Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #2


I appreciate the words of encourgagement on this second weekly video. I also look forward to what you will be saying on assignments. I am focusing on trying to do my first assignment fairly soon. Thanks for your support.

great realtors are out there !

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there are great realtors out there. you just have to keep looking till you find the right one . A young motivated realtor who is not afraid to try new things , should not be that hard to find , in my area of new york , it seems like they are all ready to try anything , to go above and beyond . i am always surprised to here that there are realtors out there that are not willing to try something new that could reap big profits for them

Finding a good real estate agent

I had to search around and found a friend that had his realitors license. He was not actively selling houses, but he still had access to our local MLS listings. I asked him if there was a way to see which realitors had sold what and he was able to come back with the best selling realitor in my area. She is great, highly motivated, and very knowledgable. Just a thought for some people who might be stuck with a bad realitor and know someone who can access a local MLS.

Great Video Blog!

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Just what I need at this time...and thank you all for your encouraging words...I've talked to 2 very nice realtor type people but they just don't want to do anything and one didn't return a call...movin on! Eye-wink

Awesome Vid Dean

I needed the words of encouragement, since you posted your previous video blog, I have called over 6 real estate agents and they are unwilling to try anything or they say they do not do that sort of thing. They were nice, but unwilling to try anything. How far does the search have to go? As nanner said "...moving on!"


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dean! I appreciate everything you say and most of all your optimism! You got me off my butt and I'm ready to go...been looking at properties, but haven't come across anything worth making an offer for.....these are bank owned and they are really hardheaded on low offers....that's ok though, i'll never give up!...Thank you Dean!!

Jeff(eagle investment props, inc.)

Great analogy...

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we need to re-learn how not to give-up so quickly. Failure is not an option!

And a suggestion regarding Realtors. How about calling an office and asking for a referral to a Realtor who works with Investors. I know of some Realtors who prefer to work with investors as they "we investors" Smiling buy multiple properties...every year! As a matter of fact one of the top Realtors for all of Keller Williams primarily works with investors in her home town of San Francisco.

Here's to success!


See this thread on Realtors!

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Check out this post in the forums for some good insight into getting realtors for your team:


It amazes me as why some Realtors won't work with investors...

I had a couple call me and got the voice mail. When I returned their phone call, they said I was the first of 10 to get back to them. I think I should thank all the other Realtors for not getting back to them, they make my job easier....

Putting in verbal offers or phone calls is not a hard thing to do!!


Just wanted to say thanks Dean

I know, like many others the kind of assistance that is made available to us in order that we become successful. I am referring to the weekly Blog and the new Classified Ad section. We really needed this. I was able to do my own advertising without any fee and all the restrictions on the other sites. Thanks to Dean for his daily push in the right direction. Maybe through this medium, the house would be sold and I could move on to bigger and better things. Dean, may God continue to Bless you and your family.


Thanks for Doing this Dean

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I just wanted to say thank you Dean for doing this. I just got your book and am currently reading and learning new things. I can't wait until your next one comes out. I am brand new to all of this and also to this site. (Still trying to find my way around LOL) :0)

But the part that "reached me" was when you talked about your little girl working for an hour on her puzzle and not giving up...even though it was hard. I have had battles with that and I just appreciate you talking about it. I have been following you for a while now and you have always inspired and encouraged me to "stay in the fight" "keep moving forward" and "take action".

Thanks Dean and God Bless You.

Realtors, UGH!

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Thanks Dean for your second blog today. I will never miss one, ever. I finished your book 2wks ago, and have since joined your Mentorship program. I just want to say, "Thank You in advance". I am meeting with two agents this afternoon and have allready chosen my city of REO's. A very sweet spot of true growth,and potential 7mins. from my home. I now know that your weekly blog of encouragement truly sets your reputation thus far the best over others. It's NO SECRET, that your are #1.

Best Regards,
Lily Wisdom

Persistence on the Dream

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Another great job on the weekly blog. I am going through the blogs for the second time. The blogs motivate me to take action and keep chasing the financial freedom dream. I agree with the concept of having no fear and not getting worn down by life or down people. It is great to hear the postive coaching! Congratulations on having another little bundle of joy. Believe and Achieve! Smiling

The formula.......

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Hi Dean,
Just wanted to say thanks for the ecouragement. From being out in the sales field for many years. You learn early on about being persisant. And by being it, it breeds success. Thanks again for the re-inforcement. Much sussess..........

Thank you

I have just recently joined, and reviewing these blogs right from the start, I don't want to miss a thing. Thank you Dean for the words of encouragement and thanks to all of you who have posted comments, it has really motivated me.


Great wisdom

Love how you talk about going at life with child like enthusiasm!

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