekly wisdom #248 Do Your Best

Wow that was another one of your inspirational videos that I learn from to do something with it.

Thank you again.

Google gmail

Thank you for the "friendly warning" about Google and especially how to go into the settings and unselect all except "Primary".
I'm new(last four yrs.) to the internet, facebook, etc., so this was really helpful.
In addition; thank you for ALL YOUR WEEKLY
WISDOMS, I hope to have the courage to take action this week.

weekly wisdom

Sounds so good. I`m looking forward to some calls on the bandit signs going out this weekend. Get out there and do it.

great to be here

Hey Dean, Love your inspiration. and yes it's time to stop making excuses and start doing even if its only one step at a time. Read all your books, been a seminar junkie, tried a few things that made me almost give it up because in my mind they didn't seem to work. But never gave up. Now its time to do what works for me and listen to your DG family and you.

Ain't done yet...

Dear Dean,
I'll fess up right now that life has been eating me up for the last couple of months - and I mean with knife and fork! I have been thinking seriously of taking a second full time job, just to get us out of debt. Just wanted to say thank you for the head check. I married the sweetest woman I have ever met 21 years ago, and it scared me to death to go ask her. I've been sober for thirty-two years now, but I was terrified to go and ask for help. We may be broke and in debt up to our eyeballs right now, and things may look really bad, but God's got us this far, I got to figure we ain't done yet!


You are spot on Dean. I gain more courage and confidence everyday by just jumping right in and doing it. I haven't closed on my first deal yet but I will get there. I'm making offers and looking for deals everyday. Thanks for the lift.

Mo. Girl

Anthony Robbins

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Thanks Dean.

Gonna have to revisit the Anthony Robins audios again Smiling

Doing it right

Thanks Dean for this week wisdom My fears is the cause of not making any deals with the owner seller I met a lot of elderly who wants to sell their homes and still looking for buyers I really want to help them but need legal help thanks for giving me help to take action

Reading "Start: Punch Fear in the Face"

Funny, I was just discussing this with a friend today. She asked how I've broken through fear and I told her I try not to think about it until after I've taken massive action.

I was dared to go down a 120 foot water slide straight down while at Disney World. I climb the steps and waited with all the others, totally distracting myself from the mission at hand. When I got to the top, I just followed the instructions: cross you feet, cross your arms, lean back, and push off. Then, holy sh*t, down I went like the preverbal bat out of you-know-where. I refused to think about it until I pushed off because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it.

I do the same thing in real estate. I mail out letters or post cards or hang bandit signs without even thinking of being afraid to answer the calls, because, let's face it - folks are going to call and what the heck am I going to say? It's scary! What will I do if they WANT to sell? Well, I just mail the letters and put out the signs. I don't let myself think about the calls until AFTER I've taken action. Then, I get that lump in my throat, but go get my little script and wait for the calls. Take action first, let yourself be scared after, because if you let fear stop you, you'll never start!

What Will Be!

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Thanks for reeling me back in with a reminder of what "will be" and "what I will accomplish" by sticking to my guns.

Thanks. Got side tracked for awhile.

Tony is one of the Best!

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Hi Dean,

Your absolutely right it have to be a Must attitude to see results! I have Tony Robbins CDs and have seen him live twice. He's had a major impact on my life helping me get through some very challenging times. And, if you reflect on all the hard times you been through and overcame it, it just shows how resilient you are.

I was just in Phoenix, it would have been great to meet you. I'm there often do to my job as a Flight Attendant. If there is ever any opportunity to meet with you, I would love to do so!

My goal for this month is to put out 25 good offers & hopefully close on a deal!


How do I find comments I make after they are posted? Would like to see if the are actually on the list!!!

confidence and courage

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Dean I want to thank you for your weekly wisdom videos. I just viewed wisdom #248 and you so inspire me. I need to get out and get my feet wet to get over my fear. We are going to our first R.E. Investing Club meeting and looking forward to it. Hope to learn more info from other investors. Also to go to an auction. But with work its very hard to find the time. I know I need to. My plan is to retire in less than 5 years.

Thank You very much for inspiring me

Life's beating me up

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Am so being beaten up by life right now, and it makes my schedule so unpredictable, that I sometimes don't even have time to plan dinner, and eat either very very late, or don't eat at all.
In the process of moving out of State. My husband is already there. We are paying mortgage and rent, so money is really really tight. I'm staying behind trying to sell my house, getting lots of traffic, but not one single offer. We've reduced our price 3 times. Things are just not happening right now. Gotta get my house sold, so I can move and join my husband, pay off some debts.

Love your posts - always - can't wait to start doing RE in my new State. But I have to get there first!


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I did notice the changes on the site and your new glasses. Courage, I am looking back and you have given me the confidence in all areas of my life. I MUST make OFFERS. Attack it is a MUST.
Thanks for getting in my face about posting a comment, it shows you really do care.

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