Weekly Wisdom #344 - (SUCCESS) Undeniable Timeless Truths…

If you look throughout history, technology changes but people don’t... There is an undeniable foundation to success that allows some people to succeed while others simply can’t.

And today I want to discuss that for you in a quick video that I think will spark excitement for your day, your week and your year.

Watch now!

And remember to leave me a comment about what you think! Love hearing from my DG family Smiling

Thank you Dean

Your weekly wisdoms are so positive to me and give strength to me to stay focus. I have learned many things from you for what you have shared with all of us and all of your students too.

I am truly grateful to you for your sites your books and you.
Today is another good one.

Thank you very much!!!

LL Southern California

What's up Dean!

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Thank for the inspiring weekly wisdom!

Looks like you've been having a great time in Del Mar. Cool periscope video the other morning. There something about the beach that calms and relaxes me it s great place to unwind and perfect for morning jogs on the sand!

Ben Franklin is a true pioneer and very inspiring! I look forward to reading his biography.

Brendan's videos ROCKED, thanks for the emails.

Make it great week!

Thanks Dean

Persistence, follow my heart and make it happen.
Got it.

A prior weekly wisdom still grabs me in a big way. Practice and hard work. I am certain that the part of the reason it grabs me is because your daughter delivered the message. Thanks!


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I am truly inspired thank you Dean..


where i would be if i didn't have YOU/MATT teaching me REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING" !! awesome THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US !!!!! You are such a great guy as well DEAN !!!!!!

I soo look forward to meeting you next "EDGE '16"
awesome !!!!!


Dean there are a couple of Real Estate Promoter one of which is in Phoenix that offer funding to their students co-partnering on properties that meet certain criteria....have you ever considered assisting your students getting started by arranging funding on properties that meet your criteria and then even agreeing on an 80-20% split on net sale proceeds

Hey Dean

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I would go out and buy Benjamin Franklin's book. Thanks for the recommendation.

Weekly Wisdom #344 - (SUCCESS) Undeniable Timeless Truths…

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Hi Dean,

Another inspiring Weekly wisdom......Smiling

" An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest " Benjamin Franklin

A very smart and wise man indeed......Eye-wink

Thank you Dean for all you do.......xo


Thank You Dean

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Thank you for your continued pursuit of our goals.
Your weekly wisdoms really do help keep us focused. It is also very helpful to see Joe and Stacey on this site
with all of the gold nuggets they provide.
You are all a great inspiration, keep up the great work.
Have a Great Day

Weekly Wisdom # 344

You are right Dean!! Despite the odds against him and the discouragements he faced, Benjamin Franklin did achieve his goals. We should never give up on our dreams also. Thanks for the encouragement Dean.

Thank you Dean!!!

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honestly, thank you so much for doing these Weekly Wisdoms! They keep me inspired to keep pushing myself to becoming successful!
So true about the Universal Principles of Success being the same over the years... we have to believe in ourselves, be committed to our goals, and keep working at them every day!

Thank you for recommending the biography of Benjamin Franklin... I will check it out! Eye-wink

Thanks Dean!

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Great information as always!

Thanks for all you do,

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