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Getting Started

I am not familiar with a Mortgage Locator? I have read DG book and must have missed it? Can anyone please give me an idea?

Hello, Ali

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I don't think DG really talks much about a Mortgage Locator, he just talks of financing. If you are going to get a conventional loan from your bank, you go to the loan officer. If you don't get the deal you want you go to another... then another and your credit report takes a beating. If you go to a Mortgage Locator and they pull your report then they take your report to the various lenders, your credit report only gets one inquiry. And, the Mortgage Locator has relationships with lenders in your area and across the country.

What part of the country are you in? Maybe my "guy" can help you, too.

Good luck out there!

JBB c/o MyRA p&m

Mortgage Locator

I live in Northern Virginia, I would appreciate a contact number. I can use him if he is able to help me in this area or he could recomend someone else that is inVA.

sub prime lender

I do not know how to get a sub prime lenders, I am in ohio, I would be very glad if you can help me get a sub prime lender..

hi myra

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My name is Michelle, I have been reading most of ur advice that u give on this site. I find it very understandable, simple and very good. u r patient and willing to inform everyone and help where u can . ur not cocky and selfish with what u know and i like that. some people when u ask on here seem to be bothered and selfish where they get annoyed.scarcastic at times. i love ur responses. thanks for being so open and understanding.

Brand New

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Hi there,

I am brand spanking new to the program. Haven't even opened book yet, but I intend to as soon as I get off the computer.

Very interested in Mortgage Locator services. I have read your posts and find them very informative. How do I find a reliable Mortgage Locator? I live in TX, Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Thank you,

Mortgage Locator

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Hello Myra,

I am a new student with Deans Mentorship. I am currently looking for a Mortgage Locator can you refer me to one in LA.Calif. Or a web-site if possible.

Thanks In Advance,

Lily Wisdom

mortgage locator

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I live in Ga right now moving to Va and i know getting a mortgage anywhere i go is important. i would love to be able to have a Mortgage i can refer to.

Thanks in advance,
Keion Millsaps

Mortgage locator

Hi Myra,

My name is Linda I live in the Virginia Beach,VA area I would love to speak with your Mortgage locator. I am currently creating networks of people that I can refer to and inturn refer perspective clients.

Thanks in advance,
Linda Tibbs

Mortgage Locator

Hey Myra,
I'm just starting out too. I have located some killer deals in Ohio, and I am in need of a mortgage locator like everyone else. Maybe he can help me out. Would really like some contact info.


Mortgage Locator

Is it possible to get your mortgage locator. I am VERY new to this and want to start out the right way with the right tools . I live in South central Pa . Thanks Don email address oneput2@****

mortgage locator

Hi Myra, I see you are in the texas area as i am. I also am a newbie just getting started and want to know if your mortgage locator can help me. I am in the plano tx area. Exactly what does a mortgage locator do?

mortgage locator

Can you tell me what the difference is between a mortgage locator and a mortgage broker?

mortgage locator

Could you please give me number for your mortgage locator. I live in Florida.


Seeking a Mortgage Locator

Hello Myra,

I am a new student, from the Los Angeles, Ca area.I am currently looking for a Mortgage Locator. If possible, can you refer me to one, or a web-site.

Thanks In Advance,

Dionte Griffin

same here

i am fresh out the box with diving into this real estate business. im from MD and i too would love to know how i go about locating a mortgage locator in my area. does anyone have any suggestions ? or could provide a # for a person that i can get in contact with ?

Mortgage Locator

I see that you offered your ML and that he or she is in BOEN Texas,I'm not sure where Boen is but I am in Texas,also I'm just getting started but will probably be able to benefit from your offer.Thanks in advance.

Mortgage Locator

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Hello my name is Pam and I have just finished Dean Graziosi 3 day seminar and signed up for more education and mentorship program. My husband and I are all fired up about the program and have 3 properties we are interested in investing in, but still don't have enough knowledge to complete the deals. This Mortgage Locator could really help us. We live in Houston, but are properties are in Houston, Conroe and Dallas. Please e-mail me this Mortgage Locators info.
Super Excited in Texas



Getting my feet wet

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you are a very good person. you share all of your knowledge and i THANK YOU for doing that it is people like you that will all ways be blessed in life again i THANK You. i am just now ready and in a position to start my Real Estate Business. i have read and study RE books for a year now. I now own and now reading the best RE books in the world (DG'S BOOKS). i have seen a few properties i ask you for your help with a Mortgage Locator . i found a web site that will send my mini-app to all 750 of our commercial lenders. Using there so called "incredible system". i just don't know any thing about "" can u please help me, help myself to get my feet wet by sending me your Mortgage Locator contact info. i am in WPB FL. again i thank you for helping me and many others

Mortgage Locator


Can you please provide me with the number to your Mortgage Locator?

I live in Downers Grove, IL (Chicago)



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Hi my name is Julie Kim and I've been a member since last May. I was wondering if you can share some of your knowledge with me. I bought a home in FL for 60k cash and is currently rented out for $850. It's nice to have extra income coming in every month, but I wanted to know if I can do more with the property rathter than letting it sit 'til the value goes up. I wanted to do more flipping, but didn't have any more money to work with, so I was wondering if I should finance the home and use the money to buy more homes. Thanks for any help in advance.

mortgage locator

i myra. Can you give me any info about finding a mortgage locator in maryland or one who can provide services in maryland. i have used private lenders in the past but this seems to have dried up. any help or direction woudl be helpful. thanks mike

Dont need a real estae license to be sucessful in realestate inv

Dont need a Real Estate to Invest in Real Estate. In fact Ya Have more flexibility as an Investor.

Numerous Requests for Mortgage Locator Contact Info

It sure seems a spark was lit offering information about a mortgage locator contact info. Curious no public reply in forum. Seems any mortgage Broker could help in the role of a mortgage locator. Would you mind sharing some of your responses to all of these kind requests. Thanks for all you do. I am new here and see many people genuinely appreciate your help. I thought a reply to the requests (staying within the rules of course) may be helpful if allowed. Thanks.

Mortgage Locator

I saw your comment in the the "Getting Started" section and I was wondering if I could get the contact info for your Mortgage Locator guy. I live in Kenosha, WI but I am looking to do deals in all of Southern WI.

Mortgage Locator

Hi there,
If you can spare some details about where I can find the mortgage locator I will realy appreciated. I am so impressed by your work.

Mortgage Locator/Lender in Houston,TX

Hi Myra,you're an inspiration.I need help with contact information on a good mortgage locator/lender who can help me in Houston and other cities as well

mortgage locator

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Hi Myra, I would love an opportunity to speak with your mortgage locator. At your convenience, please forward the name and telephone number or email. I would greatly appreciate it and thanks for your time in advance.

Mortgage locator

Hi Myra ,
I am in Dallas TX area. Can you send me contact number for mortgage locator. I am a new investor. Any help will be appreciated.