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Miami (Coral Gables), FL
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My husband and I both grew up in So Cal. I moved down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 94. I wanted to have a new adventure and be a beach bum for awhile:)
I worked by bartending on a yacht doing sunset, snorkling and whale watching cruises. My husband moved down to Cabo to do time share sales at a hotel. We met within days of his move there, fell in love and relocated back to California together in 96.

While in California we both went to school, me for the first time and him to finish his BA. We eventually moved to Miami so he could attend law school. While he was in law school I did meaningless jobs that were TOTALLY unfulfilling. After he graduated I eventually enrolled in school for Acupuncture.

After reading Dean's book and getting the nuts and bolts I decided REI is where I wanted to be. With my husbands blessings I withdrew from school and shifted my focus to real estate investing.

I closed my first deal 7/28/08 on a duplex, long distance. My second I bought a few months after the first on 11/10/08. This one is a triplex, purchased close to 40% below FMV, in the same area. My last property was a single family home that I bought as an REO at 48% below FMV. These properties combined put an additional $1250 a month in my pocket after all expenses.

My focus is to continue buying and renting until the market goes up and hits the top again. Then I will do a 1031 exchange, to defer taxes, into a larger income producing property. Or if we decide we want to cash out than we could do that as well. The options available to us are endless thanks to reading Dean's books and using this invaluable web-site he has provided for us!!!

I am thrilled that within months of reading Dean's book my dreams have been transformed into reality! It's crazy to think that at this time last year I was aquiring debt and stressing about tests!!!

My plan is to have our passive income exceed our expenses within the next 5-7 years. This will allow my husband to retire early and fulfill our dreams of traveling the world together and giving back to those less fortunate.

I love Dean's book and this wonderful web-site! It is truely a great motivation, inspiration, and the crutch I need during times of confusion or doubt. Thank you Dean and all of you who log on here daily for your questions and answers!!! Smiling

Much love & well wishes,

REI, friends, family, the beach, bike rides, cooking, pilaties...TRAVEL!!!

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Hi Angie

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Angie if you end up with a house in the QC at a steal of a price let me know. I may me interested in having you assign one to me. Don't forget to sign it( and/or assigns.)


i have been doing construction for 16 years and HAVE THE MOLD TESTED i work for ALL the big insurance companies doing fire water mold and biohazard cleaning and repair some molds can grow in your lungs and KILL you also i don't know about where you live but i would face big problems if i did not remove any health hazards that i knew about and sold or rented the home


it only takes 24-48 hours from the time i look at a job to i give the estimate to the customer also the hole peer hour thing is only in his benefit not yours go for a flat returnable fee $50.00-$75.00 is the normal charge so if he don't get the job then he is paid but if he gets the job you should get the money back

New Beginner

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I have done a lot of programs that say they will help you make money but I'm still broke and struggling. I have no credit or money to invest so I'm worried if i buy this book I will not be able to go further into the program because of the lack of capital I don't have. What do you think? Any advice will be great. And I don't know anyone that sales homes.

You are an inspiration!

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Hi Angie! You look beautiful! And you are a smart cookie, too! Don't worry, I'm not a stalker.
I oh so want to do what you were able to do, and so quickly! Love your story in the "About Me" section above and read more about your story in Dean's newsletter along with all the others.
I believe that my husband and my story will be great. It's the first few steps that scare me the most...Do I understand enough and where do I start?
My first steps will be made soon and thanks to your story, I know what an important one is for us...building our team, especially since we plan to continue to invest out-of-state also.

Hello Angie

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I wanted to say that you have accomplished alot. I would like to get there. but I have to think baby steps. I am currently going to school so its hard to find time to devot to this. I also have kids so its even harder but I will get try to manage my time wisely. talk to you soon.

Sandra Guido

Chapter 8, so cool!

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I'm just getting going in Colorado and the new book came in the mail tonight. I have only thumbed through it and remembered you had your own Chapter.

I have already stirred some things up and can't wait to say that deal #1 under my belt.

Keep up the awesome work!

Eric Landis


Congrats on all your good work. Do you have any advise for a newby like myself, no money and bad debt to income ratio looking to buy multifamily rentals and some assignments for quick cash to pay off some bad debt. Thanks for for time and story of success. Stephanie

Hey Angie

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Hey I saw your section in the new book and I was really interested in following you, do you have a journal? I would love to network with you and follow your story.

Hey there :)

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So sorry to have missed this post from you. I do not have a journal but if you send me questions to my in box and I can answer them I will be glad to. Thanks for the nice words Smiling


HI Eric

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Thank you for the kind words...have you gotten your first deal yet?

Hi Stephanie,

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Thank you. Which book are you reading of Dean's right now? He has several chapters in all his books about bad credit and no money down strategies. The best advice I can give you is to stay focused and do not let others try to take away from your dream!!! We all started somewhere so keep studying, applying techniques that suit you and your goals and you WILL get there I promise. Secondly, Dean's site is an amazing net work of like minded people at all different stages that are willing to hear you and answer your questions...and it FREE! Use it and use it often!
Angie Novigrod


I am looking to buy my first home and I would like to run the situation by someone that knows what they are doing. I know someone who owns a house and is currently renting it for 900.00 per month. He wants to sell the house for thirty thousand dollars (what he owes on it) and walk away. He says it appraised for 85,000 and if I gave the bank 10,000 that the bank would probably loan me 60,000.00 on the house. I would like to keep the renter in it and clear some cash for me to put down on a house closer to my employement. What would you do?

Hi There...

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This sounds like it could be a win win situation for the both of you. Do you have someone who could give you a verbal appraisal for a small fee? This way you won't have to pay the full $250-300 to do an actual appraisal. The only reason I mention this is that you want FACTS, not someone's opinion. Also, do as much fact finding as possible. Start with the county page and see what the last sales were and also the assessed value that the taxes are based on.
Next run your numbers on what kind of interest rate the bank would give you on the 60K and plug that into Dean's calculators and tools on this page. Run all the scenarios and don't forget to make sure you will cash flow out the gate with all the expenses you factor in.
Good luck and here to help if you have anymore questions.