Weekly Wisdom #335 - Do You Want My Personal iPad?

Do you want to win my personal iPad Mini and learn how you can overcome any obstacle in your life in 4 minutes?

Better watch this week's Weekly Wisdom before the offer is gone!

big fear

becoming successful then falling back to some ways that I should not have done.........scarey ......tat is 1 drawback but with the encouragement of fellow investors I should have the best chance of not falling back but going forward with positive dreams that will become my reality......also setting this up to take care of my Mother at 82 years old starting to show classic signs of Alheimers disease which requires a nurse to help with her personal female needs......so in closing, I along with others deserve your generous offering.......thank you for the opportunity to respond........

Biggest fear

Hi Dean;

I am a single parent with 4 boys still at home and one of my biggest fears is if I do try to branch out to do somthing more to better the lives on my kids as well as myself is loosing money. You see I am in my second carrier and have only been working as a Certified Medical Assistant for only 3 years (not a big take home paycheck). So if I decide to invest in some other venture, I need to make sure that it will be a winner for me and my kids. I tried a venture with a friend that did not work out very well and lost too much money that took too long to recover.

Clyde R Gallagher CMA (AAMA)

FEAR the obstacle between my ears.

My Biggest Obstacle, fear. Fear of loosing $$$.
I am 57 years old and a Cdn investor and have put a lot of $$$ blindly in some training programs. I fear it may have been a waste. I do not want this fear to take over me. I fear it is, slowly. I have doubts about this guru and that guru and wasting more $$$$. I don't really care about the ipad as much as I care about overcoming my fear. I know I have to just take that leap and I know I will.


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