Weekly Wisdom #354 - The Art of Persuasion

Morning DG Family! This week's Weekly Wisdom comes with a homework assignment, or maybe more of a challenge!

It is designed to help you see the art of persuasion for what it TRULY is, and see how incredibly important it is in your life.

So watch it now, and see if you can accept my challenge for this week Smiling)

Going to Phoenix

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I am very excited about reconnecting with my DG friends. I will be attending this event in AZ. Look forward to seeing you there! Tomas

listen more

Talk less and pay attention. The old saying is we have 2 ears and one mouth. Good point that persuading and selling are welded together. I will pay attention to what I do - or don't do - when interacting with others. Also - my inner voice needs to be on the positive side of persuasion, not the naysayer.

Looking forward to mtg you in Denver!

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Awesome, Dean! We often forget how important it is to Listen! Thanks for the reminder! Can't wait till the 14th! Looking forward to meeting you and Tony! Lucy Smiling


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Alright Dean, you talked me into it..(haha)Great bit of insight, we are always selling, pushing and promoting the things we want or believe in.. while listening we can hear peoples objections..


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Dean have had some medical issues with huge medical bills but working on getting more deals dont know if I can afford it right now going, but will look at budget today.

Have been listening to tony robbins & you & man I see what you said about Tony,, life changing, I see why he changed your life. I would love to go see you & meet Tony, man it's a squeeker at this point, frustrating, I want to take advantage of all these opportunities, no whining tho focusing on getting deals, on four weeks to freedom. God bless.

HOW do we use the art of persuasion to ...

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get Dean and dgadmin2 to reply and/or fix the usapropertywholesale.com website??

Along with all the other products that are NOT working that WE DG'ers have paid for?

We must have missed the memo.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

Mike and all the DG'ers


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Thank you for everything

Hi Dean! We made the education investment on our future and have had nothing but great results, are DG members and Thank You so much. We actually, went out of state, got buy and holds in AL, IL, IN, and a fix/flip in NC that is presently up for sale because of your wisdom. Still a little green to most people and now we’re dealing with a fantastic property that is up for 2,500,000.00 and we have owners w/health issues that are willing to come down to 1,995,000.00. Would you have additional marketing advice on a this property at 1601 Edison Street, Santa Ynez CA. What a home run it would be for an investor, any thoughts on this high end property would be most appreciated. Everything else goes from 1.5m to 47m in the Santa Barbara County (same county of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch).

And Dean, thanks so much for everything.
Looking forward to your response
John & Cheri 661-544-1415


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thank you so much for doing these Weeklies, full of great strategies and tips for us!

I will do my homework assignment and make an effort to listen more. I agree with everything you say about selling... it is a good thing if it's done ethically...

I would love, love to come to Phoenix to see you and Tony; however, the timing is just not going to work for me! I'm in the middle of a major rehab and will be moving on the 17th, so pretty hectic that week! Really bummed about not being able to go Sad

Hi Dean, Just about to give

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Hi Dean, Just about to give up on persuasion, but I will truly listen. Hope to see great results.

Weekly Wisdom #354 - The Art of Persuasion

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Hi Dean,

Another Weekly Wisdom to think about...hmmmm..Smiling

Art of Persuasion is a very powerful tool...Eye-wink

Thank You for all you continue to do for your DG Family....xo


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