Weekly Wisdom #405 - Do you want my iPhone?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to ethically bribe you to do something by offering you the chance to win my own personal iPhone 6!

So what exactly do I want you to do to win my iPhone!?

Well here's the thing, after a little over a year of diving deep into my new book Millionaire Success Habits, I have come to realize that our habits TRULY affect ultimately our successes and our failures.

That's why it is my new obsession to help my DG family and the world create BRAND NEW and super awesome Millionaire Success Habits!

So here's what I want you to do to win my iPhone...

1) Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom
2) Accept the challenge I present
3) Leave your responses below the video
4) Make it a good one and you might just win my own personal iPhone Eye-wink

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!


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Hi Dean.

Great weekly wisdom as always. I've been watching them since the beginning. I'm so happy for you and your success.

I think my bad habit is feeling not confident enough about myself. I can't move ahead unless everything is organized at home first to feel good. My emotions get in the way. The worry and stress of trying to be a perfectionist have only set me up to fail.

My good habit is that I care, can relate and talk to people where they can feel at ease and trust me.

Thank you so much for all that you do.


Good Habit: Bad Habit

I never give up! I do the work needed to get deal. Good habits

I have had several deals under contract, but never closed. My buyers list is not what it should be. Without a buyer, loose the contract. Duh! Need help with buyers. Procrastination on follow-ups. Bad habits

Bad habit/good habit

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There's really no habit stopping me from trying to realize this dream that I set out to accomplish almost 30 years ago to this day but if I had to say that there was one thing it would not realizing that it takes cash flow to maintain current living expense by not realizing this aspect starting out has been a continuous set back,my best habit that has caused me to begin to realize my success is applying the information that has been given in the study course like it's a religion because it works of all of my year of learning I have accomplished more in the last 30 days then the last 30 years by having an can do must do attitude treating the process like a job/business rather than something that happens with no effort.


Hi !
I believe my most self-sabotaging habit is that I create "busywork" to take me off focus.
My kick ass habit is that I have made physical, emotional and spiritual health my number one priority.

Habitual Roadblock

My answer to your question is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me: it is my daily,losing battle with the alarm clock. Losing precious extra hours is the habit that holds me back. If it's true that "A victory in the morning is a victory all day" then I know in my heart why I am not scoring all of the great victories I could be achieving.

Thanks so much for encouraging me to also reflect on a habit I have that is working to my benefit. That habit is my willingness to be bold, to follow dreams, take chances and embrace opportunities! Each time I do so, no matter the outcome, I get stronger and more courageous and I strengthen my skill set for whatever opportunity might be just around the next corner. And when the terror of taking a giant leap of faith in myself subsides, it's really fun! Thanks Dean~

Hello Dean

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Hello Dean and Team,

One of my bad habits was to second guess myself and become consumed with what if's, and buts....

One of my Good habits is that i am extremely helpful and i would go out of my way for others, to teach if i could or help with out expecting in return.....

It was that very Good habit that has finally carried me over my hurdles....

just recently i reached out to a C.P.A. , Tax Assessor, friends and simply asks questions with the same happy approach i have when helping others.

They have been more then receptive.

This has help me over come A lot of self doubt and what if's.....

I am taking small steps instead of trying to jump ahead.....

Habit Challenge

Hi Dean,
First, I want to thank you for not only being an inspiration to us but committing your life to teach others how to be successful with themselves to achieve financial independence. Your charity speaks volumes as to the character of who you are.

So, you ask for one habit that holds me back. Well, I have many that can be summed up into "staying committed to myself." Not taking control of every moment I have, not following through, not working on my weaknesses, not taking responsibility for everything good and bad in my life, and not having faith in myself are a few examples.

One of my empowering habits is to not give up. Every day, I read something positive and I don't give up the desire to change for a better outcome.

Thank you for the challenge! Writing this down gives me an opportunity to see it every day and work on the bad habit holding me back.

Major Roadblocks and childhood wounds

What's holding me back from achieving more success out of life and this is without a doubt the #1 thing
not believing in myself due to the fact that growing up and to this day I believe my mom never had faith in me or believed in me so how could I have faith in myself and believe in myself. It's almost like I have been waiting for permission from her to believe in myself and my abilities to carve out my own success path. That is my childhood wound that still affects me to this day at 58 and my biggest obstacle and roadblock and my worst habit and it's the worst feeling in the world when you believe your own mother does not believe in you. And a strength and good habit is always being a good listener when someone is talking to me because I always keep an open mind to what is being said and I feel that keeping an open mind does not allow me to fall into a trap of not understanding the other person which could hurt or offend the other person which I would never Want to do. Thank you Dean and Customer support for all that you do to help me and others like myself find and achieve our destiny. ☺


My bad habit that I'm determined to change is that I'm a really good starter - I start lots of projects, etc. But I'm not a very good finisher. I can think of lots of reasons and excuses not to finish. I'm determined to change that habit.

My good habit is that I'm good at analyzing numbers and finding solutions. I'll use my good habit to solve my bad habit, one step at a time.

Bad habit/good habit

My bad habit is that I tell myself that I don't have time to write my book. My second bad habit is that I worry about money even know even though I know that these thoughts create more lack.
My good habit is that I am passionate about helping other people to overcome their bad habits, I'm a great communicator and seem to be always able to uplift most people who come into contact with me. My second good happen is that I don't allow my fears to limit me, my fears usually drive me to overcome them. I feel the fear and do it anyway!
Thank you


My worst habit is saying things without thinking of how the other person would perceive it, and if their feelings would be hurt. I tend to speak from the heart and will blurt out what comes to mind at any point, regardless of who I am talking to - my boss absolutely dislikes me because of this. I have said things to her and others that are all true, but perhaps could have been worded better, or said at a better time. This is hard for me to change as I was brought up to speak my mind, but this habit is not serving me well.

My best habit is my ability to work hard and not give up if I am passionate and commited to something. It's what my dad used to say about me having a one-track mind. I can put everything else aside to push through to complete a project.


adam23's picture

1. A habit that is holding me back is staying up very late at night on my phone or computer checking my emails or constantly doing work. It's effecting my willingness to wake up earlier to have a longer day.

2. A habit that's working for me is executing on my list of the 6 most important things to do for the day. It's funny how these can compliment each other but I know I'd take my real estate business to the next level if I kept my sleep habits in check!

Bad Habit'S

Hello Dean

I'm pretty new to the mastermind group, and I have a bit of (lots of), Fear. Some bad habits of mine are, Sloth, Glutney, and lack of discipline, however I am working on them. I still have a fear of sounding dumb on the phone with OTHERS, ie realtors, buyers, sellers. And also not sounding, or being, prepared.

I do yoga, after a warm up walk, almost every morning, and lemon water. Pushing myself to look at my real estate business every day.
I, like a lot of people, learn at the speed of PAIN. Lately I've been in some financial pain, and at that Jump Off point where something had to change.

I've read your book "30 days to cash", and " Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Extremely Motivational stuff. I think my biggest fear is what makes the numbers work!!!!!!!

the Good Habit

I PRETTY GOOD at Bartering

Killer Habit & Empowered Habits lead to Success

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Dear Dean,

Thank you very much for such an inspirational wisdom. I am living in Vietnam quite far from your place. However I can feel and see your opened heart and burning desire to help us.

My number one killer habit that hold me back is procrastination and fear of failure. These keep me for years and I am finding the way to break through it.

My empowered habits are to wake up early in the morning to do exercise and spend time with my family, especially my lovely daughter and son.

Many thanks great teacher for your great valuable lessons that remind me to look inside me again and say to myself "I must create and live great habit" that will absolutely lead to my success.

With love and respect!


My bad habit, I'm afraid to come out of my Confort zone and start something new ,thinking that I would fail again.
My good habit, I'm good on getting along with people, I have a great and positive attitude which helps me a lot in life !,



Mari's picture

Hi Dean...

Here is my biggest weakness and strength...

Weakness: I worry too much and am afraid of taking chances.

Strength: I am persistent and very determined to achieve whatever I put my mind too.

Thank You Dean...

Good habits and bad habits

Hi Dean:

My bad habits.

My really bad habit is staying in my comfortable zone. I always have in mind in order to do my first deal I have to get out of my zone and when I start doing that couple of days later my family and job suck me back into my comfortable zone.

My good habits.

Appreciating and give thanks of the elements that it's always there for us ( The sun, air, water and earth) and of course for the two legs, two arms, my heart my brain etc, every single day. By doing this it makes me keep on going in my life because of September my family left and move to Denver that is a heartbroken for me, and two weeks ago somebody broke into my house and took everything that I have, I was devastated,
Thank you Dean for you positive thoughts and the motivation that you always share with us in you videos.

you're the best



The habit holding me back is procrastinating the tasks I need to do to become more successful until I feel fully prepared. It is a kind of analysis/paralysis.

The habit I'm good at is crunching numbers, preparing business cases, defining a budget, tracking it and achieving it.


Bad habit: developing awareness of a consistent bad habit of using phrases such as: I wish I had, I wish I hadn't, why did I... and it's other common derivatives has been a leap forward for me. Such thoughts and the inevitable verbalizations(with many others are to be expected up to the point of learning from them to develop awareness and craft an improved path in life. I now try to not build a cozy warm house and live there!

Valuable habit:I find myself constantly rewriting words that I hear someone else speak or that I read. I value and have a talent for economy of words for a concise but interesting and accurate presentation of an idea. A bit of humor and a few other little tricks appropriately done will add emotional links to an idea that strengthen their impact. For example one minute of thinking brought to my mind that Dean could stand for Double Each Asset Naturally. Not the best but you get the idea. One more example: We have freedom in this country many of us take it at certain timesas "Free (to be) dumb" . This is true and valuable but the humor helps it stick in our brains a bit better. I enjoy this and find myself doing it habitually when watching someone on TV listening to a broadcast or reading a book. I truly doubt I could stop myself!

The Best and Worst of Me

LynnMedeiros's picture

Hey Dean,

Procrastination/prioritizing is one of my bad habits because I take on doing more than I can ever get done.

I think the best thing I have going for me is that I believie and know things will work out if I just do what needs to be done. I look at the positive side of everything instead of dwelling on the negative and try to instill that into my kids.

My best and worst habits.

Hi Dean!

I am 18 years old and I would say my worst habit is procrastination. Especially when it comes to improving my business. I do it because I don't always believe in my abilities to take my business to the next level.

My best habit is human relations. For most of the summer I was selling authentic greek food and pastry at the farmer's market. The most common feedback from my customers was that I made them feel special and that they always looked forward to coming to the market to see me and buy my goods Smiling

I also just want to shout out that I am a student of The Growth course and I am loving it! Just started today with The Jumpstart Your Success course and my mind is literally blown away with you and Brendon's enthusiasm for our success. So, I just wanted to thank you for work towards making our world a better place for the next generation <3

With Gratitude,

My biggest fear is lack of self confidence

Dean hello, my biggest fear is lack of self confidence. I am afraid of doing something and thinking I don't have what it takes to do it. I let people talk me out of things instead of listening to the positive.
My strength is also that if I do set my mind to something I will get it done. I am excited to learn from you.

Old habits die hard

mmont55's picture

Since my husband died of cancer over three and a half years ago I just have had one thing after the next go wrong from car accidents to bad healthcare or basically none. I want to believe things will get better but I have fallen into the habit of wondering if they ever will. I hope and pray for the best but have had nothing change for the better. I feel as though I live under a dark cloud that never clears.

My thoughts

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Well Dean here it comes. I have done real well in real estate but have let the BS voices and people around me steal who I really am for years.

From the military to 27 years of marriage and 13 years working in prison i let others hand me little pieces of negativity about what I can't do and i pasted it on as fear. I took that fear into indecision. I found comfort in my ability to put it on someone else's plate and off mine. How freaking sad is that when I now know that I have what even I need inside of me.

Yes like you I was in special classes and was dirt poor in a trailer but I feel it made me stronger in some ways but killed me in others. Made me crazy about making money and chasing that next thing to get me ahead.

So, what is all this about. Before it was having others do stuff for me.. Now, it is about ME being the author of my own life.

What I am really good at is helping people learn that there is more out there (helping others). What I am most proud of is finding Roberta Eastman to help me find the above in me. I still slip sometimes but know it is just me not being focused.

First time I have ever told this to anyone other than her. Hope it helps others to become the author of their lives too.

Best/Worst Practices


Thank you for taking the time to share. I can relate to most of what's been said and it has been extremely uplifting to realize I am not alone.

My number one worst habit is spending too much time trying to convince the nay-sayers. I inevitably end up taking in too much of their negative speak, which promotes other bad habits for me such as fear and procrastination.

On the other hand, my best practices are keeping an open mind, being driven, and self-motivated to pursue my passions. I have the faith and determination to do what it takes to live life more abundantly.


Area For Improvement/Awesome Habits

My Bad Habit aka Area for Improvement that holds me back is not leveraging my time more. I have not yet hired another employee for my business as I did not have a good experience last time.

My Awesome Habit is that I am constantly stretching myself outside of my comfort zone, doing new things that I've never done before. This year I purchased 6 homes in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, the first time I've owned out-of-state real estate. Last year I stretched myself by purchasing a home at auction sight-unseen with the help of my realtor who specializes in working with investors, making instant equity of $100,000, even though I broke the office record for paying $47,000 for rights of redemption. Woo hoo!!!

Your right habits can both be good & bad.

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Hi Dean
You dont have 2 berib me 2 post. I havent posted much this year as my mom has been in & out of the hospital alot. I have been staying in the hospitals with mom 4 the last 2 1/2 month when she broke her hip in 4 places.

One of my bad habits is not not setting proper boundaries. Either I am too soft or I can be too hard when it comes 2 boundaries. I need 2 learn how 2 balances them properly.

One of my good habits is l love serving others without expecting anything in return.

I have seen God open many doors in my life just through serving others

Right now I an working on putting a elederly health care reform program 2gethet 2,present to our governent. Even though I dont know what I am doing.(God does )

Staff see how I care 4 my mom & whenever I can I befriend those who are here permanently.

They have alot of respect 4 what I am trying 2 do & now I will shortly have my brainstorming team. So I can get this project 2 the next level.

Sometimes the things we hate most like mom braking her hip is the open doors 2 our destiney.

Loving 2 serve others can also be a bad habit without the proper boundaries.

as without the right level of boundaries people take avantade & use you.

So both service & boundries can be both good & bad habits depending on how you administer then. It is not always easy 2 find the correct balances in life.

Any smartphone is better than my Alcatel OT 1052G for business.

Affectionate Queen's picture

My biggest and worst habit ever since childhood is thinking that I need at least one person's support to seriously pursue my life long goal of having my own technology business even though I learned fully well that no one cares.

Recently I got a computer repair job that reminded me why I was always impressed with myself, and why I am so in love with the repair aspect of technology. I have since been like a duck on a pond trying to motivate myself to be more outspoken and market my business whenever I go out and see anyone with broken phones or poorly done flyers etc. After tuning in to your interview with Dr. Amen, I KNOW I have me. I'm not a failure if I never tried harder and I am the best supporter of myself.

I'm all fired up and ready to start supporting myself and three kids the way I enjoy and comes natural no matter the millions of setbacks this very cold world has.

I accepted this challenge because I desperately need a better phone for doing business on the go and on spot even as 50% of my business will be based online, purchasing parts, being able to say on spot what the total costs would be and even making purchases for clients with no credit card or sky-box etc. This would be an extreme business boost not to mention I can use it for marketing and going live and maybe reaching others across the globe struggling with setbacks and no support system like me.

Never going to give up either way. God is Great.

Our Habits

One of the habits that holds me back is the fact that I have a daily routine that I do not change. This routine is pretty cool but I find myself doing a lot of small time consuming things that do not get me closer to my goal of working only for myself and living my life exactly as I want every single day.

One awesome habit I have is that I am a people person. I have a winning personality that typically makes other people like me. This way I can excel at the art of selling.

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