Title insurance companies

Title insurance companies

When I called a title co. for info on a property they tell me there is a charge for info. In your book you state that the information is available to the general public. Am I asking the wrong question or what? Are the big title co. better to deal with than the local title co.?


Title companies exist to

Title companies exist to profit for their services, the are not government agencies. You can likely do most of the searching yourself in freely available govt records (mainly county), often located online. When you are ready to sign on the dotted line I suggest you pay for a professional title search. You can have them done for around $100.

Things I can do without...

I have bought houses without money... without professional inspectors... without realtors... but, I have ALWAYS ended up at a table in a Title Co. Office. I suppose it can be done without a Title Co. but I would be nervous... to say the least.

What info are you looking for?

What info on the property are you looking for? Are you just trying to find out who owns the property, how much they paid for it, or when it sold last? If so, get online if possible and goto the county assesors website and get that info or if the info is not online goto the courthouse and get it that way. If you are trying to find out if the title is a clean title with no liens against it then you will want to pay the $100.00 for the title search. Good Luck!


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Title companies

I recently had to see if there were any liens on a property I was thinking about purchasing without the assistance of a realtor. I asked for help from a title company I had already closed with. The agent emailed me the title work and addressed her cover letter to the realtor I had previously used. He is also loyal to that title company. By doing so, it didn't cost me anything. In other words, she told me title searches are complimentary for realtors.

One other thought...if you don't have a realtor you're working with, ask a lender you're working with to contact the title company they use on your behalf. It's complimentary for them too.

title companies

Hello, just wanted to know what t-companies are you finding that cost about 100 bucks. I have inquired with a few and it could be my inexperience Im just starting but they have been in the area of 800-1200.

Title companies

Hi myra, listen how much is it costing you for title companies.

title companies

I am trying to find out if the title is free and clear from any liens, all the owner info and tax info I have generally been able to get from public access,as well as how much they paid for the home. Now could it be that a title search and title insurance are to different things or am I confusing the two.

TItle Insurance Costs

I'm wondering if it is the area that dictates cost of title search. I was expecting around $100.00 like it says in the book, but all my quotes here on the Jersey Shore are for 200-300 every time. Maybe once you bring enough repeat business they will lower the fee?

title insurance cost

laurajohnson wrote:
I'm wondering if it is the area that dictates cost of title search. I was expecting around $100.00 like it says in the book, but all my quotes here on the Jersey Shore are for 200-300 every time. Maybe once you bring enough repeat business they will lower the fee?

it is funny this question came up. My mom just sold some property in Alabama and was charged 750.00 for a title search and she did all of the work. The were callng her everyday for something or another until I told them if they call again we would be finding someone else.

Then they sent letter today stating there was an additional cost. I politely told them to keep what the did and pay them selves. I called an attorney I use to work with and got his people to do it for 150.00. They were done in 3hrs.


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wow- so much to learn - this site is an invaluable resource! I didnt even think of my real estate attorney performing the search - I'm going to check up on that.
Have a great day!


I have not seen you online of late but I just read your advice on getting a title search and it helped me an awful lot.
I cannot afford to pay for one so I just emailed my realtor and asked him to do it for me. Wish me luck! I am not sure if he will comply and help me out or not at this stage!



Good stuff!

Good stuff folks, thank you! I learned a lot here, good to know, good to know!


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Title searching

Much of the information can be found online through public record searches. If your county has a website it is most likely found through www.netronline.com
That site will allow you to do much of the research yourself for innitial research. Once you are ready to complete a deal you would want to be sure and get the title work done properly of course. Shopping around a bit will allow you to find a good title company to work with.

Title Search

I've recently had my offer accepted. The owner is faxing a copy of the Title he has showing it is free and clear. I believe if you don't ask the owner to do the foot work then it could be very expensive to you - After all, the owner will have to disclose the truth in order for the deal to go through. If not, as in my contract, there will be a costly penalty.

Title Co.

The title company I spoke with here in IN. told me that I could have a preliminary title search done for $100 to $150.00. These monies will be credited towards the total cost when the closing is done with their company. The rep gave me a price break down of what a full title search would cost depending on what the purchase price or loan amount (whichever is greater)for the property. (ex. 15,000 or less ($310.00)20,000 or less ($339.00) 25,000 or less ($363.00) 30,000 or less ($387.00) and so on. My question is for any other Hoosiers out there that belong to this community, are these rates higher than normal? Should I seek another title company to do business with? Please send me a PM. Thanks in advance.


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