Weekly Wisdom #338 - The #1 Thing Holding You Back From That NEXT Level...

Stop dreaming!! Have you ever heard that before? Maybe even from someone who is close to you?

I once asked in a survey to my students what the #1 thing holding them back from the next level of life was and you know what the #1 answer was?

Negative people in their lives!!

WOW!! But I understand... I think we all do!!

No matter if it's a person or the world around you, go watch the Weekly Wisdom video I just posted that shows you a way to eliminate that in your life now and forever!!

It took me years to master this and now you can learn it in under 3 minutes. Go watch now!!

Internal Handicap

If anyone actually listens to the criticism coming from others, then that is the handicap of the listener. This world is full of evil and negative things. The only way to overcome it is to be insensitive and ignore any and everything not concerning your well being. No one can change this world or its ways. The blame should not be squarely placed on the external negative things or people; the weak link in the equation is internal and how we process them. If we observe, we'll realize that most successful people are callous, greedy, conceited, self-centered, and to a certain extent, sociopaths. Politicians and other high profile individuals are perfect examples of the types of people who possess these traits. Taking into account other people's thoughts, actions, and reactions is a failed approach. Yes, some people are natural born sociopaths, in fact, it is estimated to affect up to 5% of the world's population. For them, it is very natural to do things and act out without fear of the consequences, however, for the rest of us, it's a daily challenge. The path to success in any field requires total dedication to one's self interests and concerns. In short, success requires artificially induced sociopath-like traits to serve your own narrow objectives.

Excellent Weekly Wisdom!

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Appreciating our naysayers helps us all reach a new level in our journey.

Thanks Dean for all you do to help inspire me to be the best me.

Make it a great week!


As Dean notes, the bottom line is that we all want to be understood, no matter what level we are operating at. Unless you dig deeper into the naysayers upper layer negativity, neither of you can truly break through the impasse. You have to ask questions, listen carefully, don't judge, and then talk calmly. Easier said than done but oh so critical.

Thank You Dean

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Thanks for the tip and oh so easy but yet so difficult to do. I will add it to my tool belt for sure! Although I dont have naysayers directly, I know them as you explain them, in our family, to be because of how they are brought up...Its better for me not to tell them my dreams at all because of their general naysaing attitudes. Sometimes for me it is better to avoid talking to them about what my dreams are because in the past, they would give me the sound parental advice we give our children, so well meaning yet so dissabling.

Sad outlook

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You have a very negative and sad outlook on life. In order to take on the personality of a successful person it is NOT necessary to become self-centered and egotistical. That is basically what you said. That attitude does not have the ultimate outcome that you want. Those traits have other things that come with them. You may have success but you have also all the baggage that comes with selfish behavior. Dean is a perfect example of a successful person who did not have to be a sociopath or self-centered to do it. You need to pull yourself out of that kind of negative thinking if you are going to be successful.


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Thanks again Dean...I have a friend who is king of the >>You cant do that<< group without any knowledge of whats going on in real estate investing...he's becoming a big part of my "Why I will do this"...Dan Maines in Seattle..

Can't give $40,000 + away

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I have followed this site and others for a while and have a whopping one rental property which does have a little cash flow, great. But I made the big leap and put a house under contract for over $50,000 below appraised and can't get it resold. It is a fully furnished beautiful 3/2 lake house that does not need any repairs of any kind. I am offering it for sale at $184,500; $54,500 below appraised value and cannot get it sold. Major frustration! I have it posted on 3 different CL sites, word of mouth etc. I am about 4 weeks away from losing my $1,000 earnest money. Any suggestions????????

Brilliant post, Dean!

I love this reminder to always seek to understand, rather than to be understood. You're right; it changes everything -- and all for the better.

Dean your energy is so energized

As I was listening to your weekly wisdom I was thinking to myself have I ever observed someone for a whole week and the answer is I don't think so. I don't have a spouse to observe but I have negative people around me with life and real estate and I never thought to observe them for a week.

I think that is an absolutely positively genius idea to understand where they are coming from to understand why they don't understand where I am coming from with life and real estate. Actually I think at the same time I will observe myself too for a week.

You are the bomb baby Dean!
Thank you! very! much!

LL Southern Califonia

Great Video!!

Loved this video and feel that I can overcome all those naysayers in my life that tell me "I can't" do something or "that will never happen" I believe that I can and believe that it WILL happen. Thank you so much.

Great job Dean! I am waiting

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Great job Dean!
I am waiting for audio so I can listen when I walk.

Keep it up!

Get to the ROOT

Thank you Dean for another great week of wisdom. Understanding what is going on with negative people in my life.Listening to them may help me move forward.thank

Once again, another timely message for me.....

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I recently visited a friend who, at the moment, is not doing real well in his life due to a previous bad choice he made. I had tried previously to get him involved with me in RE but he wasn't interested. He & I are like "brothers from a different mother" but he was one of my "naysayers" who I had to distance myself from in order to get my RE career in gear. Needless to say, the time apart weighs heavily on my heart now that I see what has happened. I take solace in knowing that whether I was there or not, things would not have changed but I hate to see my "brother" go through this. I want to try to once again get him involved here and maybe with this information and tactic, I can help him get back on track. The best I can do is try.

Thanks Dean, for another great WW. Smiling

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

why is that?

Why is it that with all the knowledge I (we) acquire here I (we) are still in the same place, could it be laziness, maybe, could it be fear ya? could it be "Procrastination" again maybe, Why can't I step out of this box I'm in and take that step I need to make the difference, the negative doesn't bother me, I can deal with that in fact people in my life are pretty supportive no matter what it is we venture to do so no issue there - you've laid out the path to follow and yet , even though I see and understand I take no "Action" - Why is that?


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Very cool Dean thank you! Been trying to figure out how to talk with my husband and you did help! God bless you and your family!

Great weekly wisdom

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Thanks for sharing the tool to understand our naysayers Dean. I guilty on always trying to fix someones negative mindset but fail to try to understand them and why this negative thinking has taken place.

The #1 Thing Holding You Back From That NEX

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom....Smiling

But no surprise to me that the # 1 answer to your survey as to what holds people back is " The "Nay Sayers in our life " for sure everyone has them........Sad

Thank you for caring Dean, keep doing what you are doing, People are listening, and paying attention.....xo


I can't tell you this lesson

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I can't tell you this lesson alone saved my marriage. My husband and I are now working side by side learning real estate and building a better future for our family. Thanks Dean

Dean nails it!

So true about naysayers if we entertain them and allow them to drag us down then we have only ourselves to blame. I like how Dean advocates listening from their place of fear not yours, thank them for their information and if there is any valuable nuggets to gleem then take them and run with it.

its really motivating, as i

its really motivating, as i heard somewhere on the internet that if you dont build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.!!!

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