Weekly Wisdom #356 - Is Talent Overrated?

What if I told you talent is completely overrated? What if I told you that your success depends on something COMPLETELY different than how much talent you were born with? Would you believe me?

Well watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and let me tell you what thing is WAY more important to your success than talent!

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Dyslexia is a blessing in disguise. Most high achievers all claim to have been diagnosed with dyslexia in childhood. Examples include Richard Branson, Henry Ford, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Jay Leno, Ted Turner, Frank Woolworth, Charles Schwab, and Steven Spielberg to name a few.

As the old saying goes, "having too much blood in your alcohol system is never a good thing."

Here is a short list of famous people with so-called debilitating dyslexia.

An amazing site and message


Your site is amazing with your weekly wisdoms.
The only thing I can offer for someone reading this, is that this site and Dean's other sites are filled with overloaded information.

Dean's real estate books are overload with how to earn money in real estate. My favorite one is 30 days cash.

Learning information on how to earn money in real estate the correct way from Dean, Matt, Nate, Jay, Carol and a how loads of others that were or are his students.

Thank you Dean!!

I've never seen anything like this group of people it is a DG family.

the harder your work the luckier you get:)

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nice love it Dean yes pracitce offers offers buyers buyers!! Thx Dean

practice and hard work

So true Dean. It doesn't matter what you do, those are the foundation. Add some fun into it for enjoyment and you can accomplish most anything you decide to learn and do.

The problem

A baby isn't born performing a talent. As the baby grows and develops with environmental conditioning anything is possible. I now realize the damage done to me growing up living in fear of making a mistake, always trying to do everything right and to perfection or not doing it at all. Think about that if you will. I can tell you it freezes a person in place. Result is do NOTHING and get NOTHING. Overcome by the conditioning and trying to break free I am watching a very successful man, Joel, and he makes mistakes in his message delivery from time to time and keeps right on going. He proves it is ok as a human being to make mistakes and knows we are forgiven already.

This was heavy and timely.

So, now the thing to do is do something and do it over and over again and practice to get it right and because doing will get some results and then I can improve on them. It is Ok to make a mistake. Things will only get worse if I do nothing and now I have nothing to lose except my comfort zone.

Practice makes permanent

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LOL, this reminds me of gymnastics. I self taught myself as a child because we were dirt poor and couldn't afford gymnastics. So now as an adult, the majority of my training is dedicated to unlearning the bad habits I'd used in my self training (plus some new things I never learned as a kid so I didn't have any bad habits in those areas yet. Sticking out tongue) But it definitely is worth it to learn to do things right so your practice manifests the best methods. Sticking out tongue

Now I have to go practice some more with contractors who I was having the most difficult time with. They seem to be my nemesis. I have a quick take the ugly out I'm doing and aiming to get it done in the 30 days. What usually stops that when I have contractors leave and run off with money. My new limitless belief is that I only attract honest and smart contractors who do excellent work! Laughing out loud


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SOMEONE LIKE YOU, yes, find someone like Dean and do what he does. Just got to get the passion. Thx. Dean

Hard work

Alot of practice and work work

Agree with the way they

Agree with the way they explained. Must make the registration. Will do next month definitely.

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Hey Dean!

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Practice and handwork a great recipe for success!

Make it great week!

Thanks Dad

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Your kiddos are so blessed! And so are we. Smiling

Weekly Wisdom #356 - Is Talent Overrated?

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Hi Dean,

Anything worthwhile in life takes time, practice, and hard work.....Smiling

But the end results, and rewards are so well worth it......Eye-wink

Thank You Dean for all your help through the years....xo


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